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Koen Smeets • 7 years ago

Media-driven campaign by Adidas vs creative-driven campaign by Nike... Not sure who is the winner here but both clearly had their weaknesses (lack of story vs lack of RT relevance).

Proves again that the optimal solutions seems to be in the middle where media and creative work closely together...

Justin Belmont • 6 years ago

Great article, Nicola! It seems as though Adidas really took a more
personal approach throughout this entire campaign. They understood that
their brand was already recognizable, so they focused on engaging the
audience and perpetuating that engagement with the audience. Sometimes,
the events of the World Cup trumped the brand's own agenda, but Adidas
was right there celebrating with the rest of the world, while remaining
relevant. There's definitely something for all of us to take away from
Adidas' success, at least we will at www.prosemedia.com

Scott Robins • 7 years ago

Great article and think Adidas and Nike are setting the standards for content marketing. It isn't about selling your products anymore it is about engaging with your audience. Once you have them engaged they will keep coming back for more as they enjoy the parasocial interaction. Will be interesting to see what the final numbers are in a financial sense as only then can you declare a true winner.

Maxim Mihai • 7 years ago

Name of the song, if you may. Thank you.