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Jonathan MacNeil • 6 years ago

Although technology is getting more and more advanced to the
point where computers with artificial intelligence can replace humans for many
tasks, I agree with the author because I feel like human interaction is too
important. As can be shown with Apple’s U2 blunder, human interaction is
necessary to fully analyze data. It is impossible to for 500 million people to
have similar enough music tastes to enjoy a free U2 album, but making it
available to these people for free is a good idea. If they had allowed for
people to download it on their own for free, this would have been a much more successful
campaign because the people who download it are the target market for the band.
Instead Apple frustrated 500 million people and possible ruined the chances of
U2 having a successful album. This is just one example of how important human
interaction is in regards to technology. I do agree that advances in technology
make our lives a lot easier, but a problem occurs when technology is used to assume
what people want. We like to make choices and weigh out our options when
deciding on a product, when technology decides for us it doesn’t allow us to
peruse the other opportunities that the market has available. Forcing a brand
on consumers usually has negative consequences because not all consumers are
going to find the product useful and they’ll discredit the brand. Marketing is
not just about data, it’s about understanding the underlying meaning of the
data. While technology is good at statistically analyzing data, it is nowhere
close to being able to analyze it based on understanding what a real, live
consumer wants and needs.

Alicia Jack • 6 years ago

Author Rachel Barnes explains in this
article that “the human touch can never be replaced by an automatic download” I
strongly agree with this. I agree because a computer gets everything from a
human being. A human is the one who programs the computer, the computer does
not have an answer a human did not program into it already. I feel like people have
things messed up. They are thinking that computers are smarter than humans… I
just believe they can do things quicker than us humans but that does not make
them smarter. You got to remind yourself that a human built, designed, and
programed the computer.

Rachel explains how Apple says “you can have
one without the other, when they are interwoven at the heart of business, we
find magic”. I think Apple is a fantastic company but I do not believe that any
of their robots, phones or anything technical can take over a human touch.

If you think about it I remember learning
that when babies are born they need to be nurtured and held. They may have
machines that can keep a baby warm but they have no machine that can show a
baby love and give a babies a real human touch (that is what doctors are for)!
It I all about having human feelings.

I see the world very lonely if people do not
think about humanity more than they do technology.