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ponkonwon • 3 years ago

It's crazy how these stories can be tangled together. When I was reading I literally became frozen with shock at the connection.

DarthSirrius • 3 years ago

Well then...

snappyk • 3 years ago

No ur not. Let real batdoge approve

DarthSirrius • 3 years ago

Oh yeah?

gibby4014 • 3 years ago

No I'M the real Batman!


Gameboi834 • 3 years ago

No, I am the REAL Batman! I always catch the bad guys.


LouisAce • 3 years ago

Thank you Merlyn, er... Jack Harkness

Transcendent-Being • 3 years ago

You should forget about these theories man. Just let it go.

Guest • 3 years ago

That made me cringe.

Beef_Shovel • 3 years ago

*slow clap*

emperorbach • 3 years ago

damn you for making the comment of the year

GargaZu • 3 years ago

I see what you did there...

jamescvp • 3 years ago


ponkonwon • 3 years ago

Normally I would respond with a comeback, but for the first time in forever, I'm going to let it go.

gibby4014 • 3 years ago

Do you wanna build a snowman?

i_like_gifs • 3 years ago

Are you going to wait until you are in summer?

VDJ10 • 3 years ago

Nah, he seems like the type who would rather build a snowman.

J_S_Mastropiero • 3 years ago


iwatanana • 3 years ago

I see watcha did there...

Astro0810 • 3 years ago

Can you rap?haha

gibby4014 • 3 years ago

Frozen had characters from Tangled, a movie that also has a lovable horse just like Spirit the stallion of the Cimarron which is a Dreamworks film just like Kung Fu Panda which has Jackie Chan in it who also starred in Rush Hour with Chris Tucker who was in the Fifth Element with Gary Oldman who was in JFK with Kevin Bacon!

All roads lead to Bacon.

mad.dog360 • 3 years ago

Mmmmmmm. Bacon......

Speedster116 • 3 years ago

Half life 3 confirmed

RavenIsBestTitan • 3 years ago

All Disney and Pixar worlds are connected. They all are connected by....kingdom hearts!!!

LANFlow • 3 years ago

Tied to the darkness!


Dio-ScaryMonster • 3 years ago

Nobody wants to hear about it, Xehanort!

dorkgeniuz21 • 3 years ago

Yeah but if you remember correctly everyone in each different world doesnt know the other worlds exist i.e jack skelington has no idea who jack sparrow is...Tangled & Frozen actually seem like the first movies that could coexist

vekgniwe • 3 years ago

Interesting but maybe they should just let it go

Johnny Bravo • 3 years ago

since were letting it go; do you want to build a snowman instead

vekgniwe • 3 years ago

Sure but lets do it in summer

Eddytion • 3 years ago

But the cold never bothers me anyway...

Marcos1598 • 3 years ago

For the first time in forever theres sun outside and you want snow?

Lucylover • 3 years ago

The sheer size of Godzilla though

EinyelVargas • 3 years ago


tazz55555 • 3 years ago

But wait...there's more.

-In disney's "tarzan", tarzan's parents survive a shipwreck. They become stranded in africa. Its possible they were on the ship from "little mermaid" and "frozen", the countries are somewhat close to africa.

tenicord • 3 years ago

That makes the theory more interesting than the rest of this article.

KBABZ • 3 years ago

They were also Wildebeest enthusiasts and helped indirectly cause the stampede that kills Mufansa. MIND BLOWN LOL!!

Eddytion • 3 years ago

I think the timeline in Tarzan is at least 50 years later. But maybe that's just me.

Paulusdegrote • 3 years ago

Actually, another theory says that the countries of Tangled, the Little Mermaid and Frozen are Germany, Denmark and Norway/Sweden respectively. Elsa and Anna's Parents drown en route to the country of Tangled (cant remember the name right now) and the sunken ship in the little mermaid is the same ship from Frozen.

guntrumsmash • 3 years ago

here comes the princess version of avengers

vwolf02 • 3 years ago

Damn you, I wanted to say same. Ok have an upvote then...

i_like_gifs • 3 years ago

... and then Wreck it Ralph comes out of nowhere and wrecks everything. BOOM

JDbeef • 3 years ago

I dated the girl that designed rapunzel for tangled. Her dad designed the little mermaid for Disney and designed Ariel based on his daughter. Which means I know what's under the sea shells.
True story :)

IGNerlol • 3 years ago

Boobs. What else?

johnsbaker • 3 years ago

Im her father. Wanna know how a trident in the a-hole feels like?

EinyelVargas • 3 years ago


johnsbaker • 3 years ago

JDbeef knows what's under the seashell. (a d*ck)

Kalin_Thalis • 3 years ago

Weird, cause I heard she was based on Alyssa Milano.

Hanguard • 3 years ago


Rodey • 3 years ago

You're not giving names?