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Wednesday • 1 day ago


Guest • 8 months ago
Touch My PePe • 8 months ago

Gotta give her props though...at least she's a real one, and actually did it tho

maxo • 2 years ago

dumb bitch i would kill that hoe

A NIGGA WITH A JOB • 4 years ago

R.I.P. PRINCE CHRI$$$..Upvote this shit if you think He was the Realest Muhfucka Eva to CHRI$$$ IT!



Matthew Austin • 4 years ago

wow...tbh i really didn't think a human could be that stupid...smh

dracus • 4 years ago

She deserves to die, or to be equally disfigured on the front side of her body. How STUPID can anyone possibly be? She's ruined his life!

HiphopKrit • 4 years ago

What a dumb bitch, she's in debt for LIFE!

Dukebees • 4 years ago


chrus • 4 years ago

i went to high scool with thi nigga he been burned since he was a kid this shit fake as fuck

DJTheDJ • 4 years ago

I notice how these women's rights bitches never show up when it's a woman harming a man.

sonnyjones • 4 years ago

Has to be the dumbest family of all time

No Yes • 4 years ago

This cant be real....it is just too absurd.

MIDKNIGHTMIKE • 4 years ago

Why didnt the guy say hey watch out or sumthin like that he jus watched in awww


GlassEyee2 • 5 years ago

Dumb lil ugly nappy head fool. A long time ago they only had to tell white kids don't try this at home.

Bebe • 5 years ago

What the fuck kind of challenge is that supposed to be? Any idiot knows that boiling water would seriously burn someone. What was the point of that?

Angel Mendoza • 5 years ago

people are getting dumber and dumber everyday. how ignorant do you have to be, not to realize that boiling water can cause severe burns. special kind of ignorant

The Internet needs to die.

DEEES NUTTS • 5 years ago

I would beat her ass straight up

LaVarBall from So.Central • 5 years ago

I would tie her ass up and put a m-80 up her pussy and light the fuse.It would end up looking like a pastrami sandwich that fucken little bitch

truthordare • 5 years ago

i would hurt her so much you don't understand

POPOPILOPO • 5 years ago

Another reason why some people should never have children...lol

Zuri Nelson • 5 years ago

I would've LOVED to see the ass whopping her parents gave her after that dumbass stunt

Freshprince808 • 5 years ago

if i was him i would get my back tattooed

Raoul Duke • 5 years ago

You gotta throw boiling hot grits on her.

Darren • 5 years ago

Sister or no sister, she'd be one DEAD bitch had she done that shit to me.

Damn stupid bitch

caleb brown • 5 years ago

my niggas younger sister did some shit like this to him over a tv remote, but with hot oil. i still dont know how he didnt kill that bitch.. he straight tho. aloe vera works wonders

KD • 5 years ago

I love my sister but..she would've been sleeping for atleast 2 days if she did that to me

DaFuqYouMeen • 5 years ago

i would have choked that hoe

Deeman • 5 years ago

ok.... this is one dumb ass bitch. i hope shes old enough to go to jail. this is a prime example why you shouldnt do drugs while your pregnant.

india△ • 5 years ago

who does shit like this

DJTheDJ • 4 years ago

You black bitches. Y'all got Marvin Gaye and some other brothas too. I blame them in the end for having ANY kind of relationship with y'all, family or otherwise.

grove iz in the heart • 5 years ago

Was not real because if the water came to a boil thrres no way she can hold the handle like that ... im just saying .those scars look at least years old

BigPoppa2101 • 5 years ago

If that was real then she is one stupid fucking bitch. You don't think boiling hot water is gonna cause some permanent damage to the skin in addition to being painful as hell? Dumb cunt

Reckless_Evileye_bawler • 5 years ago

yeah real funny… i woulda thrown sulphuric acid on that bitches head then laugh about it later

Guest • 5 years ago

typical ugly ass hood bitch

RealityCheque • 5 years ago

I don't understand why the top comment here isn't about this being fake.

Guest • 5 years ago

and the person recording this didn't think it was a bad idea either?

DothProtest • 5 years ago

bitch would have been dead. period

YOU ARE THE FATHER! • 5 years ago

I would had throw "HOT WATER" in her face

George Lawson • 5 years ago

lol this shit never gets old ik its fucked upbut its funny as hell

Guest • 5 years ago

That's fucked up.

Elijah-Lamar Williams • 5 years ago

Thats some funny ass shit!!!

Flaco • 5 years ago

She need her lil silly ass whooped!!!!!!!!


mike j • 5 years ago

little sisters do crazy things sometimes. but melting your brother skin is a no, no in family values