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Nanikai60 • 8 years ago

Walked to best buy on swollen knees for nothing. I hate when a store doesn't stand by their product or word!!!

Kaitlyn Critchley • 8 years ago

Is ecad's puppy cam going to be live at ecad in Torrington

RobNJ • 8 years ago

Sleeping wooflets, dreaming of growing up to be Service Dogs (pic)

doglover123 • 8 years ago

they are so cute

Punkey-NY CP(2012) • 8 years ago

ECAD any new pups expected?

dogwatcher • 8 years ago

Just heard in September!! They will be back on the camera as well. So excited!!

Bones • 8 years ago

Captivator pups still my favorite litter. Just stopping by. best to ECAD

Irina • 9 years ago

how old are this puppies?

AJAY-CP-NY • 9 years ago

Did ya know we're on puppy watch SDP? We should have one anytime now!


lovewhippetsjackiechil • 9 years ago

Watching reruns, loved watching babies in glass dishes after eating. I will always think of that as a puppy bake, one portion per persons. Could someone please put one in BOX with holes for breathing and I'll train it..haha to love only me........

NedraE_CP2012-east TN • 9 years ago

how many pups are in this litter?

lovegoldens • 9 years ago

there are 13, they have moved on to their next phase of training. ECAD is giving updates on both Maya's and Emme's litters on FB

lovewhippetsjackiechil • 9 years ago

I want to apologize for some people's criticizing on public forum. It was mean and unnecessary. I wish we could have watched cuddle babies longer, but I understand enough was enough. I wish I was on fb but I'm not, so I'll miss updates.. Hope your willing to give everyone a 2nd chance and let us watch future service dogs grow and learn. God bless keep doing the great things you all do. Peace be with you. Thanks for the memories......

lovegoldens • 9 years ago

agree some people were very rude

lovewhippetsjackiechil • 9 years ago

I would like to thank you for all the viewing you allowed me. It has given me strength and hope for a better tomorrow watching these babies grow. It is sad I know longer see them but watching high lites shows how they grew right before my eyes. God Bless these amazing babies as they go thru their life stages. Thank you

lc • 9 years ago

While we hope and wait to see if more live cam will return--dont forget about Mum Anna and her pups who still provide live cam or sometimes video. The Big Black Lab icon here on Explore...

Camop_Maddie • 9 years ago

for those of you not on ECAD's facebook page they are going to start the naming of Emme's puppies soon and have already started the naming of Maya's puppies!

explore.org mod • 9 years ago

We felt this image from ECAD's facebook page was share-worthy.

AJAY-CP-NY • 9 years ago

aw puppy kisses :)

NedraE_CP2012-east TN • 9 years ago

That is so darling.

Fugen Archibald .GW • 9 years ago

Lu, please keep us informed for their progress, and posting their pictures at FB. Thank you for the great experience again!!

George Doolittle • 9 years ago

Glad to have caught a last view of these great pups. Have watched this group from the start. We have two 16 month old and love to remember them as pups also. It is all so enjoyable.

lc • 9 years ago

Aawww-- watching right now, on what is called "Recorded Live" of Emme's pups when they were so little and just learning how to walk, etc.. Thanks ECAD, and hope to see photos of them in the Service dog training. !

dog lady • 9 years ago

To all viewers, we thank you for your interest in our puppies. ECAD is proud to have such a loyal and dedicated fan base.

The time has come for the puppies to move from the safety and convenience of the whelping box to the next step. In most cases that happens then the pups are between 7 and 8 weeks. I feel that these puppies, maybe because there are 13 of them, but we are late in moving them, it is obvious they have to move now. The whelping box is impossible to keep clean (someone is always pooping), there is not enough stimuli for the puppies, and the space is too small, so puppies are sleeping and playing in the wrong places. Forgive us, our intentions were pure, it was to keep the camera's on until the pups were 8 weeks old. Mother nature has her own plan. We hope you enjoyed the time you had.

AJAY-CP-NY • 9 years ago

no need to ask forgivness, we were honored to have the time we did. We know your hands were full and thank you for the experience. Tho some find a need to complain it hopefully came from a place of love and concern. We anxiously await the next litter. Thank you for the blessing.

