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Macca • 7 years ago

On one hand we applauded our police for their protection then out of the blue comes a devastating story of a woman cop suffering PTSD..not caused directly from fighting crime,but from her own uniformed colleagues and almost sent her to suicide.Sadly I am aware that this type of tactic is not isolated in the policing community.
What is needed is decent leadership,and where the hell is the Police Union in all of this

Richard Kramer • 7 years ago

I remember the old saying "Sticks & stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me" but in reality the psychological abuse is far worse than anything physical,

One thing I know for sure is that karma will come back & to bite who made your life a living hell,

Wishing you well for the future

stephen • 7 years ago

Stories like this are far too common. I know officers who have been through similar disgusting experiences.

When are the people at the top going to pull their heads out of the sand.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Sandra • 7 years ago

Stephen, cause 9 times out of 10 the sexual harassment comes from people at the top. It is a far to familiar scene seeing a high ranking officer making sexual advances or sexual comments towards most female officers. The police force in general do not look after there own, except if you "one of the boys".

The Nswpolice does not look after their own, there is always someone else that can do a job. as long as they have numbers coming out of goulburn, they don't care.

stephen • 7 years ago

Yes, Sandra, I appreciate that. By "people at the top" I mean way above the Force. We need a Premier, Police Minister, and a Comissioner with the will to change the culture. Sadly, there seems little likelihood of that happening and there lies the shame.

In the meantime, let's hope the media keeps the issue alive as there are many brave and dedicated officers being thrown on the scrap heap.

peter C • 7 years ago

I said the other day, you never really grow stronger until the 12th hour, I suppose you know that. What a woman!

chris • 7 years ago

When I see the calibre of the officers in charge of the Police Force it is no wonder the organisation is in such a mess. A number of the current senior officers were to busy applying for promotions and never did any actual police work. They sat in offices and worked out who they needed to align themselves with to get promoted. There was a club culture. It is such a shame they aren't aware of the trauma or have experienced what real police work is really like.

Sam • 7 years ago

Ha, it sounds a lot like my teaching career which came to an end in '97. Bullies and psychopaths in the workplace. They're everywhere.

Adrian_now_of_Wollongong • 7 years ago

"When Sandra Mullaly joined the police force she had her heart set on
working with the dog squad but her ambitions were muzzled almost

Looking at things from a different angle, when one joins an organisation should they expect to be able to do in it just whatever they like?

Objective • 7 years ago

It's not a case of a person expecting to do "whatever they like" but more a case of a woman expecting to get the same opportunities as her male colleagues if she puts in the same amount of work, study and has the same passion and dedication.
It's a case of a person expecting the support of her superiors and colleagues when she stands up for what is right.

Adrian_now_of_Wollongong • 7 years ago

I wrote the above because there was a place decades ago where the person in charge would not hire anyone with higher qualifications than himself lest upper management decide a piece of paper was worth more than knowledge and experience (I was caught by this myself once) and promote them over him.

We might "want" the same opportunities but does that mean we will (or even should) get them? If you've been around for any length of time you should be aware that a lot of the time getting what you want is more about being at the right place at the right time than much else.

scott • 6 years ago

shame you were on the old rules of workers comp for the NSW police,you would bet set financially for life like the others.

porky • 7 years ago

And these people investigate themselves of any wrongdoings with a 90%+ no problem and no one charged and we still expect their motto of to "serve and protect"

Pfft pigs will fly before i see that happen

JP • 7 years ago

That is the motto of the LAPD and other American Police Agencies.

John • 7 years ago

Nsw police force is full of bullying and harassment. When there is an investigation by a senior officer they then cover it up. This is the culture if the nsw police force, been there and seen it all too often. To get to the top you have to be one of the boys. Hopefully there is a god because this is the only way there will be what goes round comes round.

Ted • 7 years ago

Every job has bullying, can I have a dollar for every time I've been bullied?

just saying • 5 years ago

That doesn't make it right. In fact if you're strong enough to tolerate it you should be speaking up against it and supporting others. Dare you say it ........But for the grace of god go I.