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fhsyrd386 • 5 years ago

Four adults and not even one of them is working? I am a liberal democrat and I have no sympathy for these people. They don't deserve benefits.

Julie • 5 years ago

I'm a democrat too and I firmly believe that sometimes people need a little help, but dude, being a new mom doesn't preclude you from working. Unless you're on medical bedrest you work until that baby is born if you need to. And you come back at six weeks if that's what it takes. I've had one of my own and I know how much that reality stinks, but you do what you have to do.

Jared • 5 years ago

How about stop having kids if you're poor. How about stop having kids with irresponsible men who aren't financially stable. How many stories are there of single mothers with 4 and 5 kids living off food stamps. I know a 22 year old Mexican girl with 3 girls and no job. Their father gets deported back to Mexico 3x a year. She's never even had a bank account. How do we stop this? Is it going to take making a law that limits the children you can have based on your income? Do we cut off entitlements until people get the hint and standby while their children suffer? What are we gonna do about this America?

Art Vandelay • 5 years ago

I wish more people understood that it is 100% IRRESPONSIBLE to bring a child into a world where you cannot provide for it. Honestly I mean this is going to hurt the child more than anybody. If four adults cannot earn enough to pay rent on one house, how are they going to raise children?

What these people hold is a partial Christian view. They don't believe it's immoral to be fornicators, to have sex outside of marriage, but they do believe it's immoral to abort the child. I blame the Christian movements who just focus on "save the baby", and leave out everything else.

Guest • 5 years ago
Craig Doherty • 5 years ago

The courts silence them outside their own place of worship? That's a gross exaggeration. The courts make an attempt to keep any religion from being foisted upon others in schools and government. I'm a Christian and no person and no court has ever silenced me from speaking about my faith. When I pray, I pray to my God and it certainly doesn't make the prayer any more valid by doing it out loud in front of others. There is absolutely no biblical validation as a Christian to feel that you have to do public prayers at schools, sports events, or anywhere else. Doing so is either grandstanding or trying to guilt others into feeling like they need to participate.

Guest • 5 years ago

Thank you. Although I am not religious nor do I believe, I do believe it is your right to believe or not. Public displays seem counterproductive and I bet people wouldn't appreciate non-believers standing up to hold a public display of their feelings. Why can't we just let people believe as they wish and respect that we are all different?

tarura • 5 years ago

Can't afford to be without extra food stamps?
Guess what? I can't afford paying for your food stamps !

veggiegrrrl • 5 years ago

right? women keep popping out far too many babies they can't afford and it's MY taxes (a woman who is responsible and chose NOT to have children i couldn't afford) paying for THEIR litter of pups.

KrjMc • 5 years ago

Only forgetting one thing - who is impregnating them - Love how this issue is always the women, yet we allow men to impregnate them without consequence. Maybe we should be teaching men to not have sex before they are married and financially stable if that's what you mean. Think that will work?

Omgeez • 5 years ago

It's fun to play the blame game, but at the end of the day, both genders should take responsibility for their own financial and social stability before having children.

ozzy • 5 years ago

Totally agree. Thank you.

RufusVonDufus • 5 years ago

Now this is funny, naive and sad!

e1988 • 5 years ago

Maybe these women should take responsibilty for themselves and get on birth control or make the guy wear a condom! This sounds too logical though for most women. It is much easier to play victim, and just blame the man, and seek free benefits!

FancyPantsPDX • 5 years ago

While in this case with both daughters being unable to work as a "new mom" (hello, grandma is at home all day!! Babysitter?) and the other about to have a baby in January (tons of women work right up to their due date so it's a lame excuse) - they are just seeking benefits. But what happens when a couple decide to have a baby, together they are secure, and then 8 months later the man bails. Now she is left financially unstable and in need of benefits.

Guest • 5 years ago

You can sue for child support, and we have an entire system set up for that.

But maybe we should start asking women to pick partners better. Instead of picking that thug without a job and sense of responsibilities, they can pick the middle class guy with a stable job from a good moral background.

When you reward thugs and make things easier for them, that is all you will get. Right now all the poor people are going around having sex with each other constantly because responsible people are forced to pay for them, the responsible people can't afford kids themselves and you raise a nation of feral entitlement spawn.

The_D_Man • 5 years ago

Death spiral. Due to entitlement programs. People are having more kids and their kids will grow up to have more kids. Population explodes and soon there won't be enough jobs for everyone.
What will happen when the govt. run out of tax payers money for all those freebies.

