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ellie • 5 years ago

they let grampa out of the attic again...

kangaroo • 5 years ago

Fucking moron, nothing like saying' lets create a new world order' out loud

CS_GUY • 5 years ago

This man is a perfect idiot. He is so stupid he doesn't even know millions of Americans are laughing at him, not with him.

hjole • 5 years ago

If I was graduating and anyone from this administration was offering the commencement speech I'd have to call in sick.

luckyintheorder • 5 years ago

Am I a racist if I call Biden an idiot? thought so.

Chucky77 • 5 years ago

I thought the Bilderbergs are building the new world order. Didn't know Uncle Joe was into this too. With a little help from the UN, of course.

Joe is thinner than cow pee on a hot rock.

cheechakos • 5 years ago

Taking off your buffoon mask and admitting your real goal Joe?

You lined up with the rest of the filthy politicians to take money to win the election at any cost. muslims ,Soros,drug cartels,you took from anyone.
You were thrilled Soros helped finance McCain- Feingold,Obamacare,ACORN,Cap and Trade and Amnesty.
You bent over and took it like a muslim boy for power and then raped America.

How does it feel to be the bitch of a man who called sending Jews to camps "exciting and thrilling"?
Do you bow down when he claims to be a "messiah,god-like and a prophet"?
You sold your soul and country to a self proclaimed atheist god.A madman out to control the world under the umbrella of the IMF & UN.
You ripped a hole in the Constitution and let the new Hitler crawl in.

john barleycorn • 5 years ago

Looks like only a squad of riflemen is all we need to fix Washington

john barleycorn • 5 years ago


KenH • 5 years ago

Why is it that RAT motherfucking scrunt scum are always spewing fascist ideology and terminology? If you punched one in the face and started to choke the life out of the cocksucker, they still wouldn't get what "new order" means to anyone with a functioning fucking brain and understanding of history.

Of course, most of the baglickers would be Sieg Heiling down the Liebenstrasse with the rest of their Nazi fucking pals anyways.

Scratch a RAT, comes away in red black and white....

Guest • 5 years ago

Wonder if he got the same overwhelming standing ovation from the Air Force cadets as Obozo got from the West Point cadets (sarc)?

Guest • 5 years ago

Once more Biden attempts a feeble and half assed "Antler Dance "

dygene • 5 years ago

Old Plugs looks confused (as usual) is he doing a commercial for dementia research?

good knight • 5 years ago

Connecting foreign investors like China and Mexico with EB-5 Regional Investment Centers.

The LEDC one (Lansing, Michigan) has a partnership agreement with The city of Lansing's Department of Economic Development.

Essentially all State Capitols taxpayer funded Economic Dev. projects are in cahoots w/ a foreign country... making their NWO a little sweeter.

louisiana_mom • 5 years ago

ALL you Globalist can take you One World Order and shove it where the sun don't shine!!!

Griswold • 5 years ago

Given his brain gaffes all the time, I wonder how he can even function here in Colorado at altitude...

Tim OBrien • 5 years ago

In the pic he's only making half of a 'devil horn' sign... so he hasn't gotten his full set of devil wings yet.

Icebow • 5 years ago

An interesting conflict of hierarchical directions here! (See slightly earlier comment.)

Snake Plissken • 5 years ago

I think Biden forgot to tell the cadets that Muslim outreach and climate change were their new "mission".

Icebow • 5 years ago

One horn missing: salute of a demoted demon.

Gerald Boesen • 5 years ago

Vorwarts! Obamajungen!

US_Patriot1776 • 5 years ago

...Coming from an administration that can't make a web site work properly ?

Octahedron • 5 years ago

Just imagine that John McCain finished third from last in his class and he ended up in the Senate for the last 30 years...not the world order I'm looking for.

Kramden • 5 years ago

Plugs pines for "free trade"?

Why don't we start at home - ask your Master to let us peons purchase health insurance across state lines.

good knight • 5 years ago

Biden's NWO embraces priniples of one-world global communism.

Major Tom • 5 years ago

The Air Force after this administration is done with our military. On the plus side, its eco friendly.

I use to love taping firecrackers to those and….off you go, into the wild blue yonder.

US_Patriot1776 • 5 years ago

...New GM Dart ?

cato • 5 years ago

Cadets, just try to live and survive in the "New World Order" obama has created.

*✿*Blueburb*✿* • 5 years ago

Yes, without YOU in it!

good knight • 5 years ago

...not your imaginary black helicopter crowd kind, real NWO where they fight imaginary global climate villains.

Altair • 5 years ago

995 cadets...a captive audience, ordered to attend. How many would of their own volition take the time to hear joe babble?
"Burnish a foreign policy"??
They have BURNED what foreign policy they did have.

Dapandico • 5 years ago

The first class qualified to pilot flying unicorns.

US_Patriot1776 • 5 years ago

Just don't make any 'stop-overs' in Nevada desert...

Mad Dog • 5 years ago

Is unicorn fart power carbon neutral?

US_Patriot1776 • 5 years ago

Paid your $3 'Fart Tax' to Obama's OFA ?

Bakokitty • 5 years ago

So, basically he told you you can't "eat" your gold! Yes lead is and will be more valuable, can't hunt with gold coins the deer just run off and laugh at you..// snicker

buzzsawmonkey • 5 years ago

Mmmmmmmm….Build-a-burger for your new world order. Do you want fries with that? Add them to the cart...

vootzombo • 5 years ago

“New World Order” is appropriate seeing that the Bilderbergers are meeting today.
It's a shout-out from ol' Joe. Happy 60th, BBers!

©Deplorable Speechlesstx • 5 years ago

Obviously the regime wants to use our military to impose their agenda. F*ck off Joe, we're not going down without a fight.

JettieG • 5 years ago

I lend you my button. Joe...

©Deplorable Speechlesstx • 5 years ago

Hi Jettie, is it plonk time yet?

JettieG • 5 years ago

Preprandial plonk is allowed with leftover roast chicken lunch. :+)

Bacon and eggs.

JettieG • 5 years ago


What kind of plonk goes with bacon and eggs?

JettieG • 5 years ago


UUUUMMMM. Tomatoe beer.

JettieG • 5 years ago

No e.

That was a test. ;)