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ConfusedCanadian • 5 years ago

I don't really understand why this is an issue. There were always cafeterias in my schools growing up, but you paid for the food you wanted or brought your own lunch. Why are schools providing lunch to begin with? I think feeding your own children is one of the most basic responsibilities of parenthood.

Ignorance is amiss • 5 years ago

So food on WIC can't even contain white potatoes but food on SNAP and EBT cards can be potato chips, cookies, etc?

Strange position to take.

Guest • 5 years ago

Michelle's accomplishments: Lots off cool vacations The End.

WesternGal • 5 years ago

I'm sorry for you Ms. First Lady - you have wasted an opportunity to make a difference in this country. Your hatred for this country is on full display so, no, we don't need you. Pack up and take "O" with you.

God bless America, our troops, Israel, and decent fellow humans everywhere, including the womb.

BlazeD • 5 years ago

Her greatest accomplishment is contributing to landfills all over America as students dump her lunch menu items into the garbage cans of schools every where.

Wally Wamma • 5 years ago

She hash't done anything except for take vacations and spend taxpayer money on herself and those two little brats.

Octahedron • 5 years ago

I got news for you, YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY, bitch!!!

kangaroo • 5 years ago

She prolly has just created a kids black market for food, no pun intended

CS_GUY • 5 years ago

Self-Indulgent witch. She's lucky her man doesn't cut her ass loose.

lightnin57 • 5 years ago

About all I can see of what you've accomplished is that you've been able to screw the American taxpayers out of millions to haul your fat ass around on lavish vacations that in no way you have earned. How about next time, you use your buddy Oprah's cash instead of mine.

Wooooo!!!!! • 5 years ago

Why are Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farm yogurt and Subway sitting around with their thumbs up their behind? In 2008 when Nanna Pelosi was Speaker, Hirshberg used his demtard connections to get his yogurt in the House of Representatives' cafeteria. And Subway recently threw in with Michelle Obama's Let's Lean Way Way Forward and Moooooove campaign. So every kid for lunch should be getting a 6 in. chicken teriyaki sub like Fat Boy Jared used to eat. And a tub of Hirshberg's finest organic, triple-distilled, packaged-in-zero-gravity, extra-special yogurt. For the highly-reasonable cost of $8.95 or thereabouts.

Guest • 5 years ago

Mooch is a man!!!!!

cajunwarthog • 5 years ago

This "once upon a time lawyer" is so corrupt. Why should any respectful Citizen listen to her?

luckyintheorder • 5 years ago

Not sure who elected her to make these regulations, rulings, judgments or influences.... not I.

George • 5 years ago

What accomplishments. She is another Hillary. Done nothing and says she has done so much.

Wooooo!!!!! • 5 years ago

Michelle Obama has only one course of action open to her: Make an executive order that lowers the voting age to five. And every 5 - 17 year old who votes demtard will get an EBT card. Then every day the school cafeterias will serve them up whatever Malaria and Sharia are getting at Sidwell

hjole • 5 years ago

I think she's accomplished getting over 50% of the pop. to hate her fat, racist ass. that was just being herself.

JS • 5 years ago

Accomplishments like losing her license to practice law? Lying about being female? Telling people what to eat and think? Offending the Chinese? Spending billions of dollars going around the world embarassing us? I just can't pick one.

KCNYC • 5 years ago

What are Mrs.Obama's accomplishments? Her Boo Hoo hashtag, her attempt to ban the word "Bossy," her pointing out the wonders of water, her touring the world lavishly on the Tax Payer's dime, her already done to death fitness initiative, or her gag the kid's lunch program?

ATTILA727 • 5 years ago


MortonR • 5 years ago

I'm cynical - EVERYTHING these people do is geared towards the next election; this "food fight" could be a poll-tested trap to peel off some of the "healthy eating" upper-middle-class crowd from the mean Republicans.

Jer in Elkton, TN • 5 years ago

I have no problem with the Let's Move thing. Get the kids off the X-Box and playing. What I have problems with is the lunch thing. The food sucks, the kids won't eat it and a hungry kid does not concentrate well. Now, having said that if you can, get your child out of public school or home school if you can, I know a lot can't but un-indoctrinate them when they get home.We're all tired, we all work hard and have long days. Put down the remote, turn off the Walking Dead and save your kids. Also, pack your kid a lunch, they'll do better and you'll know what they're eating.

faded-visions • 5 years ago

What would really help is putting gym classes and recess back in schools. Getting the kids to move would work not starving tthem. You're right everything for kids of any age has become computerized and the kids don't move any more. I live in the country and we never see kids outside playing any more.