SoCalif • 9 years ago

Thanks for feedback! Just wonder if Emme is gaining back some weight now as she had a handful to nurse.

craftyr • 9 years ago

The larger litters are always more challenging, watching the two 11 pup litters on SDP they grow quickly and need more space.

lovegoldens • 9 years ago

looking forward to following them on FB

lovegoldens • 9 years ago

I'm going to miss these guys, Thanks ECAD for sharing them with us

OBXdreamer • 9 years ago

Thanks so much to ECAD and explore.org for bringing this experience into my home, at least for a little bit. Maya and Emme...wow what awesome moms they are! And the pups warmed my heart every day. Thanks to all the people involved in caring for these wonderful dogs and making it possible for them to begin training for their important work ahead.

Deputy Dawg • 9 years ago

Thanks and good thoughts to ECAD, Emme , her bakers dozen and her humans. And to Maya, her football team of pups and her humans. And thanks to Explore for bringing these litters to us.

explore.org mod • 9 years ago

Hello all. There is a lot of negative speculation here about the care of ECAD's pups, but we can assure you that we would never host a puppy cam with an organization that has questionable puppy-raising practices. ECAD has not had the staff available to pop in daily and answer your questions, but they will drop by later today for Q&A.

Please familiarize yourself with our community guidelines and rules: http://explore.org/extra/co.... If you have questions about ECAD's puppy raising, please reach out to them: http://www.ecad1.org/

This feed is being shut off for the season, as this litter is now ready to relocate to a larger area where there is no cam. Thank you for your viewership, and you may follow updates about both Emme and Maya's litters on ECAD's facebook page: facebook.com/ECADServiceDogs

AJAY-CP-NY • 9 years ago

Thank you Expolore and ECAD for the many Blessing you perpetuate.

Punkey-NY CP(2012) • 9 years ago

Thanks Explore and ECAD for allowing us to see the growth of Maya's and Emme's litters. The best to the litters in their next adventure in service. God Bless you all
Hope to see you for the next litter

Joan, CP(2015), Pa. • 9 years ago

Bye Emme's litter, I will miss u a ton :..(

ginger graves • 9 years ago

Thanks and hopefully they will not be put in this type of environment in the future.

explore.org mod • 9 years ago

Please familiarize yourself with the community rules: http://explore.org/extra/co...

explore.org mod • 9 years ago

Ginger, there is nothing wrong with the puppies' environment. They are well cared for, and they are monitored 24/7.

Guest • 9 years ago
Deputy Dawg • 9 years ago

Don't you know when to STOP?

ginger graves • 9 years ago

Just stating the truth!

explore.org mod • 9 years ago

You are continuing to break the community rules. Please consider this a warning - if you comment further on the topic, we will suspend your commenting privilege.

Guest • 9 years ago
explore.org mod • 9 years ago

TXlady58, please familiarize yourself with our community rules: http://explore.org/extra/co.... We will be deleting your comment.

TXlady58 • 9 years ago

Delete, Why? Because I spoke up for the animals, when you would not. The truth is the truth.

explore.org mod • 9 years ago

Because this is a community rule: "Most of our live puppy cams are hosted at a puppy raiser’s home or place of work. Please refrain from negative commentary about a non-profit host’s puppy-raising practices, criticism about the aesthetic appeal of their home or place of work, or personal attacks about the people featured on cam. We will warn and then ban anyone who violates this rule." If you can't abide by the community rules, we will suspend you from commenting.

@ntoinette • 9 years ago

Hi all!! I do not post often, but I come by today with a plea: Please vote for 'Bed time on a cold night' in the Kuranda Dog of the Month competition, so that the oldies at Paws for Seniors get thei comfy beds :-))


roadrunner • 9 years ago

Has their bed been turned into their litter box? I'm not on this site much so this may not be where they are most of the time, just curious?

Pumpkin • 9 years ago

I am concerned about what I see happening here! Comments have been made about the puppies playing an eating stuff in the "bathroom" area.
It also looks like some of the puppies are trying to "nurse" on some of the male puppies. This was happening in the kitten room. Four new kittens, who were bottle fed, came into the room last Saturday. It was immediately noted that 2 of the females were trying to nurse on the one male. They tried removing him from the room but the problem did not stop. Apparently this can cause serious health issues for the male. He was put in a foster home finally. I don't know if it is the same for puppies but it looks like it is happening here too.

AJAY-CP-NY • 9 years ago

Any major issues should be addressed directly with the organization and/or Explore.