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Debunker007 • 3 years ago

Innocent passengers pay the price for the mistakes of the pilots. Flying a commercial aircraft is a heavy responsibility coupled with high unforgiving risks if the pilots are not alert enough. - Look at the number of pilots who check in for flight duty, with alcohol in their body system. They take it easy and sometimes they pay a heavy price - with their lives as well as that of the passengers.

rashokkumar • 3 years ago

"If the captain had stayed in position through the Inter-tropical
Convergence Zone, it would have delayed his sleep by no more than 15
minutes, and because of his experience, may be the story would have
ended differently," chief investigator Alain Bouillard was quoted as
Again: The real reason the plane stalled may have been due to the stormy conditions which caused the turbulence above the plane which literally pushed the plane vertically down to hit the sea. In this connection it is worth noting that the power impulse input into the turbulence may have been of the order of one lakh terawatts due to surge waves initiated by the reservoirs behind dams of the world. See also Collaterals of Climate Change/R. Ashok Kumar

KRISHNAN12 • 3 years ago

Then it was a very costlysleep, as by doing so they have to put to sleep so many passengers who had put lots of trust on them for their safe journey.

Chariot33r • 3 years ago

One has heard of pilots getting a shut-eye in the course of a long flight. But both the pilots sleeping in the cabin on berths, that's scary.