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Ron • 10 years ago

How about the few hundred others left out?

Box • 8 years ago

not to mention the breakage of every single campaign promise. Go watch the 65 lies of obama on youtube, Its hilarious.

Guest • 10 years ago

And yet, his ardent followers say he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Talk about being brain dead. That's the only way you could still have any faith is this goatblower.

Daniel Dow • 10 years ago

Goatblower??? I like that one.

ross mcglockness • 10 years ago

SK my DK Barry soetoro. No, I take that back....... You'd enjoy it too much. FK U a$$wipe

Winston • 10 years ago

What a legacy? And it's not yet obvious to the morons in this country that he is not working to destroy the greatest nation in human history? Perhaps he's not human? He's an animal, the lowest order, a serpent.

sreynolds • 8 years ago

Actually, according to a buddy of mine, he is a shapeshifting lizard man. From another dimension....

Box • 8 years ago

some buddy! lol

CaptnTony • 9 years ago

Here's what I have

Eligible for office (documents reworded in Hawaii)
Locked all personal records
Using someone else's SSN (should not be done)
IRS Scandal (after tea party and anyone saying bad things against this administration)
Secret Service
AP Wiretap
Cloak Room Tap(congressional offices)
FEMA Camps
DHS Ammo Purchase Lie
DHS Military Equipment On Streets
Drone Attacks On Americans
America Declared A Battle Field
Bin Laden Burial
Seal Team 6 Identities
Gun Grab
Execuitive Fiat/Orders
Solar Company Failings(pay back political donors)
GM-Ownership To Union
Christian Suppression In Military
Denounce God 3x(at convention)
War Powers Act Ignored (new war in libya, military arms and money to al-queda in egypt-$250 million in cash, 20 Fighter Jets and 200 M-1 Tanks to mslm brthrhd in Egypt, right AFTER sequester)
IRS Medical Records(10million people give or take medical records released by IRS)
God Bless Planned Parenthood
HHS Soliciting Funds (from those they regulate to help 'pay' (advertising) for Obeymencare)
Saudi free pass INTO this country
Saudi Bombing Suspect (on watch list, sent home quickly after speaking with Saudi family. Given preference to enter country, never (ever) attended the school he was here to enroll in)
Recess Appointments
Indefinite Detension NDAA
Illegal Immigrants Not Deported, in fact released
Illegal Immigrants released in cities NOT reporting back in
Illega lImmigrant Children Flooding Into USA
Illegal immigrant illness suppression by 'brown shirts' (DHS)
Prisoner exchange-1 traitor for terrorists
Operation Choke Point
Not stopping travel from W Africa nations where ebola is rampant

Tommy Kimmitt • 9 years ago

nice list - and it grows every day

Daniel Dow • 10 years ago

Not all of these are crimes of course. Many are just disgusting, or despicable actions. All whoever speak to the complete and utter failure on the part of our biased and bought media to report the truth. All these things also speak to the absolute unsuitability of Obama to be president of anything.

isthisnameokay • 10 years ago

I want a refund! - I want him to refund all that money - out of his pocket - and - back into mine - Where it belongs!

Robert Ratzell • 8 years ago

tell you what ..... I think he may be a very rich man soon .....collecting a kick-back from iran for getting their sanctions money released !!!!!!!! he is a snakey POS !!!!!!

Guest • 10 years ago


Travis Miller • 9 years ago

9.5 billion to Muslim brotherhood? Trading terrorists for Burgdahl?

Awesome Houston Welder • 8 years ago

This is an important list - democrats will NEVER admit when they are wrong - they BLINDLY and robotic-ally support ANY corrupt politician the machine puts in front of them, as long as the D (for douche-bag) is there.

#StopTheCorruption #BANISLAM

bill coleman • 8 years ago

The pertinent question is not whether or not Obama is a muslim, but why did the Republican Party not at least try to legally remove this treasonous person from the office of the POTUS before he did more of the type of damage (jihad) that an informed person would expect a muslim in the white house to be doing?

Just for the fun of it, ask a rino why Trump is no. 1 in the polls....listen to his denial of reality and ridicule of Trump supporters.

tompk45 • 8 years ago

evil. busy little devil right?

SummertimeMartin • 8 years ago

Since this list came out, there are a multitude of other
sins committed by this usurper/muslim/impostor/criminal/fraud/

And how any poster can declare it is all falsified information,
only indicates that said poster is not working with a full deck.
Said poster most likely failed in history classes in junior high.

Even a kid, let's say...oh, about 10 years old, and who
follows the news faithfully, would concede that the
usurper is indeed a trojan horse, in for the demise
of a once-enviable nation.

Rustydobe • 8 years ago

Really? Nonsense.