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62nitro • 6 years ago

Funny, the USPS certainly doesn't mind making the American taxpayers "bend over".

JimmieMee • 6 years ago

Just a little clue to tell you what medical service will be like as the government tightens its control over it…..

Guest • 6 years ago

Only a matter of time before your next Obamacare doctor's appointment will be at your nearest DMV office.

davd kuhn • 6 years ago

these clowns at the USPS need to go. just recently I had a book delivered to my home through the USPS. the book was to big to fit in the box, so my intrepid postal worker left it on the ground in front of my box.(my box is on the street.) with the pay these mental midgets receive one would think they could get out of there truck for something other than a coffee break. its time to abolish the USPS lets do the IRS while were at it.

acers2 • 6 years ago

Sc rew the Post Office. If I need it to be somewhere, I use DHL, UPS or Fedex. Sc rew the Post Office.

stormykitteh • 6 years ago

USPS already uses UPS and FedEx themselves. Just cut out the USPS middleman.

Reaves • 6 years ago

NOPE. USPS doesn't use UPS and FedEx, UPS and FedEx use USPS for final delivery for many packages because it saves them money.

mickrrussom • 6 years ago

Yeah, UPS and Fedex sometimes use USPS in ultra rural places where the cost of fuel to deliver is far higher than the income derived from delivery. As in the USPS is running a charity.

Guest • 6 years ago

Those rural places would have no delivery service if the Postal Service was privatized.They would not be profitable.

stormykitteh • 6 years ago

Not here!

Guest • 6 years ago
Reaves • 6 years ago

Just find it funny that UPS and FedEx are hiring the Postal Service and the public is convinced it's the other way around.

ounceoflogic • 6 years ago

Three or even two deliveries per week would be more than enough for 95% of America. Those who want daily delivery can pay extra. This change would increase revenue and reduce workforce by 25% or more. That's what a real business would do. Instead, the USPS just whines and demands more taxpayer money... then whines some more.

FinbarOS • 6 years ago

Reduce workforce by 25%? Don't you mean increase pension benefits and payouts by 25%?

EpicMale • 6 years ago

I don't think you are aware of how many small businesses, such as my own, depend upon mail delivery. UPS and FEDEX are fine for some, but many small businesses don't have clients that can, or will, use those more expensive services. First Class mail still holds a very important role for many Americans. And when you talk about rural America, that roadside mailbox is often their only solid link to the rest of the world.

Reaves • 6 years ago

They're having problems grasping the fact that it's much cheaper to use USPS for most people.

ounceoflogic • 6 years ago

Any piece of mail that is so important that it can't wait one day should be shipped by a reliable carrier. But as I said, if you are your business can't survive without daily mail delivery, you would be able to pay for that option. M-W-F delivery for the rest of us would be more than sufficient.

Your observation on rural mailboxes was somewhat relevant... 50 years ago.

EpicMale • 6 years ago

The mail has been reliable for us, and our clients. As for your comment about rural customers...well, you just don't seem to know much about rural life. You know, the folks that grow your food for you. The solution is to just get the urbanized union crap out of the post office. That alone would solve their financial problems, and allow them to actually fire the incompetent.

ounceoflogic • 6 years ago

I may be wrong but I don't understand why farmers need mail more often that I do or you do. I was assuming that pretty much everyone has phones and tv reception these days and most have internet access, if they want it and are willing pay for it (like daily mail would be under my suggestion). I agree with you completely regarding the unionization of USPS and other government workers... and unions in general.

EpicMale • 6 years ago

Well, yes, you are wrong. But, that you mention farmers alone indicates you don't understand the infrastructure of the rural community. For every farmer, there are several small, and large, businesses that must interact on a regular basis. And, of course, there is also a large component of local, state, and federal agencies involved. Notifications, contracts, and an endless array of forms must be filled out and filed in a timely manner, or the farm or farm related business suffers serious repercussions. Much of this paperwork giant should have been eliminated with Al Gores infamous Paperwork Reduction Act. But with his other hand, Gore and his ilk were piling on even more requirements for hard record keeping. Then you've got the EPA climbing up every farmer's back, demanding a copy of this and a copy of that. And guess what, often times they want CERTIFIED, NOTARIZED copies. So you have to mail them in. Now, imagine doubling or tripling farmers' communication times with all these regulating, sometimes overtly hostile, agencies.
Oh, yeah, not everyone is on the internet. Not everyone lives in a place where there is near perfect cell phone coverage. Sometimes city folks just don't understand what country folks face in day to day challenges.

ounceoflogic • 6 years ago

And getting mail one day later would cause this entire system... all the companies, government and farmers ... to collapse.
Got it.

EpicMale • 6 years ago

Ok, I know it seems useless to discuss anything with liberals. The purposeful obtuseness can be irritating. Worse, you start making up straw arguments and making gross extrapolations that that lack a single ounce of logic.
Try reading my post with that single ounce of logic remaining you. Perhaps you can wring out the meaning of my post. I know I expressed myself several levels above your usual level of comprehension.

EpicMale • 6 years ago

I don't think you grasp the ripple effect of decreasing communications. Think of it like this, put a two minute lag time in air traffic controller messages. Economics is a dangerous game. For instance, delaying the participation in certain bovine disease control programs by ONE DAY, might mean 50 MAD cows wind up on your dinner plate.

ounceoflogic • 6 years ago

I thought we were talking about the Post Office.

off the reservation • 6 years ago

Are you KIDDING? Every time the postmaster talks about cutting Saturday deliver to cut costs, there is such an outcry like nobody's business!!!

ounceoflogic • 6 years ago

Since when does the government care what its subjects think? Post Offices have remained a disfunctional monolith because of the jobs and the unions. Anyway I'm not talking about the popularity of daily mail among a certain group... I'm talking about the need for it.

