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Laimis Db • 5 years ago

or just learn to play.

CriticalHit109 • 5 years ago

is this actually an issue ?

ChianDC • 3 years ago

It is very much an issue

Proshifter • 5 years ago

I got used to the windows key. I have never, ever, by mistake pressed the windows key while in-game or in any other app. And, I'm a frequent user of WIndows + D shortcut. I guess this post then is not for me. :)

TeaEarlGreyHot • 5 years ago

I always just disabled it with a butterknife.

The Algerian • 5 years ago

I'm way too lazy to do this.

CMDR Decaf • 5 years ago


Topperfalkon • 5 years ago

I have a G19, which means I get one of the fancy winkey locks that Logitech puts on its gaming keyboards.

However, I rarely use it, because I very rarely hit that key accidentally.

Smoky_the_Bear • 5 years ago

The G11 I have, which is the cheap ass version of the G19, without the screen etc, still has the same switch. I keep it locked because I never use the windows key anyway.

Aggelitus • 5 years ago

I've had the same keyboard for more than five years, and I literally just noticed what that damn switch does. It's been on forever. I feel really stupid for not understanding why the shortcuts didn't work.

Sgt_Moose • 5 years ago

My IBM model M keyboard predates the infernal Windows key. 1986 FTW!

ben wilson • 5 years ago

DAMN, a year older than I.

RavensTemplar • 5 years ago

I have the Razer app on my pc and that disables windows keys for me automatically

cappslock • 5 years ago

if youre not resting your pinkey on the ctrl button, youre doing it wrong

MrStillwater • 5 years ago

Unless you're left handed, in which case the Windows key can be a real pain.

harrysooon • 5 years ago

Haven't got a true set of WASD fingers if the pinky doesn't rest naturally on the ctrl key on any keyboard.

Phill more • 5 years ago

I use my thumb. :|

solliddd • 5 years ago

You don't have to lose the shortcuts that use the windows button.
Simply add
~LWin Up:: return
~RWin Up:: return
to your autohotkey script, it will disable the button when it's used on it's own but allow shortcut use

PCGtyler • 5 years ago

That's good advice. Let me try it!

Edit: I've added it in! I'm embarrassed I didn't think of that.

solliddd • 5 years ago

I'm glad I could help :)

Laurens • 5 years ago

Or you buy a Razer keyboard with a game-mode key :)

Idealism • 5 years ago

Windows key is so important, my last keyboard didn't have one and I missed it.

So many useful Window+ keys out there


Dont remove it, deal with it! XD

BrandeX • 5 years ago

Anyone that finds themselves in that situation should remap Left Alt to the Windows/Super key. You don't often need 2 Alt keys anyway. I can't think of any game I have played that uses Left Alt (and it probably could just use another anyway).

William Fenton • 5 years ago

Breaking it off the keyboard does the trick for me.

Olav Valle • 5 years ago

This is how I disable the Windows Key:


Asesino Cereal • 5 years ago

That's so gangsta.

Buki! • 5 years ago

Or just get a screwdriver and tear that puppy out, like I did with the useless 'sleep' mode button on my keyboard.

cornzz • 5 years ago

I actually never hit the Windows key accidentally when I try to crouch.
And I need the windows key alot, for example to lock my pc, to show run, or to open a new explorer window. Also, on my Zowie Celeritas I only have to press two keys and the Windows key turns into a second ctrl key :)

bogibear • 5 years ago

I don't know, I never ever clicked on the windows button by mistake. Guess the hand fits the keyboard

Ikazrima • 5 years ago

Never accidentally pressed it.
I found it aggravating that some games completely disabled alt + tab, so I just windows + d it.
I hate it when the key is disabled.

Ronni Jensen • 5 years ago

I do it in a different way.
Here's how I disable the Windows Key.

barneyhero • 5 years ago

Meh all I press is FN + F10 and it turns it off

Brit89 • 5 years ago

Logitech G710+... yeah I'm good ^_^

Gorno • 5 years ago

Thanks, but it's still pretty easy to remove the key with a flat screwdriver. LOL. If the game is not a poor console port, then it's also easy enough to map the WASD keys to the cursor arrow keys to avoid the problem. Maybe my next keyboard will have the obviously popular windows lock key.

GeoKip • 5 years ago

Why would I want to map the WASD to the cursor arrow?

But then again who even presses the Windows button accidentally, I never heard that problem before.

ben wilson • 5 years ago

map WASD into arrow keys, BLASPHEMY!

Lilmcnessy • 5 years ago

I'd rather not make a keyboard look ratchet.

Moirrainefortruth • 2 years ago

Do you guys EVER update your website and instructions for PRESENT operating systems?

No, no you don't.

PC Gamer is as negligent as any other 'PC' magazine or website.

Brian Smith • 1 year ago

No, because then they would loose the ability to add spam the shit out of you?

Maniac • 5 years ago

LOL hitting Windows key while playing game? xD
What's next?
How to disable power button?

Guest • 5 years ago


Wintyr • 5 years ago

its simple you take the key that was there and remove it then smash it with a hammer because it has no use

xenocidewiki • 5 years ago

It can do several tasks that you may even need in the future, its not an useless button, or else it wouldnt be there ^^

Sgt_Moose • 5 years ago

The windows key WASN'T there for years. Computers worked just fine without it. There are VERY few times when I wish I had it on my keyboards. Most of the windows key shortcuts aren't that useful.

Wintyr • 5 years ago

and yet i and no one i have ever met in person has ever found a actual use for it.

Topperfalkon • 5 years ago

Maybe you don't know many people that spend much of their time around computers. It's the shortcut for lots of helpful features and functions on Windows, and is often quicker than attempting to do the same thing with your mouse.

Wintyr • 5 years ago

and again don't care

Chaz Ragg • 5 years ago

on my Lycosa i can just press the razer logo and hit the windows key and it will disable it

Lewis • 5 years ago

Holy crap haha, the more you know...

But seriously, I never knew I could do this so thanks I guess :)

Tim • 5 years ago

Never knew my Lycosa could do this. Thank you. Awesome.