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Elizabeth • 5 years ago

This papacy is a dangerous joke. I'm a Catholic and almost on a daily basis see what this man is doing with his contradictory statements that undermine the Catholic Faith. I pray the Lord delivers us from this man, and soon.

josephistan • 5 years ago

Makes sense. About 2% of the general population is gay, which is what is really at the heart of the "pedophile" priest problem. It's hebophilia, sexual attraction to pubescent kids, which means predatory gay priests.

jeanie6 • 5 years ago

2 percent would probably apply to the general population too.

mrteachersir • 5 years ago

Actually, that is not correct. The general population is much higher, particularly public school teachers.

Laurel • 5 years ago


Knee Groid • 5 years ago

Love it! I love how you people stand back all high and mighty, blasting the Obama voters for believing anything the MSM reports and not looking for the truth that isn't reported. When they attack the Catholics, you're right there with them. What's the term? Oh yeah, I think it's called useful idiots. But that term doesn't apply to you people. You're all conservatives. You can't be idiots. It's not like you vote Republican or something, despite the Republican party putting up no conservative candidate in over 30 years. You're not idiots. You would never allow a political party to take advantage of you, nor would you ever be manipulated by the mainstream media.

another_engineer • 5 years ago

they are missing the obvious... they're HOMOSEXUAL

PJParks • 5 years ago

Some are always seeking a way to bash us Catholics.

Deathbeforedishonor • 5 years ago

I think it must of been worse in the 50 to 70's. As a kid, though not Catholic, grew up in a very Catholic town North Attleborough, MA. It had a population then of less then 18,000 but supported three Catholic churches and two schools. It is also the town of the infamous Father Porter who brought this issue into the lime-lite. I do remember though that some kids in my neighborhood were never allowed to go to his church and other to the one down the street. The mother of a friend of mine a tall German woman build like a shot putter actually confronted the priest down the street and punched him in the mouth he children never went to church again. So in a small town it seems in three churches they had two problem priests. Small sample but telling I think.

mrteachersir • 5 years ago

Very true. The seminaries were infiltrated in the 40s by moral relativists, and their students were the problem priests of the 50-70s. The priests identified in claims throughout the US were of a certain age group: the huge majority of priest abuse alleged occurred in the late 50s to the 70s, and when victims have brought accusations forward, there have been problems: either the abuse occurred many years ago, or the priest was either on his way out or already dead...

barth • 5 years ago

This pope is a little too specific...or else in the know. He's a douche determined to bring the Catholic church down, and he'll be gleeful when it falls.

Elizabeth • 5 years ago

I don't think he's trying to bring the Church down. I think he's trying to fundamentally change it to his Modernist view of the Faith. Lord help us.

Im getting pissed, we keep hearing about pedophiles in churches, what about our fucking schools?

TEACHERS out number priests in rape / molestation at a ratio of about 8 to 1.

Why the FUCK dont we ever hear about that??? Thats a WAY worse problem than priests.

Everyone in here is jumping on this bandwagon to go hang priests...... but dont you all find it ODD you dont hear anything about teachers in general? The priest subject constantly comes up, but about teachers you hear NADA. You might hear one quick piece when it happens, but then its quickly shoved under the carpet.

Think it MIGHT be intentional?
Think MAYBE this fits into the lefts agenda to bring down Christianity?

You all are playing right into it, with your selective outrage.
This is disappointing, Id think people in here would be a little quicker to catch on to this.
Any molestation is terrible, but only focusing on one group, which isnt the largest group doing it, is horrid.

another_engineer • 5 years ago

teachers don't profess to be your moral leaders

lol they dont? Since when?
And they spend a thousand times the hours with your children that priests do.

Perscival • 5 years ago

Hey , Teachers molesting kids is in the news everyday. Everyday. Where have you been?

Everyday? Not quite. But youll notice the story disappears quickly, whereas each one about a priest lingers on and on and on

Perscival • 5 years ago

As a Catholic altar boy growing up in the 1960s , we used to have quite a few 'Visiting priests' passing thru our diocese. Now I wonder how many were being relocated due to pedophile transgressions?

vrajavala1 • 5 years ago

THE Pope's native language is Spanish and the people who translate him are not used to that. The same mistranslation occurred a few months ago, when Obama claimed the Pope believed in fair distribution. So, that is how he ended up being on the cover of Rolling Stones. However, his words were completely misconstrued. Breitbart found the proper translation.http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Gover...


Bumr50 • 5 years ago

"La Republica" has been involved in ALL of Francis' "controversial remarks," no?

Good to see the Catholic haters out in force on a Sunday, though!

bobo68 • 5 years ago

1 in 50 : I wonder what God thinks of those odds? I know I don't like them!

