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Judy • 2 years ago

Gary Sinise is a shining star in glittering orbs of Hollywood.

Guest • 2 years ago

He should run the VA, you know sure as h*ll things would get done.

Martin Higgins • 2 years ago

Sinise... A MAN among MEN.

Aleric • 2 years ago

And it was all done without government funds.

ZZMike • 2 years ago

That's because this government sure as heck isn't going to do anything.

terribleorv • 2 years ago

There are some powerful people in Hollywood, and the elitist community, who frown on anything that makes a wounded soldier's life easier.

Thank you Mr. Sinise, for not following their unpatriot ways.
Makes me think how selfish it was of Mr Zuckerman to buy, and then tear down, perfectly good homes around his own, in order to secure his privacy.

How much nicer it would have been to donate the homes he bulldozed to Mr Sinise's group, and listen to the laughter as their kids play, and watch them grow, even have a beer, or two, with the vets, occasionally.

Well, I'm sorry Mr. Zuckerman, that opportunity has been lost, but you can still donate a hundred million, or so, to Mr. Sinise and help him continue in his wonderful work. Just sayin...

ArmyBrat? • 2 years ago

Bravo on continuing your crusade to troll through great articles of
humankind's wonderful acts of giving, and throwing useless manure all over the
flower bed.

terribleorv • 2 years ago

Think nothing of it and, I shall try for a better grade manure as it is realized these precious flikker folks are considered the elite, by those itching to elect the infamous cattle trader.

ArmyBrat? • 2 years ago

Precious flikker folk?
Why are you bringing gays into this?

Kenna Kamfonik • 2 years ago

You do realize that there is a social media thatbis called flicker I'm not sure however on the anagram they use but its pronounced flicker. I doubt this person was bringing gays into it.... I think that you need to simmer down though and stop misunderstanding what you are reading. Read it again and if it doesn't sink in, just move along and blame your lack of comprehensive skills to the very poor educational system you grew up with.

ArmyBrat? • 2 years ago

I know there is a fad currently that is called flickr.
But when the previous person uses the term flikker, which is a Dutch term for homosexuals, and you use the term flicker, which is a type of woodpecker(my gf is a birder and adores the northern flicker) I fail to see why I should have to try and interpret your lack of grammar.

terribleorv • 2 years ago

Actually I was repeating what the movies were called long ago in W.Va.
I didn't realize my keyboard had gotten so near the 3rd rail of Gaydom.
And if I detracted one iota from what this kind, and generous, man is doing for these needy veterans, I am truly sorry.

Chuck Ferraris • 2 years ago

I wish I had fully read what that comment said before I gave it a thumbs up. What a moronic post and now, I feel like I need to shower just for my lack of attention.

SheRa • 2 years ago

This really is a prime example of kindness towards our fellow man. That Gary Sinise is using his own money and funds from his foundation to better someone else's quality of life is truly inspiring.

Kathleen Smythe • 2 years ago

Sinese has always been a class act. He is a true American hero. He doesn't get much publicity because he doesn't seek after it like most Hollywood airheads who feel the need for attention. And he's a conservative, so that makes him persona non grata in most Hollywood circles. God bless you Gary!

Brea • 2 years ago

Gary has always been one of the few actors I followand this is why. He and Mark Wahlberg do so much for our nations defenders every day and I'm proud to be part of the organization and any orginazation that supports our troops. Thank you, Gary for all you do for our Vets and for inspiring so many others to do the same.

Great guy ! This is really wonderful what he is doing , appreciate our military !

Kelly Day • 2 years ago

I love you Gary Sinise. You are such a good man. THANK YOU.

Douglas Butterworth • 2 years ago


Guest • 2 years ago

Gary had better get ready for some serious IRS Auditing! How DARE he make Obama look bad when it comes to treatment of our Troops!

Mike Serot • 2 years ago

Gary Sinise is an amazing actor and human being! How many other celebrities can you name that do this much for our vets? Bet it isn't a lot. I admire Gary for his efforts to improve veterans' lives!

Mad Momma • 2 years ago

There aren't many but I have heard Denzel Washington does alot for our Men and women in uniform.

Steve Brandon • 2 years ago

You don't have to be on Active Duty to be a hero

Greg Hercik • 2 years ago

I think I have a man crush on Gary Sinise

Debbie • 2 years ago

Thanks so much for your attention to the needs of our veterans and for not being afraid to take a stand when you work with so many that share a totally different point of view.

IBEW • 2 years ago

Mr. Sinise - A life worth living was and is your gift - and what you have done.

Ronnie Buchanan • 2 years ago

A real man stands out! Gary you are a good man!

Louise Owens • 2 years ago

He is one great actor. Now he is doing great things for our vet"s. Thank you so much. What a guy.

Joyce Lemon McMillian • 2 years ago

God bless you Mr. Sinise and may God Bless our Veterans and may all of us do what ever we can to help our Veterans and our wounded warriors.

Roger Long • 2 years ago

I have heard of other things that Gary Sinise has done for our vets. He's a good actor and I wish him well in his endeavors.

peter9810 • 2 years ago

The shame is nobody else in LA LA Land lifts a finger...or 1 Dollar.
Thank you Gary.
Semper Fi.

earnest.roberts • 2 years ago

Awesome actor, and even more awesome human being. 100% gets my support!