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justicej • 9 years ago

The earth is fucked. We sat around reading fucking emails. Facebook bullshit. We were warned. Get the bible read revelations. It will answer all your questions. So stop being so dam stupid. 8 months left. Listen to your hearts. And lay waist to the radicals. Slow like.

Jed • 9 years ago

Lay waist, huh? Maybe instead of laying around reading emails and Facebook bullshit you should learn some basic grammar? Oh, and Revelations was a sermon intended for first century Christians. Not a single serious religious scholar views it as prophetic.

Guest • 9 years ago

Did you ever read The Book of Revelation? It reads like someones bad LSD trip. Lions with eyes all around their heads; 144,000 "saved" people who are dead, lambs kicking seals on books, just wacko stuff.

And it appears that the "good" people all end up dead, and in heaven.

People say it says this or that... really? It's gibberish.

Marshall Banana • 9 years ago

Here's a good teaching on Revelation:


girly_girl • 9 years ago

If this is true, then that would mean that ISIS is being used by the West as pawns to destroy their own people. Imagine if the West had taken action to help prosper the citizens of the Middle East into Middle-Class lifestyles, clean drinking water, beautiful houses, excellent education, promoting peace between brothers and sisters, etc. Imagine if the West used their mighty power to actually benefit other nations for the good of mankind, instead of tear them down.
We as human beings want mighty power. But when we get it, we would rather use that power to destroy others. God uses His mighty power to lift humankind up to a higher level. He has shown us the standard by which to live, by first demonstrating His love, compassion, generosity and the like. He desires to give us glory and power too, and to live like the Atlantians did. But what He sees today are millions of dead bodies crying from the ground in the Middle East. And then when God comes to wipe out the wicked, we think He is the monster.

A Great Nation that uses it's power to destroy other nations across the globe will ultimately destroy themselves.

jimbob • 9 years ago

Here's some uplifting news ! this is the third millennium we are in since Jesus, A day is a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day , Jesus said tare down this temple and in three days I will build it up ! today God has a corporate body of believers , a living temple not made with hands that he is raising up at a time like this! God needs real men and women not religion but to stand for the truth without compromising his word for selfish gain! When you see things getting worse it's because greedy people do crazy things to stay on top! They will lose the power to control the wealth and it will slip through their fingers and into the hands of those who will use it to do good ! Hang in there!

Tom • 9 years ago

Yes, girl. The "West" (i.e. - rothchilds, Vatican, Rome Club, Freemasonry, Rockefellers, Military-Congressional-Industrial complex, Illuminati, hijacked Congress ) IS using terrorism as a way to kill everyone who stands in their way.

Snoopdog • 9 years ago

The bug in the royal jelly is Israel and the Zionists start all wars being jealous little peeves. They can't stand to see anyone else have success.
Why do you think America bombed Libya's water projects. It is merely the Zionist mentality hell bend on destruction of all other nations. Once America has outlived its usefulness America will also be destroyed, by those Orientals who call themselves Jews but are as Jewish as Genghis Khan or Rothschild.
In the insane quest for world domination they seek to attack every nation using America as their war-mule, the same way they used to use the British empire.
From Rome to Germany to England to America thet leave ruins of Nations they inhabit. Their Bolsheviks slaughtered nearly 80,000,000 in Russia financed by NY bankers. They even sacrificed their own German people in their incredible lust for blood and death. The Zionists spread endless corruption once they get hold of the money supply and steal all the gold they can. That is why America has gone down hill. For British Agent was merely a wrapper for Zionist Agent, that is how international banking is compromised and monetary sovereignty stolen. Your dollar is not your own and thus is not worth fighting for.
You are subject to Barbarians of the middle east be they Arab or Jew or Impostor Serpent Clan from Mars. That is why the Zionist callender is only 6k old. An alien agenda against man of earth.

girly_girl • 9 years ago

Well, well, Snoopdog, I can't touch your message. It's dead on. If we could just cure the perpetrators of "They can't stand to see anyone else have success," millions of lives would be spared. If we could just cure that mental disorder that "I want success, but I do not want my neighbor to have success," this might be a wonderful planet to live on. One suffering this mental illness must ask themselves, why do you want to see a human being impoverished, uneducated, doped on drugs, living almost like an animal? The cure is to truly love thy neighbor as thyself.

