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edwardmetalwing • 3 years ago

I found it on bluray relase and was like WTF!

indeed28 • 3 years ago

Frozen & Tangled were both really good films, although i liked Tangled Somewhat more then Frozen

CrimsonAvenger • 3 years ago

But isn't Rapunzel set in a pseudo Medieval world?

Sauron-Avenger • 3 years ago

I can safety say that the boat from the Little Mermaid is NOT the same boat of the king and queen from Frozen. The ship from the Little Mermaid is actually smaller than the royal ship. The royal ship does not have port holes while the one Ariel was exploring does, and the ship in the Little Mermaid has only one mast, not two.

Cameron Alston • 3 years ago

Disney Infinity

WellThenThere • 3 years ago

It would be more reasonable that they are there because maybe they were invited? I mean, Rapunzel is a princess and royalty. When a big even happens among the royals, they invite other royals. Therefore, they kind of belong there. And here is another crazy idea though, maybe they are related. If we are keeping with the idea that these princesses are in the same universe and all three are royal, who is to say that somewhere down their royal bloodline that they are not related? Maybe Rapunzel is meeting her cousins "For the first time in foreeveeerr~" (pun to to be taken seriously).... Then again, it could just be an easter egg. WHO KNOWS?!?! Let fans have their theories... jeez.

Mohammed-Zea • 3 years ago

The gap years of both films release dates has absolutely nothing to do with their world. But interestingly enough, the idea makes sense. My question is if this is proven true then how the hell did Rapunzel and Flynn go all the way from Germany to the kingdom of Norway :D

Nathalie-1995 • 3 years ago

How can the little mermaid even have a connection to those movies? THE LITTLE MERMAID WAS ORIGINALLY MADE BY HC ANDERSEN... and disney remade it -.-'' in the original story marina (the name of the little mermaids name in hc andersens original version i think) kills herself in the end because she loves the prince so much.. im sorry but i do not see the connection -.-''

jt001 • 3 years ago

Um, Frozen, is an adaption of H.C. Andersen's The Snow Queen, the version that I grew up with was the 1957 animated film http://www.imdb.com/title/t.... I think this one is much better of course ;) and I think that it is perfectly plausible that there may be a connection between Disney's the Little Mermaid, Frozen, and Tangled. After all, it is Disney's adaption, they can do what ever the heck they want.

GRUxTSAR • 3 years ago

I hated Frozen

maxts • 3 years ago

you think someone cares about your opinion? good kid

GRUxTSAR • 3 years ago

8 people did so...

I-Miss-Good-JRPGS • 3 years ago

My daughter will love this theory.

CherrieOmega • 3 years ago

omg its just an easter egg calm down

bfbc2mw2 • 3 years ago

that's really stretched. It could be just they wanted to visit since "Flynn tells Rapunzel that he has heard Arendelle is nice this time of year" and were there for fans

Badass Extraordinaire • 3 years ago

Tangled may have came out 3 years before Frozen, but the actual timeline is a lot farther apart. Tangled takes place about 60/70 years before Frozen. Rapunzel and Eugene would have been very old. It was just a Easter egg, like Disney and Pixar always do. And to add to it, the Little Mermaid's timeline is before Anna and Elsa's parents died so it couldn't have been their ship.

Tatsumatsu • 3 years ago

60/70 years where did you get those numbers?

Badass Extraordinaire • 3 years ago

Because the directors of Tangled confirmed that it was set in the 1780s. And Frozen has been confirmed to be set around the time of 1850/60.
The Little Mermaid one can be debated I guess, since the year was confirmed in the television show, so who knows how canon that is.

Tatsumatsu • 3 years ago

cool, can you post a link? I never know where to find these kind of thing

MrG1993 • 3 years ago

This is technical.. It is a kids movie, who cares....

Badass Extraordinaire • 3 years ago

Well this person went to the effort to connect the movies, and even though I think it's cool I'm pointing out the flaws in the theory. It's called giving feedback.

OyaYubi33 • 3 years ago

Feedback to who? Do you really think Disney is using IGN as a reliable source for feedback? I thought both Frozen and Tangled were great movies, I feel I enjoyed Frozen just a little more. I think it's really cool that Rapunzel and Flynn made a cameo appearance, I can't wait to show that to my daughter.

Badass Extraordinaire • 3 years ago

I don't see what Disney using IGN as a source of feedback has to do with this. This theory was posted by some girl on tumblr. So it stands to reason that yes, she probably does look at some of the opinions of her theory, but I was generally pointing out the facts for the people in this comment section reading. Like, "hey cool theory, but here's why it can't work."

bg1904 • 3 years ago


murgurth • 3 years ago

I'm pretty sure it was just an easter egg for Disney fans.

MastaMoose • 3 years ago

More importantly, how can we get these "eagle-eyed fans" laid?

OyaYubi33 • 3 years ago

You do realize that the majority of the "fans" are children under 13 right? Let's not get too creepy here.

Jack_Shepard99 • 3 years ago

Don't worry, I'm sure they've already made a theory about how their hands are really girls.

TheOracle8191 • 3 years ago

Because I'm sure you're the conductor of the ho train yourself...

MastaMoose • 3 years ago

I am married, and yes we have a very healthy relationship.

InfiniteTKZ • 3 years ago

Didn't see Frozen, but I like Tangled. Disney always have back stories.... Or mabye they put random things so fanboysr(orgirls) can go and make theories when there isn't a real reason for it... The developers are probably snickering to themselves right now.

Gliceraldehyde • 3 years ago

The problem in your theory would be that The King and Queen Died when anna/elsa/flynn/repunzel where still very young so that wasn't the reason(which was going to repunzel's wedding) why they died, they died because they went and search for a cure for elsa -_-

Maek123 • 3 years ago

Annnnd...the day is officially slow at IGN. ;)

G6In3D • 3 years ago

"didn't know how to end the sentence"


ChaosBatman • 3 years ago

So whats the difference between a Ps4 and Xbox One other than a few software and hardware diff.

xcrystalizex • 3 years ago

I thought I read somewhere that Anna/Elsa's mom is the sister of Rapunzel's mom? If that's true, that would make Anna/Elsa and Rapunzel cousins, and would explain why they are there.

traffic5o • 3 years ago

That would make them 15 years older they don't look like they are 30 something

PraetorianPC • 3 years ago

Disney: "Oh... So you think you've figured it all out, huh"

Thr3spawn • 3 years ago


Rijo Abraham • 3 years ago

so ?

protivakid • 3 years ago

I don't know anything about either movie, who are these people?

OyaYubi33 • 3 years ago

You may want to watch the movies to find out :)

Guest • 3 years ago

I like the idea and the theory makes a lot of sense but Disney puts Easter Eggs in all their movies (ex Hunchback of Notre Dame has Belle from Beauty & The Beast in it). It is fun to think about though.

EV1LM0NK3Y • 3 years ago

the whole "the king and queen died on the way to the wedding" is plausible, but why the need to start saying that Flynn and Rapunzel were there because they felt guilty? couldn't they be there simply because it was a royal coronation?
also, flynn never even mentioned Arendelle

Chireur-du-Siecle • 3 years ago

Seems legit.

RealLuck • 3 years ago

Half Life 3 confirmed?

Spleenzorio • 3 years ago

During the same musical you can see a table with candy from Sugar Rush from Wreck-It Ralph

The_Alex06 • 3 years ago

They're basically living in the matrix! They're inside a video game world!

THGhost • 3 years ago

"I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face"?

arm4261021 • 3 years ago

this seems a bit more flimsy than the Toy Story one.