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rightlane1111 • 5 years ago

First off, to my surprise several years ago...Wisconsin is a bastion for liberals. Gee...and here I always thought it was fly over, red, white and blue. Oh well...so much for that.

One comment on grants that seem to pop up on the news. Ever think this is another way of depleting our wealth? Why...rightlane...what do you mean. We pay millions of dollars for people to write grants and then the Fed Gov pays them for research. Who pays for the grants...WE DO. Another form of taxation without representation.

This BS about global warming/cooling/climate change/whatever becomes more egotistical as the days go on. Why...you would think that the Dimocrats/enviros created the earth, sky and seas...along with the climate and that they have the power to reverse its course. The only thing...as of this date they have the power to do is take our money.

steve51 • 5 years ago

Ok, let's parse this Utopian BS. To begin with, was this some sort of contest waged by liberal universities to see who could fill out a pre-answered questionnaire? How very special. Will said future catastrophe return us to grazing on grass or will berries also be a staple? What about overall population decimation? At what level will we be able to co-exist with mother Gaia, 2, 3 hundred thousand survivors? They speak of industry as though it could also co-exist with mother Gaia as well, surely they jest. Finally, for now anyway, whatever will we do about the planets' natural functions of relieving herself from, well, gases? Those polluting sea chimneys, volcanoes & tectonic plate rifts will have to be mitigated, maybe we can plug them up. Who will do that considering the flow of their (enviromaniacs) cheap labor from the south will be underwater. Oh what to do?

whitetop • 5 years ago

EPA is already working on regulations that could become the Secure Water Act and not wait till 2040. EPA has a draft report that they are using to develop regulations giving the agency control of all surface and ground water in the country. To hell with the people and states rights. No need to wait for congress to draft legislation; just use the Obama pen and phone.

duke • 5 years ago

I have a REALLY bad feeling about what travesties will assault us between November (when the Dems lose the Senate) and January (when the newly elected Senators take office)>

steve51 • 5 years ago

Sadly whitetop, it's more like 'to hell with the human race'.

uselogic • 5 years ago

Thanks for the heads-up, Brian. One more item to item to throw in the face of my liberal-voting friends...and my "conservative' Republican congressman.

Deplorable Domer '79 • 5 years ago

their first task was to predict tomorrow's weather. Getting that wrong caused the entire project to derail. But the $5 million was used for one heck of a party!

lerp • 5 years ago

Programs as this need not and should not be funded by the resources of the federal government, if wanted, and god knows why? then fund them by individuals that will use the findings, Sierra Club, Al Gore and the Democratic party. When radicals have to pay for there own propaganda they spread less.