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Guest • 5 years ago

Great article, Mr. Kudlow. Now, let's see how the GOP responds. I have some faith in the House, but not much from the likes of the McConnell, McCain, and Cochran in the Senate.
As an aside if the GOP establishment thinks they need to drop social issues, then why aren't they doubling down on free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity issues? If they abandon social issues, so water down economic issues or have no clear message, then no wonder they come across as the party of no ideas contrasted to the Democrats being the party of bad ideas.
Also, on the Cochran race, it was kind of ironic that John McCain went in to campaign for him. The same John McCain who made earmarks a central issue of his flimsy, pathetic campaign in 2008 and promised "to name names" to shame the worst offenders. Meanwhile, one of the worst offenders, is his good buddy Thad Cochran.

Two Wolves • 5 years ago

The "Do Nothing" "Know Nothing" House?

The earth is 5k years old House Republicans?

Guest • 5 years ago

Like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee are the "Know Everything" Party. In their own eyes, I know that they are, but across the fruited plains, they are seen as nothing more buffoons and incompetent ones at that. I mean Hillary Clinton is an expert on everything, right? And if she's every wrong, which I'm not sure has ever happened, it's because someone set her up or betrayed her. You people are nuts.

Two Wolves • 5 years ago

You need to get out more. Travel to a different country. Your perspective would be enhanced.

Guest • 5 years ago

I have traveled all over this country and what I stated above is validated. I don't care what different people from different countries think, especially if they are Leftists. I'm sure what I think doesn't matter to them either. So the feeling is mutual. Unlike you, I can form my own informed opinions without concern of what others think.

Two Wolves • 5 years ago

You amuse me. Please continue.

maisy • 5 years ago

Hey Larry, they want to do it for the same reason you want to give amnesty to millions of foreign illegal aliens who will take jobs from Americans! Unemployment is still sky high but that don't matter if corporate fat cats can enrich themselves.

Five Guyz • 5 years ago

Where coercion is necessary, the rule of law helps minimize coercion's negative consequences by defining lawful government actions.

TimeHasCome • 5 years ago

Soft fascism when big corporate and big government merge.

Two Wolves • 5 years ago

Corporate welfare is now a bad thing in the eyes of the GOP?

Gosh & golly they do want to destroy their party.

Please, proceed.