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Thurb • 4 years ago

Not so optimistic sheets....

New post.


Wow. Just got the Criterion Blu-ray of this.

Come on DiZZux, make the fuckin' link active.

DWD • 4 years ago

Car is freed from the snowbank. The rest of the snow is blown.

I'm agonna sit for a bit now.

Not nice out there at all. (And we haven't seen a snowplow. . . )

Take it easy

DWD • 4 years ago

Did not work very hard, honest.

We (Well, I - she had her chance but failed) got the car out by rocking it. The snowblower is self-propelled and very efficient.

So, everything's good.

Nashvegasdawg • 4 years ago

Behind on my lurking (serpentine belt came off today, had to ease car back home and replace idler gear), so apologies for OT comment (ha!).
Re: NYPD only making necessary arrests, wait until the private companies that make money off of the criminal system realize their profits are plummeting. I bet there will be a quick about face.

And yet despite the police work stoppage, none of the wingnut predictions about De Blasio's election leading to the return of their dystopian 70s Charles Bronson movie paranoid fantasies has come true.

In fact, crime continues to be way down.

I don't know how those people walk around in public without dying of shame.

Assumes shame not in evidence

Madame, your beverage of choice.

Now please git outa my haid. :^))

MsInformed • 4 years ago

Oh come on! No one is using it! Leave 'er be!

Richard_thunderbay • 4 years ago

"Life is good!" says my grandnephew.

MsInformed • 4 years ago

So's my t-shirt!

He ready Vonnegut?

Fuck you, you heathen atheist hippie asshole.

Meander • 4 years ago

Media Matters staff: Limbaugh: Obama's Free Community College Plan Is Just A Distraction From Obamacare :

Really, Rusty? REALLY?



No, Rusty. It's the NEW Obamacare! Something else for FUX watchers to hate until it actually benefits someone in their families.

Cole D'Biers • 4 years ago

I iz off the road.
209 miles of driving.
Speeding idiots everywhere all day

Ruth, she persists • 4 years ago

off to the rehab.
okay, it's the Kid's physical therapy actually.

no, no, no

crumpley • 4 years ago

You beat me by a second.

MsInformed • 4 years ago

I started Happy Hour early, cuz 2 beers at lunch. But it's strong beer. 1 = 2 essentially.

Guest • 4 years ago
MsInformed • 4 years ago

It worked!

Cole D'Biers • 4 years ago

So 4 beers basically.

MsInformed • 4 years ago

I'm on 5&6 now.

So, the weekend is already on.

MsInformed • 4 years ago

Bring it!

crumpley • 4 years ago

Speaking of vegan, this book changed my cooking a lot, and I'm a meat eater. Pretty sure this is a Philly restaurant, too.


I make the vegetable stock nearly every Saturday morning, and their simple miso stock is amazing.

I'm an omnivore too but spent years cooking for vegetarians and vegans. Vegetables are good.

Ryan Denniston • 4 years ago

1.5 billion? The beatings must continue!

Bob • 4 years ago

WATCH: @Twitter posts INCREDIBLE visualization of how#JeSuisCharlie spread Wed & Thu. Europe & Americas blow up! http://t.co/mAJgopFegk

— Jon Williams (@WilliamsJon) January 9, 2015

<script async="" src="//platform.twitter.com/widget..." charset="utf-8"></script>

Interesting centers of activity in Mauritius and Novosibirsk

Bob • 4 years ago

Yes! I'm totally captivated by maps anyway, and this kind of representation fascinates me.

I love maps too

Wish I had the mad GIS skills for doing that kind of stuff.

Bob • 4 years ago

Curious, the bright spot which I can only figure to be Yellowknife, NT. Who knew.

Bob • 4 years ago

I cannot imagine. But yes, it's very impressive.

rhymes with mofo • 4 years ago

Like Margaret Atwood says, religion arises because the human world is a temporal one: there's a before and there's an after, so naturally people speculate on what came before and what will come after. Meh to endless speculating about imaginary worlds. Yay to making this life better for one's self and those around us.

rm - Z List • 4 years ago

As the major factors of life slip thru one's fingers (e.g career, marriage, kids, life savings), one comes to appreciate more the simple pleasures (e.g. a good song on the radio played loud, a good convo with a friend, a good beer, a tasty meal, a night on the town).

Billy B • 4 years ago

I second the simple pleasures. Those are what make me the most satisfied.

I'm really sorry for all you're going through. I think this is exactly right though, and is one reason why I'm doing so much knitting for people, sending jam and cookies, etc. Decided to try to spread what limited joy I can and try not to suck.

rm - Z List • 4 years ago

Thanks. And I'm not trying to complain. But you should know, whether others say it enough or not, that those small gestures of kindness are huge. Many are uncomfortable expressing how much they appreciate them for fear of appearing.... pathetic.

know what I mean?

Yes, I do. {{{}}}

rhymes with mofo • 4 years ago
Bob • 4 years ago

Staggeringly brilliant woman.

montanaheadcold • 4 years ago

All Missouri fishing reports look bleak and the pictures look worse. I
don't think that I will make it to the Merry-go-Round pool below the dam
this weekend, cuz IT LOOKS TOO COLD.

MsInformed • 4 years ago

Oh...RIVER, not state.

montanaheadcold • 4 years ago

Well, it might also apply to the state in a metaphoric sense. But the pic is of the Merry-Go-Round Pool on the Missouri, River near Great Falls.

MsInformed • 4 years ago

I need a refresh...and a nap.