DD6002 • 5 years ago

we are already there

Think • 5 years ago

Ummm...if you're implying that only "thugs' walk away from parental responsibilities and child support you are way off the mark. Plenty of middle class, educated, gainfully employed people (men and women) simply don't want to pay for their kids once the marriage is over. Morality, etc., doesn't preclude people from trying to dodge their liabilities.

Pleaserefrainfrombreeding • 5 years ago

Maybe, but man-children who fit the label "thug" have the highest rates of out- of wedlock- children, are usually Father to several children of several mothers and have the highest rate of not using protection during sex. Seriously though ALL men need to be taught better responsibility with their bodies and the choices they make. It isn't just the woman to blame as many would have us believe. Vasectomies and male birth control make no difference if a boy is never taught to be a man.

e1988 • 5 years ago

since when are children a "liability?" Were you one? mine isn't!

Kitkat123 • 5 years ago

in other words

Liz • 5 years ago

Except there are many families out there who have been laid off, and then found work at a lower paying job. I'm not saying that 800 for 4 adults shouldn't last the month - it should (my family of 4, soon to be 5 only spends a quarter of that much in groceries a month), but sometimes people need help and get into unfortunate circumstances.

e1988 • 5 years ago

These woman should have considered this "bailout" as a possibility before becoming pregnant, and understood that if this were to happen to them then she would be able to remain stable regardless, and independant like a responsible parent who is contemplating bringing another human into this world - stats are all over the internet these days that show that there is an inevitble negetive outcome of a failed relationship with young couples ( or any couples none the less) is so very high (approx. 60%), so this is not any new news?! It is common sense! Do NOT depend or count on ANYONE but yourself! Trust no one! If you live this way, you will always CYA!

Michelle Marie • 5 years ago

Who has a child with someone and then plans for a bailout? Stupid.

e1988 • 5 years ago

Michelle - Ask Amanda? She states "But what happens when a couple decide to have a baby, together they are secure, and then 8 months later the man "bails" This is what I responded to? So Amanda is stupid?

C.B. • 5 years ago

Simple solution girls. Don't have children unless you can afford them. Yes, men should step up to the plate and pay half of their support, but girl, YOU are responsible for half of their support as well.

Kitkat123 • 5 years ago

why do you want to lay down and get all sweaty and exchange bodily fluids and chance more than just getting a baby with someone that is not stable and totally committed to taking care of the relationship and a life together with you and all that embraces?
OR as Mrs Constanza once said:
"treating their bodies like an amuuuussssement park"?

Janeen Dunn • 5 years ago

Stop with the putting down the females. It takes 2!!

e1988 • 5 years ago

Janeen - C.B. is asking women to "share" in the financial responsibility when all ends? How is this putting down females? Why do ALL women act as though they want "equal rights", except in family law, and in custody battles! Lol..Libtard feminist!

FancyPantsPDX • 5 years ago

My original comment was in response to people stating women need to pick better men. Grand. You appear to have one, everything is hunky dory and then poof, 2 months from delivery he is running for the hills. How can anyone plan for that? It's ridiculous. Now you are a single 'almost' mom who will need to go back to work shortly after delivery and what if you don't have a support network and must pay for daycare. Do you even know how expensive child care is?? More and more we see families needing two incomes. One person can only be responsible for so much. How many women do you know that make enough to have children from a donor and raise a kid themselves?

benjamin • 4 years ago

I met a young man from Ethiopia who is a new immigrant to the US. He is already collecting Food Stamps. America is a generous country but the support that it supplies to foreigners must cease.

Guest • 5 years ago

i agree. Why would anyone say such a stupid thing.

Cornhusker jones • 5 years ago

that's sad though, that's not love.

e1988 • 5 years ago

Isn't it though. A fairy tale romance for 50 years or so seems so happy and dreamy, yet is so unrealistic in this day and age with our nations family laws, ethics and morals these days. Our poor children!

just_a_moderate • 5 years ago

This ought to be juicy. What "family laws" are destroying 50-year marriages?

BTW, did you know that the divorce rate between educated couples has never been lower?