The people who are using our Presidents as puppets to use our Military might to cause destruction to other nations, have had this agenda for ions. It is easy for them to threaten one man's life (the President) if he does not go along with their plan. I have an idea. If we establish a government like back in the days just before King Saul (the first Jewish King), then, if a political person is bought off, it will not lead to the demise of this nation. Let no one American have so much power that if he is bought off, our nation could fall into the hands of wicked masters.

Guest • 9 years ago

I'm fairly sure that the goal in creating ISIS was to annoy the western populations into doing three things:

1) Kill all the Moslems.
2) Surrender all their rights so that government can protect them.
3) Submit to their one world government.

Now, do they have a plan for western Europeans, or do they plan on throwing Western Europeans into the poop-can. I honestly don't know. I don't think they can put it together without a healthy does of rational Western Europeans. They have a bunch of wacko Western Europeans, but I can't tell if that's because they're useful idiots or if they really think they can go with those morons. IF they think they can make it work with those idiots, then there's hope because they're stupid.

girly_girl • 9 years ago

I visited Egypt once. The Muslims treated me very well. In today's climate, we are challenged to continue to love Muslims.
Western Europeans--I don't know either. You raise a good point about them. So I'll leave you with a wacky thought about Europe...during the last century, they do not have as much blood on their hands as the U.S...they may make it in one piece through all of this, without having to submit to a one world government.

Solomon • 9 years ago

Praise Jesus ( PBUH)
Your are a kind hearted Girly Girl
God Bless

sQuasiMoFo • 9 years ago

There is not a single community college in the country worth being enrolled in which could absorb massive enrollment of unqualified applicants, especially if the Obamination makes acceptance of all who apply the law.
He will wreck the community college system in the same way he is destroying healthcare.

Snoopdog • 9 years ago

Maybe Obama will fill the colleges with illegals who don't need papers or tests.

Snoopdog • 9 years ago

So now there will be illiterate college graduates -- who can't complete a simple report, for an employer, or use good english. Should graduates from India have better use of the English language then America's graduates? And who many graduates will be able to multiple single digit numbers in their heads and count change out at McDonalds. They will hide their illiteracy under the banner of multiculturalism, while foreign graduates get all the good jobs.
But what could you expect when all educational institutions are taken over by the cultural marxists -- professors who are semi-retired with full wages.

nick1111 • 9 years ago

Muslim terrorists found the way to destroy USA,
they inserted their Odumbo mole in the WH

Muslims? • 9 years ago

Close, they're banker terrorists and they've inserted every modern president. Get off fox news and the blaze.

sQuasiMoFo • 9 years ago

I highly suspect that Valery Jarrett is Obama's FSB handler.

Tom • 9 years ago

That was the NWO, not Muslims.

tbmuch • 9 years ago

As ALWAYS, it's the WHITE males that's BEHIND all of this, albeit, WHITES will not OWN up to it!

Goon E. Googoo • 9 years ago

That's Alex Jones with a mask LMAO! Come on Alex ! BeJesu

writer125 • 9 years ago

Now Anonymous finally realizes that. Where have they been for the last 6 to 7 years? Of course he is a lying machine. He would have not have lasted as long as he did, if he wasn't. Tell everyone what they want to hear and nothing else matters. The stupid, clueless, brain dead sheeple.

Snoopdog • 9 years ago

The government is afraid of citizens, not criminals.

That is in the shape of its policies....spying on citizens and journalists.
It is classic Marxist paranoia, not the common sense of free society.
Government knows it is criminal and fears proper citizens.

sal • 9 years ago

I say... if you kiss ass you get shit on your face.

vimy15 • 9 years ago

lol ... alex jones behind the mask .. not funny ..

no name • 9 years ago

Who the heck are you people??? Why waste time bashing people that are trying to actually help people... Who cares if Alex was anonymous! He's using all means possible to deliver... and delivering he is doing! Maybe you all should put the Guy Fox Mask and fight for freedom! instead of ridiculing the ones that are!