Hening • 5 years ago

The most hated president's wife in the history of our nation.

*✿*Blueburb*✿* • 5 years ago

And doesn't she look proud

©Deplorable Speechlesstx • 5 years ago

When you start caring about giving kids a chance to be born we’ll
talk. Otherwise, shut up and stop intruding on our lives.

RTUT • 5 years ago

Only a democrat would think it is the federal government's job to tell people how and what to eat. If you don't think these people are Fascists and tyrants, you have been smoking way too much dope.

Henry Hawk • 5 years ago

the word bitch doesn't even fully describe Chewie

Donna776477 • 5 years ago

Wookie and Donna Brazil Nut do not want poor people to eat "white potatoes" . They are such RACISTS!!!

good knight • 5 years ago

GOP's not like those scary lesbian activists where she threatened to walk away.. Mooch came to rassle.

Mooch is just the beard wife of a homosexual precident.

She's accomplished nothing other than being a mooch grifter sticking it to whitey tax payer for her extravagant spending on staff & vacations.

I wonder if she is squirreling cash away in the form of kickbacks from her wasteful spending of tax dollars?

AmericanMom • 5 years ago

Keeping her entitled kids on the meatball and yummy food lunch menu and depriving our kids of the same is a very twisted "accomplishment."

Prinz Eugen • 5 years ago

Mouchelle is not an elected official --- why did the congress not put a quick halt to her "initiative." Hate that term --- it is a favorite of the moslem terrorists and communists.

Neither is Valerie Jarrett, but look at the sway SHE has.

john barleycorn • 5 years ago
edro3111 • 5 years ago

Man, what an egotistical asshole! At least she came by it honestly. Her old man's the master of ego!

ATTILA727 • 5 years ago

You weren't elected to do squat. Your capacity is that of first sasquatch. All you need to do is to clean up the shit stains of your hubby and kiddies.

louisiana_mom • 5 years ago

She accused the GOP-led House of wanting to “override science” by mandating that white potatoes be included in a list of foods women can purchase under WIC.

Soooooo, has she limited the foods welfare can purchase? And there wasn't an outcry from the blacks??????

john53 • 5 years ago

Well being a socialist, I guess she believes hungry children are a good think. Being liberal she doesn't realize how stupid she is.

Override science? Oh puhleeze...potatoes with the skin are very nutritious! It's how they are cooked that makes the difference. A baked potato with some salsa instead of sour cream is wonderful and very low cal. Or to add some protein, throw in some cheese for some calcium too.

No children would eat that horrific garbage that Moochelle Antoinette threw in front of them. We had more than a few articles from across the US about children throwing their lunch away rather than eating that slop. Personally, I am glad we yanked our kids out of public school. The Catholic schools had wonderful cooks who knew how to squeeze a penny but put out nutritious and delicious meals that were well-balanced and the kids loved. The moms would share the recipes with the school staff and not with some idiot in Moochelle's stable of know-nothings.

What is so difficult about getting that knothead to understand her meals were garbage?

louisiana_mom • 5 years ago

Exactly! Most basic foods are nutritious, it is the way we prepare foods that make them bad... potatoes are a good - stick-to-you-ribs for people who are having a hard time making ends meet and as long as they are prepared properly they are not unhealthy...

Brasstax • 5 years ago

Now I can't decide who is the bigger narcissist, Barry or MEchelle.

DaPicayune • 5 years ago

Flip a coin.

OldmanRick • 5 years ago

One wonders whether or not Michelle eats the same swill as the children in public schools. More than likely not if her figure enters into the argument.

D1609 • 5 years ago

Let's just lay it on the line - the GOP are squatchists. There's no point in trying to keep it secret anymore. They are also deniers - they deny the proven science that squatch dietary preferences are healthier for humans than their own. There I said it. More grubs and tree bark for school lunches.

Hammer_The_Deplorable • 5 years ago

Baby Squatch....

hj bounel • 5 years ago

Fuck you! You're a housewife, with a huge fucking staff, that's it. (no offense to housewives) Sit down and shut the fuck up

LauraR • 5 years ago

None taken! I, for one, totally understand! ;)

*✿*Blueburb*✿* • 5 years ago

She's a dunce..... Moochelle actually said "Back when our great grandparents were riding the underground railroad.(RIDING?) HaHaHa. I wonder if it went through all 57 states.