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OregonRant • 3 years ago

Thank you Evaggelos, for speaking truth to power, revealing the nightmare Oregonians have faced for well over 40 years, sadly many still unaware.

This State report but another pathetic attempt to hide the truth and an example of another 'investigation' that never was, as with the most recent so called 'investigation' in Cedar Valley, when yet another 3 dozen or more citizens were poisoned.

One thing I wish to make clear on the topic of toxic chemicals in Oregon; it is NOT just timber and Ag that are exposing citizens to chemical trespass. Our STATE not only protects and promotes toxic chemical cocktail practices by timber and AG, but key; our State itself continues to expose citizens to poisons. Oregon's Dept of Transportation & Public Works spray our highways and roads with deadly poisons, making people sick, while ignoring citizens requests to stop these sprays. Our parks, schools, golf courses and beyond spray toxic chemicals. We're living in a toxic soup bowl this state chooses to ignore, from local officials all the way up to our Governor.

Laws in fact were crafted to protect these practices, literally taking away ALL rights from citizens. The Right to Farm and Forest Act created to do just that. Citizens used to be able to at least push back or sue when poisoned or their crops or animals died or were killed. Not anymore! The right to protect ourselves was taken away long ago.

The reality often ignored or seldom discussed is that cancer rates are off the charts in So. Oregon. Most if not all, either knows of someone with cancer or someone who has died from it. How is that possible? What is the CDC, EPA, our state Health Authority, our State, OR the medical profession doing about that? Absolutely nothing!

From Oregon's Governor to Oregon 'Health Authority" to the state agencies paid to protect the health of our air, water, soil and bodies, ALL continuing to turn a blind eye to the HAZARDS of these poisons. From the 'investigation' in Alsea-5 Rivers, to Triangle Lake to Cedar Valley this State is CULPABLE, protecting the practices of poisons designed to KILL over the health of citizens AND our environment; which happens to be the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil we depend upon. The new 2014 version of the book A Bitter Fog says it all.

~ Audrey Moore, Illinois Valley, where cancer is epidemic!

Jim Freire • 3 years ago

My story from the area in 2006 but the root of it happened in 1999, My family are they "Chemical Refugees" as we left the area to survive. My family deals with the effects of living in the area for 10 yrs ,every day

spiralmom • 3 years ago

Thank you Evaggelos, we need more light shed upon the issue that has plagued Oregon citizens for so long. We need to speak up and fight for our children's health and safety. We need to make it personal for all those who do not live in this hell. For it's all TOO personal for people like Audrey, who is now paying the ultimate price of timber poisoning, and for my children, who may still face the price as adults.
Oregon Agencies are just as much to blame as the timber industry. They won't stand up for what's right. Neither will our Governor.

romnraven • 3 years ago

If these giant chemical and agricultural corporations were foreign governments, would we go to war against them for poisoning our soil, our water, and ultimately us?