FrankG • 5 years ago

I'm Catholic, was an Altar Boy and never had these problems. I acknowledge they DID exist and never should have. Zero tolerance, and ex-communication for ANY clergy doing this.

ATTILA727 • 5 years ago

How about jail time?

Not The GOP • 5 years ago

This Pope is a dyed in the wool commie so, I could care less what he says.

west1890 • 5 years ago

Yes he is. Thank you for having the guts to say so.

pursang • 5 years ago

Did Josh Earnest say that?

Lou Hodges • 5 years ago

He left out "communist organizers". When the communist party had trouble recruiting catholic laborers, catholic priests came to the rescue and encouraged them to join the communist party, ie., the little communist pope there

US_Patriot1776 • 5 years ago

This is what happens to organized religion when they become corrupt and hand away one of their main goals of taking care of the poor to corrupt gubmints.
I'll read the bible on my own time and in a place where my kids feel safe.
Take care and good luck finding another sucker to pay for all your fancy costumes and gimmicks...

logan51498 • 5 years ago

Glad I didn't comment earlier,knowing how most "journalists" work! Since I'm not Catholic,I'm staying out of this one!

Feet2Fire • 5 years ago

2%...? Isn't that about the percentage of GAYS in a population?

(Have seen it reported to be anywhere from 10% to 19%, but we all know that's a bunch of horse-poo circulated by gays trying to up their "normalcy quotient.")

Donthepit. • 5 years ago

I did not say what I said on my last post..
Prove me wrong...

ttomm46 • 5 years ago

1 in 50.......A higher number than that..

Donthepit. • 5 years ago

Lies , Lies, Lies.
Right out of the book... THE OBOWEL ADMINISTRATION.

exceller • 5 years ago

They're denying the 1 out of 50 remark. What he really said was 1 out of 30.

gastorgrab • 5 years ago

Whatya mean the Pope is denying this????

I cant believe the BBC would make things up.........well, maybe.

Kramden • 5 years ago

Lesson learned: do not grant any more interviews to Andrea Mitchell.

Feet2Fire • 5 years ago


bigpete • 5 years ago

Vatican is now denying that the Pope made these comments, saying the journalist who took the interview has a history of doing long interviews and not taking notes.

Then why did they allow the interview to begin with?

BenY • 5 years ago

Well if he knows then why are they still there?

ProudHillbilly • 5 years ago

The pedophile population in the priesthood has roughly reflected the general population. But the majority of abuse has not been pedophilia. Something like 85% has been homosexual.

matt durham • 5 years ago

I think the journalist who reported the pope said that has sum susplaining to do.

GuyfromUtah • 5 years ago

In the church I belong to we are encouraged to never allow yourself or anyone else to be alone with women or children. All activities are to have multiple adults in attendance. We are also taught to do the right thing no matter the consequences. That means calling police when a crime has been committed. So the percentage of pedophiles is irrelevant if you train your clergy and members to always do the right thing.

Erik Wynstra • 5 years ago

I don't get it. Does that mean I can't go golfing with my niece on a slow day at the course?

Guest • 5 years ago
Erik Wynstra • 5 years ago

Not really, it sounds like this religion demands the assumption that everyone is a child predator and can't be trusted.

Donthepit. • 5 years ago

in this day.. two pedophiles would be more accurate.

Donthepit. • 5 years ago

I agree with parental supervision.. but shouldn't that be natural???
Here son.. here is my fully loaded ar 15..
Go have a blast......

GuyfromUtah • 5 years ago

I am glad that the church has such policies. I never have to worry about being put into a position where I am expected to be the only youth leader at an activity or the only male doing a service project for a single female. This lowers the chances that I can be falsely accused of something. If I was expected to be alone with someone else's kids then I simply wouldn't do it. Take a look at the world today and tell me you don't think there are false accusers in it. With two grown sons I am not worried about my own family or grandchildren but that is not the same as someone else's kids. You have no idea what is going on in other families and what kind of character they have.

guesto3 • 5 years ago

.....the individual expressions that were used and the manner in which they have been reported, cannot be attributed to the Pope. Let me state two particular examples. We must take into consideration two affirmations that have drawn much attention and that are not attributed to the Pope. The first is that among paedophiles are also “some cardinals”; and the second regarding celibacy: “I will find solutions.” Lombardi questioned whether the author’s failure to close the speech marks was “an omission or explicit recognition that this is an attempt to manipulate some naïve readers.”


IOW, read according to your own personal ideology/desires.

*✿*Blueburb*✿* • 5 years ago

I think it's way higher than what he's guesstimating. He's fooling himself and his flock.