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Jamie Young • 9 years ago

We knew it would be a very tame event compared to the iPhone event. Always is. I wasn't surprised.

H A • 9 years ago

Again on the 16gb issue
They are convinced that the brand fidelity is so strong they can do almost anything to earn more money
Look at at the of 8gb capacity of older models!
I think this is offensive to loyal customers
Do you remember the Apple Macintosh advertising 1984?
It's getting a lot like it is Apple now!

H A • 9 years ago

Apple is assuming that few people are buying the 16 Gb models because as you said it is not enough.
That way they can charge 100 more easily on each device they sell to much more people
I have an iPhone 5 but I am getting tired of this kind of strategies

AZ • 9 years ago

I won't buy an iPad until they make a 256 GB one.

burums • 9 years ago

I want a maxi iPad that at least keeps up with the competition, but hopefully also finds a way to get out front again.

anonymous • 9 years ago

What a mess this iPad Air and iMac event has been. This iPad Mini 3 should be priced at $350 or follow logic and keep it simple - Option 1: iPad Air 2 $500, iPad Air $400, iPad Mini 2 $300. Option 2: iPad Air 2 $500, iPad Air $400, REAL iPad Mini 3 $400 with A8 chip.

Ron Burgundy • 9 years ago

With Apple Pay, I think Apple dropped the ball by not including a free 4G connection for the IPad for Apple Pay B&M use only. This relegates the IPad to the home, instead of expanding their horizons.

I'm smart, but they're smarter. It could've increased demand for newer iPads substantially.

greg • 9 years ago

i was hoping that they would upgrade their apple tv.

Jamie Young • 9 years ago

Yeah, I've been waiting for that as well.

iByron • 9 years ago

The promise of TouchID -- which I *love* on the iPhone 5S -- is the reason I didn't upgrade my iPad 2 or 3d gen yet. This was a great event that gave me the iPad I've been looking for: full-sized, faster, lighter (trust me, the 3d gen with Cellular gets very heavy when holding in a reading position for long periods), lower price per Gig. Plus Pixelmatr is finally coming out for iOS!

A great event from where I stand!

Apple Pie • 9 years ago

I'm not surpirsed or angry that Apple did not upgrade iPad Mini this year, what's wrong is that Apple is just slapping a "3" on the box and calling it new. I don't know if this Mini 3 would deserve to call it a new model if they put that 8MP camera inside. While not seductive enough for an average customer the Mini size is a bit more portable so it would make a little more sense to use it for a photo/video situation.

RC • 9 years ago

iPad Air 2: Great product with some major improvements like Touch ID and the anti-reflective display coating.
Yes, I will get it.

iPad Mini 3: Underwhelming (not even the A8 CPU/GPU) and compared to the new iPad Air 2, the iPad Air 2 looks like a bargain here.

iMac 5k: Great product, a little bit pricey though.

Everthing else kind of expected.

Apper • 9 years ago

Anyone who was expecting something comparable to the iPhone 6/Apple Watch event obviously would have been disappointed, but that's not what this event was supposed to be. The products introduced today had some great improvements, especially considering how good they already were. You can't expect Apple to have a revolutionary, earth-shattering upgrade to every single product every single year, so I agree that today's event was successful (even if I really would have liked to see a retina-display Macbook Air).

OutThereLabs • 9 years ago

I agree with you, Apper. Unfortunately, these "events" generate such media hype, expectations are falsely set high, which can lead some people to feel disappointed. I tend to be on the yearly refresh rate for iPhones, every other year for iPads, and every 2 - 3 years for my Macbook. Everyone's personal refresh schedule is different for sure.

Chris Slusher • 9 years ago

I don't know what you're talking about but for Apple to update the iPad mini 3 with just touch ID with no difference between the ipad mini 2 is insanely unbelievable ! With 100 price tag higher then the mini 2. I don't understand what the point of this was why update the iPad air and not the iPad mini please enlighten me because it makes absolutely no sense to me at all give me one good explanation SIR ?

Apper • 9 years ago

Think about what you're saying regarding the "$100 higher." Let's put it in different words. Apple added Touch ID to the iPad mini with retina display, but didn't increase the price at all for the 16 GB version, and they actually reduced the price-per-GB if you get the 64 GB or 128 GB model. On top of that, if you don't care about Touch ID, they slashed $100 off the price of the iPad mini 2.

Do you see where I'm coming from?

Chris Slusher • 9 years ago

agh NO !

Rick Lunn • 9 years ago

NOT IMPRESSED! Apple is just dragging their feet. They upgrade by minuscule amounts. One is a fool to upgrade more frequently than every 3rd generation or so.

Mike • 9 years ago

The iPad Air didn't receive a resolution upgrade. My iPad 3 still has that resolution. Not worthy of an upgrade since they didn't update the display.

Evan Zucker • 9 years ago

Dropping 32GB and retaining 16GB is a well-known marketing ploy to increase sales of the 64GB model.

Bryan Wolfe • 9 years ago

Of course it is.

GlynT • 9 years ago

Yeah but it's REALLY annoying...
Storage doesn't cost very much comparatively.

Goodbye Apple • 9 years ago

Apple can make the greatest profit on the iPhone so that is where they are putting their energy. The iWatch is destined to fail, the iPad is already lost in competition, and the iPod Touch is neglected altogether. They will cater ever more to the wealthy, narrowing their appeal, and leaving the rest of us behind. I'm giving this company no more of my hard-earned money.

endoftheQ • 9 years ago

Big *YAWN*. Nothing there that's going to get me to open up my dust encrusted wallet. I'll wait on maxiPad and Retina MacBook Air. Also, no 5K stand alone display for Mac Pro, nor a Mac Mini server configuration. Hmm.

Mr. Luigi • 9 years ago

If the technology exists to build a 5K display for the iMac, it seems like a feasible engineering step to create a stand alone version of that display.

I'm still waiting, still waiting, still waiting...did I say I'm still waiting?... to have my iPhone Plus delivered so it was hard to focus these new products.

endoftheQ • 9 years ago

Yup, with those of us who've paid the price of a Mac Pro left without a decent monitor. The Dell is dire and the Sharp is way overpriced.

I think the Retina Display iMac might have a SIM slot so why not get one of those whilst you're waiting.... waiting.... it isn't much smaller, you could use a shoulder strap, and it's far less likely to bend. ;)

Mr. Luigi • 9 years ago

1). Good one about iMac replacing my iPhone 6+. :-)

2). My sister is a professional photographer and she was also totally bummed to not see a stand alone 5K. So little love for the Apple Prosumer.

endoftheQ • 9 years ago

I think I'll fire off a missive to Sir Jony, asking his opinion on pairing a Dell screen with a Mac Pro from an aesthetic perspective. ;)

Apple really doesn't seem to have much of a cohesive view on the Mac line up, no Mac Mini server, no .ac for Airport Express, etc. etc.

Mr. Luigi • 9 years ago

Sir endotheQ (You are from the UK...right?),

Please DO contact Sir Jony. If you wouldn't mind, when you do make contact place tell him that Mr. Luigi considers the current situation with the Mac Pro and available monitors...

Unapologeticly Ugly.

barracuda • 9 years ago

Nothing to see, nothing to speak about, instead of a keynote they could have refreshed their devices only on the website. At least Steve knew that specs alone aren't enough to get people excited (A8X, 8MP, 6mm. Goodbye).