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EDOGZ818 • 8 years ago


Nathan Robinson • 9 years ago

I see no appropriation for the effects of the of the welfare state...

EDOGZ818 • 8 years ago



JustSayin • 9 years ago

He was not saying it is only for white people, he was giving her the history of hip hop and letting her know she has he ability to say more than what some black artists get to say. Thats where the "white privliage" part comes in. She can reach more people and instead of spreading negativity like teerking and fake gang violence. She should not try to blend in just to be attacked like people like that banks chick but be her own person and spread positivity that hip hop once represented.

purplerain • 9 years ago

so... hiphop is only for black people? Racist. I thought music went beyond that. Somebody's music isn't the expression of their ancestors. It's expressions of themselves, in the moment, just like any other art form.

~Make it s t o p~ • 8 years ago

he was givin the history so she could learn where it is from and respect it it is not only for black people you ignorant slut

Chris • 9 years ago

Iggy for President!!

C.Hill • 9 years ago

What you all fail to acknowledge is the fact that shes clueless about American culture in its self. She even made a statement about using the word, "nigga" and that if black people use that word in public, why cant she. So clearly shes clueless because although whites use that word behind closed doors, they know better than to use it in public...let a lone use it being a public figure.

jfg • 9 years ago

Oh gross. I didn't know that. Ok she is an idiot.

Paul Vincent • 9 years ago

Man damn I felt like an idiot reading through tweet after tweet, hasn't anyone ever heard of writing paragraphs anymore? God! What a stupid society we've become that we feel we have to tweet someone 50 times to say one dumb thing.

Brindle • 9 years ago

nothing in that was dumb and he was very supportive of her, you're just a fool

Paul Vincent • 9 years ago

Bull. That was supportive like the republicans support Obama. Forced tolerance is not the same thing as support, especially if that tolerance comes with "Education" such as this.

Brindle • 9 years ago

Your right if you're talking about "tolerance" of a race, culture, etc. We're talking about tolerating an act, it's her. You can only be so supportive.

jfg • 9 years ago

Um Q tip was with the beastie boys. They are white. What does her color matter? I don't understand this whole schooling? Honestly I don't. Did she say something that offended him or rap. I'm confused

Umm • 9 years ago

I'm not sure you read the whole thing. Beasties boys were the truth, btw! They would even tell you that their race played a role in their success. They are totally different in artistry, however. I love artist of all types from different backgrounds, but my issue with her portrayal, and it's just that, a portrayal, of what she thinks rap artist should be. I've watched her interviews... She is trying to find her way. We can't keep playing this game of not acknowledging that color does matter. Sad but true.

jfg • 9 years ago

How does she act in interviews (actually asking, not sarcasticly)? I'm not even a fan of hers but don't you think a ton of artists, musicians and most people in the public eye (not all but alot) are playing a roll, acting to portray who they think the people that buy music want them to be. i am well aware that she's most likely a flash in the pan, but why can't other artists just let eachother be. I mean they don't have to like each others music or persona but they don't have to act so better then. ( even if they are, cause Q tip in tribe and the beasties kills it) but still.

Umm • 9 years ago

I was referring to her talking about how she watched Beyonce perform for inspiration and how she wanted people to like her. Which I understand, because what artist doesn't care about that? Those are just a couple of observations. I was just making a point of how she is finding herself as an artist. If she is still around in the future, I think she will be a different artist.... Probably more of who she is. Doesn't mean she be rapping, but may be different. Oh, and Merry Christmas!!!!

jfg • 9 years ago

Ditto! Merry christmas too!

no • 9 years ago

Q tip though - the guy who just nominated lil wayne for zulu nation. Lil fckng wayne. He needs to sit down and stay quiet. He has proven that hip hop is not and will never be what it once stood for. Hip hop was a movement yes - toward equality. How is slamming iggy based on skin color (even though she has aboriginee blood) ok? Stop judging based on skin color. Racism makes u look like the ignorant one. This girl can sing/rap anything she wants and it isnt ur business to tell her how to do it.

Chris M • 9 years ago

now she has aboriginee blood....lmao. ok

no • 9 years ago

She always did....haha it didnt just get there

5% Hov • 9 years ago

Do you wanna do you wanna be...........happy?

Do you wanna do you wanna be......free?

