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MattS71 • 7 years ago

Did Hasbro completely give up on any quality with the 3.75 line? That looks AWFUL

Guest • 7 years ago

This series is turning into a disaster. Every figure I click on is worse than the one before.

Guest • 7 years ago

What is wrong with his neck??? And helmet? He looks like he has bags under his eyes. The torso is missing the grey and dots and the hole in the back is senseless. Hasbro, you're not even trying now. I would not pay $10 for this mess.

D. Martin Myatt • 7 years ago

Consider this: The Black Series is meant to be the Collector level line...

Guest • 7 years ago

Oh dear, oh dear.

It's a shame, I've been a collector since 78 and I've loved seeing the progression of the line and sculpts, but this feels like a massive step back.

I'm also an army building and have dozens of TK's. I'll pass on this one.

flamingtoilet • 7 years ago

The neck is so long because it was originally designed to have room for the Sandtrooper pauldron.

As for the helmet, I have no explaination.

Guest • 7 years ago

That's what I figured the hole in the back was for. A slot for the backpack. If this is just a half finished sandtrooper, that's even worse.

Robert Yates • 7 years ago

Saw him today, left him behind! Blech!

Brian Wong • 7 years ago

At least the E-11 has a trigger...

The earlier Stormtrooper releases has problems with the gun, being trigger-less, you know.

Luke304 • 6 years ago

I just realized that this figure came with the E-11 blaster with foldable stock. Interesting. I love that particular blaster. This and the Scanning crew pack were the only times it was offered, correct? It's too bad the Black Series 6" trooper didn't come with it like the prototype at the shows did. #Proto Boba FTW!

Maul1999 • 7 years ago

I think the stormtrooper is supposed to be from ANH like the TVC Darth Vader from 2012

Captain America Trooper • 7 years ago

I just got this figure from Amazon and there still seems to be an issue with the glue securing the bubble to the card. This particular one was only securely glued on two of four sides. No reason to pick this figure up unless you like to pose them doing splits between Tonka trucks.

Ben Y. • 6 years ago

I don't like the looks of this figure... I'm going to stick with my Vintage Collection Stormtroopers :)