My name is Julien • 9 years ago

Alex Jones is the best . I love Alex . He has taught a lot , we the people never would have known .

Fight Back Now! • 9 years ago

Imagine what the unqualified idiots in his community colleges welfare plan will have pounded into their small brains.

The left's attack on the white male continues.

the truth in comic form • 9 years ago

Yeah A.J. Thats the ticket Even those that hate on you they still keep on coming back...So Yeah Entertain them while telling the truth..Expose them..and the haters will still come back for more...LMAO...Good job A.J. keep it up for sure they will..

Truf • 9 years ago

Lol...pretty sure this is Alex Jones. Just sayin.

has anyone ever talked to a black man who was not a liar?

Guest • 9 years ago

I am the truth. Therefore, all others are defined by my truth.

Don Michaud • 9 years ago

Everyone is a liar. Even white people.
You just want to be a racist POS so you lie about black people.

I am white and I do not lie.

Don Michaud • 9 years ago

You never told a kid that Santa is real? Never lied about a surprise party?
Every one lies and it has nothing to do with race.

You may, but I don't . If I am unable to express the truth I remain silent.

Don Michaud • 9 years ago

You lie by omission

This is the definition of to lie by omission:”You told the truth up to a point, but a lie of omission is still a lie. Lying by omission, otherwise known as exclusionary detailing, is lying by either omitting certain facts or by failing to correct a misconception."
It is obviously a legal term. And when I chose not to comment on a topic it is in public. I do not argue a point then omit a fact. If I argue an issue it is not censored. So your comment is incorrect.

Don Michaud • 9 years ago

If you do not lie then good for you. I doubt that you never lie but I could be wrong

I am a Christian. I am commanded to be truthful. Have I said things in ignorance that would appear to be a lie? Yes, but the moment I understand my error I quickly correct it.

Don Michaud • 9 years ago

I am not saying that all lies are bad. Some are good. If You are planning a surprise party and tell a lie to keep it secret then it would be a good thing. It is about intention.
I am glad that you make an honest effort to not lie. Everyone should be like that. It would be a better world.

If you wish to be though of as a man of honor. Then do not lie. Die with the truth on your tongue.

jeffydiver • 9 years ago

It's sad to see our country being blown to bits by the establishment we elected.....not a good story to tell either. I remember an ole timer, he's passed on now, but I always kept asking him why he didn't vote; knowing he served at D-Day in France....I think I know why now.

Kugla Kahn • 9 years ago

Nobody elected the last 19 presidents. They were placed in that office to do the work of the rulers. Look at the bloodlines of those who cooperate. 2016 is another Bush and another Clinton? It's obvious. The citizens of the USA have become the SLAVE CLASS.

Robby Daniel • 9 years ago

You can't fool meeeeeeeeeee ~ That's just 'BILL HICKS' everybody ~
(Now fcuk-off Bill before your mom finds out your not even dead) ~

I am always right. • 9 years ago

I also like him as an alien lol. Damn!... He's Best Twilight Zone episode I've seen yet! Love this guy (when I'm not P.O. at him ) :P

UPaidForThis? • 9 years ago

Whatever Et. Tu. Britass. Multiple names to spam your ridiculous theory with? You've seen his school pics.. Why not admit you're wrong instead of continuing to look like an idiot?

Robby Daniel • 9 years ago

'YAWN' ~ My name is on each account site ~ 'Et-Tu.Britass' one won't let me change it to Robby Daniel ~ As for my 'THEORIES' how do you like this one? ~ Two jets on 911 couldn't bring down one skyscraper, let alone three, and as for the Pennsylvania jet hitting the ground so hard it disappeared like the one winged one at the Pentagon did too? ~ Fcuk-off clown ~ I'll do the humour ~

YouMustBPaid • 9 years ago

Yeah.. everyone knows 911 was an inside job, no need to go crazy about it though. You need to get your head on right before you get comitted.