One Nite Stanley • 9 years ago

Shoot, he needed to tell this to almost every new artist since 2000. None of them know the history of hip hop. It's a money making vehicle for them. And what's say is, they aren't generating any real wealth. They're signing 360 deals, while the labels make millions and millions of dollars off of them. Then when they are no longer poppin, complain that the industry is f*cked up. Nobody don't get on Nicki non-artistic ass. I was done with her when she said "I'm just coming off the top...asbestos." Like, really? She took the non-lyrical version of Lil Kim route, then complains when a snow bunny does the same shit. My stance is shame on both of y'all. Could'a took the Lauren Hill approach. Ahhhh...f*ck em all!

Logic with reason • 9 years ago

So True. I feel the same way.

no • 9 years ago


Guest • 9 years ago
5% Hov • 9 years ago


Culture Vultures....

Lucky502 • 9 years ago

If you're merely on the outside looking in, then how can you consider yourself to be qualified to make such a statement. If only you knew...

therealjjohnson • 9 years ago

Here yall "niggas" go again with yall labels. You won't be satisfied until everyone has a label and a classification. Yall put way too much energy into dumb shit. In the grand scheme of things this don't even matter. If you don't like her music, don't listen to it and it will go away. Hell...2 years from now we won't even remember her name. Who cares what it's classified as, if you don't like it then don't support it. If you do like it...then what are we doing again?

Umm • 9 years ago

I know you mean well, but the only thing I take issue with is that you say "ya'll niggas" and talking about classifications. Annnnd we're kind of are talking about it because that is the subject at hand. When you clicked on this site, I believe you should have had some insight about what would be discussed here. So, you have classified people on here as niggas and if you are black, sorry, news flash, you're are being classified right now. We (most) of us are on here to have a discussion about the current event at hand. The point is that anyone who sings or raps in any genre should have a genuine knowledge and love for that genre. It doesn't come off that way to me. JUST my opinion. I feel that she likes the music like many people do. I believe there is this unique white woman who is a model who says she wants to rap...TI thinks job security. Whatever, she can do her. But, please don't piss on my leg and tell me precipitation is coming from the clouds. She is not a hip hop artist.

Paul Vincent • 9 years ago

You entirely missed the point. He used the label to emphasize the point, that this isn't any different.

Umm • 9 years ago

Naw, Paul. I didn't miss the point. I and any educated person knows when, where, how, and why quotation marks are used. I was stating MY opinion of how I felt it was in poor taste to quote that word and how I disagree with his/her thoughts about classifications. It was MY view and it wasn't the same thing, but thank you, Paul. Please don't try to interrupt how someone else receives and responds. I understand context of what I read even if it's not in paragraphs. It's the Internet, not a term paper.

Paul Vincent • 9 years ago

No one said it was a term paper, but for the record YOU stating YOUR opinion on the internet opens up for other people to state THEIR opinions as well, being as you're not the only one who has one. And in my opinion, based on your first post, you entirely missed the point. Now that you explain you didn't it's clear you understood it, but if you don't want that confusion then being an educated person you shouldn't have laid into what someone used inside of quotes for over half your post if you understand what quotations mean. Just stating MY opinion, which I didn't realize we had to state.

Umm • 9 years ago

Let me rephrase, don't misinterrupt. Thank you. Have a good day.

Paul Vincent • 9 years ago

I'm legitimately asking, are you trying to say misinterpret? I have no idea what misinterrupt means.

Umm • 9 years ago

My bad, Paul. Misinterpret. Even as I was typing that word autocorrect was typing misinterrupt, which is not a word. Not bs. Merry Christmas!

Bryan Strive Bradley • 9 years ago

Q-Tip just keeping it real... GOOGLE MY NAME "whoisstrive"

WaterMELON_RANGER_CHRI$$$ • 9 years ago

How do you associate the word "Creative" with her is beyond me!!!!!

She dont write nothing and TBH she like the new white girl in the hood is the only reason she hot IMO and i bet Kanye pissed he didnt get to put his white Girl Pita or pee or whateva she is out first cuz he missed dat $$$$$$$

Ot: Did yall know that they call Durags "Urban Tie Caps" lmao tf

jason • 9 years ago

Iggy made some shit for white gurls to shake they ass to and sing along wit. Its something for everybody out in these streets. I dont like trap music, so I dont listen to it much. So i find something more closely aligned to my voice and tastes and I njoy. Iggy does not have to stand in line to protest black causes, and she doesnt need to know the who shed the blood, sweat, and tears in hip-hop history. The whites kids who listen/buy dont know and/or care. I'm not gonna give her hell for it. I will chose to not listen to that mess

Byron Crite • 9 years ago

Tell that to the Grammy's... The point is that she is a random white bitch with no talent who is getting accolades over deserving artist just for acting black with a bought black body! She isn't the problem... The little dick genetically inferior white pieces of shit who maintain power by destroying and devaluing our culture are the problem... And Iggy only has a deal because TI sold out to those fucks!

