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Mark M D Sons • 6 years ago

My lord, these were amazing, thx jamie

Johnny Thyne • 6 years ago

Im gonna try it out. Looks yummy!!

Penny Wright • 6 years ago

We absolutely loved it! Will be a major player in all future bbqs. Thanks Jamie

Mardi Michels • 6 years ago

My boys' cooking club made these and I think I am their favourite teacher ever now :)

Zoe Clements • 6 years ago

Absolutely divine!!!! These burgers were amazing. I live with a baker so she made the brioche buns the night before at work.

Marty Howell • 6 years ago

Jamie does it again! Used regular buns and very satisfied.

Fashion SpiKe • 6 years ago

This looks amazing. So delicious!!

Claire Collins • 6 years ago

Where on earth can I get
sesame-topped brioche burger buns iv tried every supermarket and online store I can think of , why do chefs use ingredients that we can not get hold of , bad form jamie bad form

yugin • 6 years ago

Honestly, regular burger buns will do.

Basher • 6 years ago

I found a recipe for brioche buns on you tube. A bit of a gooey mix to work with but pretty easy to make. Got mine ready last night and am doing the insanity burgers today. Nom nom.

Rune J • 6 years ago

your adult's reference intake for protein is wrong. It shall be around 0.8g X body weight in KG most people is around 80 kg so the daily should be around 64 g of protein so this burger will give 78 % of daily protein intake if you.

петя спасова • 6 years ago

homemade burgers-this is your fast food....