Reaves • 6 years ago

The mail carriers are in favor of cutting out Saturday delivery, too. Who wouldn't want Saturday and Sunday off rather than say, Tuesday and Sunday?

ata777 • 6 years ago

Fire these lazy bums and get some real mail carriers

2ndprotectsall • 6 years ago

Privatize or let it die.

Adrian S • 6 years ago

It is private. US Post Office is not the US Postal Service which is owned by a British company.

look it up

Mitch • 6 years ago

He's right, the US Post Office now has 5 employees. A Manager, assistant manager, 2 secretaries, and a lawyer :) The Postal Service is a contractor! A good start would be to shoot the lawyer LOL!

Duh • 6 years ago

Yet they do not pay taxes for the vehicles or the license plates, or the land, or the buildings, although they do drive on the roads we pay for and through the neighborhood, and put these buildings in our cities. It's not federal but it doesn't pay anything for what it uses, like we are forced to, get rid of this antiquated worthless system. If you can afford to send a package through cheap things like fedex and ups, you should just deliver it yourself or not at all.

Bob_Ingersoll • 6 years ago

Nice to have union pigs delivering our mail .....

1DICK • 6 years ago

Next they will stop delivering cause the postman has to work, then put them on the backs of the tax payer to feed and cloth. What a shell game, pathetic losers, mail service stinks, over priced, full of big grownup crybabies.

OldestandWisest • 6 years ago

A few years ago, my mail carrier got into an accident with his truck and was suspended from making deliveries until it was investigated. Did he suffer? No, he was moved to a desk job at the same pay. However, since he was still the "official" carrier for his route, they couldn't assign anyone to cover it full-time. So our deliveries were split up between other mail carriers with assigned routes, but not until they had finished their regular deliveries. For a year or more, we often wouldn't get our deliveries until 7 or 8 in the evening! (At least until I found out the name of the Postmaster for my area and complained to him and things got a LITTLE better.) A real business is run for the benefit of the customers, not the employees.

metanoic • 6 years ago

Are we to believe that when you are hired as a USPS city carrier you're not required to sign paperwork affirming your physical abilities as they pertain to the job you are being hired for ? Sounds like this guy has allowed himself to breach his contractual obligation to his employer. My guess is the mail carrier is lazy and obese or otherwise in some woeful state of self neglect (welcome to America !). His boss is obviously in the single digit IQ range to take this course of action. The guy should be transferred and an able bodied individual should assume the route. That might be a bit easier than having hundreds of people do construction on their front door.

tufluv • 6 years ago

As with any government agency, the only one who has to bend over is the American taxpayer.

stormykitteh • 6 years ago

They're lucky they did not end up as USPS ammo stoppers what with all the ammunition purchased by the USPS.

Guest • 6 years ago
bonnieblue2A • 6 years ago

This is the progression of union jobs. It is never about customer service.

Roy Rogers • 6 years ago

"I don't always deliver the mail as I'm supposed to. But when I do, I make sure I never bend down."

"Stay union, my friends."

GuaiLou • 6 years ago

Sarcasm implied.

Countrygirl1411 • 6 years ago

If they are not in good enough shape to bend over, then they should not be doing the job. What happens if they drop a piece of mail on the ground, do they leave it there, because it might endanger them to bend over?

bonnieblue2A • 6 years ago

That may explain the mail blowing all over my neighborhood. No pride in workmanship anymore.

Terry_Jim • 6 years ago

“Whatever happened to the post office delivering your mail in snow, sleet, hurricane?”

That's a myth. Your carrier is to go where he can safely go-
the result of $1.5-2 billion/ year lost in injuries and accidents.

Not up snow packed stairs, broke down porches, around piles of roofing debris, stairs without handrails, down flooded streets, or near the dog that "won't bite".
Mail slots near the ground should have been replaced years ago. As mail has changed with falling letter volume your carrier has more weight in his satchel in catalogs and ads. Bending repetitively, unnecessarily is inviting injury.
It's too bad the supervisor wasn't more artful than to abruptly change service, but it is a necessary change.

1DICK • 6 years ago

oh boo hoo you have to bend over, you do it for your boss so you do know how
Crybaby, cry me a river.

Stan Carter • 6 years ago

My Grandmother's Carrier in Cypress CA is the exact opposite. He offered to go buy her groceries on his own time. Her previous Carrier had a similar attitude.

The US Postal Service is one of the few Constitutional services the Feds are suppose to do. Many of these workers are Vets and do an outstanding job for us. Those Postal workers in NY disgrace their uniform.

Karen K. Alaska • 6 years ago

I guess you didn't know, but the USPS is NOT a federal entity. It is a private enterprise with the government contract to supply mail services. It all started with the Pony Express (which also wasn't a government service).

ckmiller81 • 6 years ago

It's a pseudo federal entity as it's revenue from stamps, packages, etc. pay wages and expenses. I am a USPS employee who drives a gov. owned vehicle, has a federal retirement plan and get's check from the Treasury Dept.

Guest • 6 years ago

Doesn't matter, as the Federal government *is the responsible entity* per the Constitution. Take a hike!