Kitkat123 • 5 years ago

maybe because less people are foregoing the complications of "legalizing it" and instead we just have groups of people who are related to by blood but technically "not by law" that makes it alot easier to walk.When you go to try to make the runners pay- what papers do you have to show that he really did agree to all this/ GIRLS!!MEN SAY WHY BUY THE COW WHEN THE MILK IS FREE? For your benefit of your side of it start to see it this way: WORK THAT LITTLE GOLD MINE BETWEEN YOUR LEGS!

or how about everybody just stop taking off their clothes without a thought to as what could result-an 18 year long sentence(the least of your worries actually) or a death sentence . IF you consider sex a form of pleasure and entertainment- then use it for that.Find a way to cancel the babymaking results out BEFORE they occur. Later when and if you are ever ready to have a child in a situation which is idea good and in a family setting that is conducive to raising a child- create one in love. Its no crime to sow your wild oats. But it is terribly wrong to create a child that you had no intention of having into a home that is already stretched to the seams with needs. Everything has its place and its time.

just_a_moderate • 5 years ago

I have no idea what world you live in, but I think you vastly overestimate the population of it.

Kitkat123 • 5 years ago

The Planet Optimist !

Kitkat123 • 5 years ago

you may say that I'm a dreamer
but I'm not the only one.
I hope some day you'll join us
and the world will live as one.

John Lennon

motoman • 5 years ago

The 'director of diversity' and his husbands disagree that ethics or morals in this country are off course. A local pastor said otherwise but when they found out they publically shamed him into submission and silence for being a bigot and inflexible on such archaic laws. Last we saw there was a mob of well dressed men chasing him out of town and screaming about how intolerant he is.
Because, you know, demanding that people agree with you or be silent is the definition of tolerance...

Janeen Dunn • 5 years ago

That is a really dumb comment. Are you a male that bailed? Its not always about bailing either but problems in the relationship that cannot be fixed. In today's world couples with no children can barely make ends meet. How do you expect a single person to be able to pay for themselves and a child? Only wealthy can rely only on themselves. Don't get me wrong. I preach to good friends that now are stay at home moms to never COMPLETELY rely on their significant other because that is not wise at all. Key word, "completely". Your statement is unrealistic.

e1988 • 5 years ago

Your comment is very pathetic. "Only wealthy can rely only on themselvesI" please...

I know many single dads and moms that do not live off welfare and food stamps that actually work hard, and do what it takes to make it happen! and no, they are not wealthy by all means. They just refuse to "give up" and look for a free handout as a parent. They are responsible. So if life gets a little tough, then just give up and get on welfare, get food stamps, and then when the governments decides to pull back $44 in food stamps, your complain like these pathetic women do in this article? These women are not just "using" the system for a short while, they are "abusing" it for as long as the possibly can! That is weak!

motoman • 5 years ago

Janeen, no one disputes that this happens. Realities are that couples can break apart and people end up in a whole new reality that they never expected or wanted. Yes, this happens. Yes it sucks. ...but no, it's really not the taxpayer's responsibility to replace a deadbeat partner and pick up the bills. You may have to fall back on the support system you have, your family and your church and your community.
Move back in with mom, sick lawyers on the ex, talk to your church about help they may be able to offer, point your internal compass on your new goals and make it happen.
You probably now think that some people don't get along with their parents and can't move back home, aren't involved in a church or their community to have any relationships to draw on, and are totally alone. Well, that sucks and is a result of your own choices in life. Again, it's just not fair to expect the government to force taxpayers to donate to 'your' cause.
Ya dig?

Guest • 5 years ago
motoman • 5 years ago

It does take two to tango. Now which of the two was the taxpayer again? Neither, so why should taxpayer be on the hook to look after you? I'm really curious how this "you must support me" mentality is justified in your head.

You keep saying 'not my fault' and somehow imply you are owed something. There is only one thing for certain about the 'fault' of your situation: it has NOTHING to do with me as a taxpayer. Or do you disagree with that too?

e1988 • 5 years ago

are you upset and feel cheated because your parents are dead, and now you cannot leach off them? Nice compassion for your parents. I feel sorry for ANY man involved with you! You sound like another Narcisistic Borderline Personality disordered mess!

Janeen Dunn • 5 years ago

I had so much to say in that last post that I forgot one last thing. The cost of raising a child exceeds the cost that the majority of people can afford to care for on their own. Fact is men also earn more money. As a woman works in a office for $15 a man makes $20-30 and sometimes even more doing his hard labor job.

Liz • 5 years ago

So what you're saying is no one should have any children if they have a job, because of the possibility of being laid off?