Paul Vincent • 9 years ago

Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean they don't have talent. Eminem went through this same shit 15 years ago, the only difference is back then there wasn't twitter and all this other crap to bring it all to light. Iggy's not Em, but it's the same bias all over again.

What's really ironic, is that you who continue to bash really don't understand your role in society. You're no different then the white players who denied blacks playing baseball for all those years, Jackie Robinson had a ton of haters but who looks like the jerks now? Just because someone of another color invented the game why by any reasonable or logical explanation should people of a separate color not be allowed to thrive in it? That is the very core of racism my friend, shame on you.

GNS • 9 years ago

I don't think anyone personally dislikes Iggy. However, the quality of music that she is putting out is poor. That's a fact. It does not demonstrate the talent or wit of a crafty MC. She described her own music as "pop rap" in her twitter response to Q-Tip. Her rapping is perfectly crafted for popular culture. It is void of deep social messaging... In short, it's fluff. The reason why artisans of Hip-Hop culture are directly responding to Iggy's emergence as a pop-star (who raps) is because in one year's time Forbes pinned her "the Queen of Hip-Hop." That's a manifestation of white privy! She doesn't have any longevity in the game (yet), her lyricism is weak, her word choice is cliche, and yet she is already the queen of hip-hop? This is the danger of cultural appropriation. Simple context: despite Pit Bull and Lil-John's pop success, no one is going around calling them King of Hip-Hop and for good reason! LOL. But Iggy took a picture of herself and Macklemore w/ the caption "the king and queen of hip-hop." Not only is she the epitome of a cultural appropriator she lacks deference and humility. #thatsthestuffwedontlike

Chris • 9 years ago

I agree that she is without talent. The thing I don't understand is why forbes would recognize her for anything. She's not even from america. Send her back. please. that being said, let's just drop the white privelage thing here. I don't know why there are so many silly white girls that relate to this kind of music, but that's who's to blame. Silly white girls think Iggy is the Queen, so they want to be like her:(

no • 9 years ago

👏👏👏👏👏👏 u know if u are getting the "you dont get it" response that u are dealing with someone who cant see past their own prejudice. Props to u for preachin gospel

Chris M • 9 years ago

typical white person response. try to turn the racism around on us. right wing talking points. you dont get it Paul....go that way ------->

Paul Vincent • 9 years ago

Um no, I'm not the one bringing the skin color of the poster into the convo, and I'm damn sure not right wing, so seriously go get a clue or keep on being a bigot. I grew up getting it my whole life, you don't know me, I think the only one who doesn't "Get it" is you.

Chris • 9 years ago

Paul, all of us cracker azz crackers are right wing republican racists. Why do you think Iggy gets treated like the "Queen of rap"? It's because she's white. Also, if we would stop killing innocent black men, the race issue would be dropped and blacks would go back to committing less crime and become the most productive race. As they say, history repeats itself.

Isacc Sangster • 9 years ago

I understand Tip but at the end of the day he and everybody else failed to realize that your an "ARTIST". No matter what genre you title your style of music, your job is to entertain the world with creativity, paint a picture verbally and make the the consumers want more by purchasing your merchandise. Let Iggy be Iggy and wish her the best in her journey in stardom.

DEADSLAVE • 9 years ago

An Artist isn't just about entertaining people. If you look at the word itself, ART its meaning is "skill as a result of learning or practice,". ARTist is someone who learned and practiced and now can manipulate the elements of their art to express themselves further. If you are not expressing you then you've learned nothing and are definitely not an artist, whatsoever. A product sells. A human being expresses. If your main goal is to sell, your a product, synthetic fake shit, not a human who expresses inner moods, thoughts and feelings. So Iggy being that she doesn't even rap in her own accent but wants to sound like shes from New York or some shit is just a product on a shelf for white america like maclemore and his homosexual acceptance letter.

happycozy • 9 years ago

"Let Iggy be Iggy and wish her the best in her journey in stardom."
Even if it's off the backs of black. I don't think so. At least Pink went off and did her own thing.