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obamba • 4 years ago

Corruption in the Civic body taking lives of innocent people...

Sundeep • 4 years ago

I think citizens are also partly responsible for encouraging the corruption. They would rather pay the building inspectors/BMC officials etc to look the other way when irregularities are found.

maz • 4 years ago

so that they will also keep silence

Samir • 4 years ago

Its more due to Govt. policy in the first place we do not have a policy for Diapidated Buildings.. its not easy for residents to just evacuate the building and find another accomodation.. secondly even if there was a policy it would take years for implementation.. the result we wait for the next one to fall.. feed the newspapers with stories .. thats the end of it.. luv u India

Balu • 4 years ago

Why blame BMC and government each time? In private buildings, tenants live of their own accord, landlords collect rent and BMC collects taxes for providing infrastructure. Responsibility to repair and maintain the building is on the landlord and tenants. There are many buildings in Mumbai which may collapse anytime and are standing on bamboo support. The tenants of even such buildings are refusing to shift. In south Mumbai, majority of tenants in old buildings pay rent as low as Rs.30 p.m. How can anyone expect the landlords to maintain or repair such buildings? They actually wait for the building to start crumbling so that tenants are forced to shift to transit accomodation provided by BMC.

prakash • 4 years ago

pray for all victims

Robert • 4 years ago

It is not the building the whole nation is collapsing. India talks after catastrophe. Infrastructure at the boarder is being built only after China's repeated incursions. Modernization of the armed forces considered only after the scenario at Kargil. Statements regarding investigation and status of buildings emerge only after building collapse. India talks big but achieves nothing. India should be under a foreign power for emancipation as Hitler pointed out.

Udnag Ghatotkach Gandotra • 4 years ago

Bhagwan ka prakope!

The Economist • 4 years ago

there are many illegal building but the problem is most of them are made by powerful people and criminals who support these parties during election and hence they cant take action against them.

Guest • 4 years ago

poor maintenance and used of low grade quality construction material is a reason behind the collapse .

Devinder Kohli • 4 years ago

i used dock yard railway station for decades, to reach MAZAGONDOCKS. SAD TO KNOW THE TREGDY.

jitu revar • 4 years ago

My ANKAL n grand mother is death on this victim
Who one the responsible

RAM MAHAL, MAHIM WEST • 4 years ago

When will MHADA Wake up ? Next Tragedy is MAHIM's RAILVIEW, if it is not demolished completely. Railview's portion collapsed on 18/06/2013 n even after 3 1/2 months, still, NO ACTION Taken by the MHADA / BMC, inspite of regular follow up. We, RAM MAHAL's 64 FLAT owners are at RISK,as we are seperated by just a compound wall. MHADA / BMC Plz Note ; U WIL BE SOLELY HELD RESPONSIBLE, If there is another Collapse. Plz demolish RAILVIEW Completely. Thank you. . . RAM MAHAL RESIDENTS, Opp.Rly Stn., MAHIM WEST.

RAM MAHAL, MAHIM WEST • 4 years ago

Only INNOCENTS / Strangers / Passrsby wIll be at higher risks, s this RAILVIEW is on the main S.B. Road, opp.rly.stn .mahim west

Mohammad Farooq Wani • 4 years ago

Mumbai is "Maya Magri" for cheaters and fake people. Other wise a beautiful place. I love Mariene drive and Juhu beach...

rashokkumar • 3 years ago

There is a follow up report on this building collapse in the media to day 25th September 2014. My response: This is typical of a country not yet fit to govern democratically. This is evident from the past fifty years as graphically brought out in the Marathi classic Jhadajhadati by Vishwas Patil(1992). As if to emphasise the ground reality Keerti Ramachandra brought out the English translation A Dirge for the Dammed , 2014, hachetteindia depicting the unchanged state of affairs through the trauma of displaced families. Meanwhile events have overtaken this mess created by modern civilization. The world's dams are creating huge and severe surges of water pressure head changes every instant at their centre of gravity in tune with the sum total of instantaneous demands on the dam contents by man's greedy needs of water. These are repeatedly resulting in gigantic waves similar to Love and Raleigh waves typical of what is ascribed to earthquake triggering by plate tectonics. These are attacking the very structures of modern civilization as witnessed here resulting in instantaneous tragedies. See Collaterals of Climate Change by googling.Watch out, the antibiotic fed chicken will come home to roost. Heed the Gita: There is true knowledge, learn thou it is this: To see one changeless life in all the lives, in the separate, the one Inseparable. To get an idea of the surge that hit the building on that fateful day calculation by me shows the twisting moment on the foundation by the world dam content change of 203 BCM was equivalent to a great earthquake's magnitude of 8.5 MM.
Unchanged over the years, the MOEF is complicit in ignoring this suicidal aspect of the glaring lacuna of modern civilization in meeting our water needs. What are MOEF's comments?

Guest • 3 years ago
rashokkumar • 3 years ago

Your calumny does not wish away the truth of my research findings which are being followed by the thousands throughout the world. Idiots like you will never get the hint even when time and again Kalpakkam is threatened by the surges initiated by the world's dams(Ex:See the horrors Kalpakkam had to go through after the 26 December 2004 9.3 MM great damquake and tsunami). Your absolute nonsense that the fission reactor efficiency is 90% turns Carnot into shame! Your lies are not, the truth of my findings is. BTW this is a democracy not your stupid dictatorship.

Guest • 3 years ago
rashokkumar • 3 years ago

In a democracy you have the right to vote even yourself, you idiot who is telling lies all the time. Be true to yourself and then upvote!
Those who are blind to the truth and give fantasy(ITER and PFBR) the force of truth are condemned to safeguard nuclear wastes which cannot be! The sun and all life(including yours) are laughing at you! The sun has outwitted modern civilization timelessly!

deepakrabhadia • 3 years ago

cm shri prithviraj chavan ne declair ki hui amount abhi tak kisi family ko nahi mila aur family members ko jo death hue hai unke parivaar k ek members ko BMC me job denge jo ab tak 22 mohino me kuch family ko nahi mili, ...ye hai hamari SARKARKI