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Jake Monnett • 4 years ago

Like we didn't see this one com'in, right people?

Kaiser • 4 years ago

They may have another Ebola patient in Hawaii. They don't know yet. Read about it last night.

Lui • 4 years ago

1. Obamas father is from africa and spread the Obama infection to his mother
2. Obama originated in Africa and came to Hawaii afterwards
3. Officials on both Obama and Ebola are obviously hiding something
4. Obama's birth certificate doesn't exist and neither does an Ebola crisis in the US
5. It's amazing that Obama was allowed to run for president without being vetted, its amazing the Ebola patient in Texas was allowed to enter the US from an Ebola ravaged African country without being vetted.
6. Their names both end with an A and have 5 letters.

Kaiser • 4 years ago

Wow! I like it. You have spent a lot of time thinking about it. Good job.

Guest • 4 years ago
treefrog • 4 years ago

Pathetic comment...You remind me of Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn), the irresponsible stoned surfer in Fast Times at Ridgemont High... Get out of the weed(s) !

Jose Khan Yohsi • 4 years ago

Thanks Obama and the Socialist Anti-America / Anti-Gun Party

treefrog • 4 years ago

Your vision for America may not be everyone elses...But, I know, I know...you are the consummate American.

Guest • 4 years ago
Ronald Nelson • 4 years ago

"The official CDC website details ‘Specific Laws and Regulations Governing the Control of Communicable Diseases’, under which even healthy citizens who show no symptoms of Ebola whatsoever would be forcibly quarantined at the behest of medical authorities.

Obviously, this did not apply to a man reporting sick after arriving from Liberia a country known to have Ebola... he was released earlier from this Hospital, to return home, complaining of symptoms reticent of Ebola. Why he was not quarantined upon entering the US from Liberia while being tested for Ebola is beyond comprehension... are we permitting entry from known Ebola states without medical testing for the virus before they arrive here? Why would be do that?

I thought it was protocol for anyone arriving form an area with a pandemic outbreak to be quarantined in the US until it would be medically assured that they were not carrying the pandemic ... what happened here? Is the current Adminsitration attempting to infect the US with Ebola... they send 3000 troops (potential carriers of the disease) to the infected countries to do what? Build hospitals and clinics... something that the host nation can do on their own with financial support? Too care for their ill... why? The processes for treating Ebola don't require high tech skills... there is very limited treatment protocols for Ebola... fluids, hygienic care, antibiotics for secondary infections, and that is about it. Those treatments are administered routinely by medical professionals currently in country.

curmudgeon VN Veteran • 4 years ago

Thought Barry and his cronies in the CDC told us this was nothing to fear?

RobertNorwood • 4 years ago

Well they wouldn't want people panicking what with all these new and strange illnesses cropping up...you know...

treefrog • 4 years ago

But ! fear itself....

RobertNorwood • 4 years ago

We'll see won't we... we got people streaming into the country every which way and the Ebola cases are becoming more frequent, not to leave out that strange new virus that is paralysing children. Is there a pattern emerging here?

Nothing good has come from having Obama in the White House, nothing. It's well acknowledged he's no leader.

Lou Hartwell • 4 years ago

Our borders should be closed and security tighter with overseas travelers...but of course, what do I know? I'm just a legal American citizen who happens to love our Constitution, freedom, respect our military, believe in God, and family. So obviously..who's listening to me?

treefrog • 4 years ago

The Koch bros. are, and... they are relying on your fears to make them still richer...You are nothing but pawns to them..Sorry, I know, the truth hurts ...

Guest • 4 years ago
giant33 • 4 years ago

I read a UN health agency report saying 6,574 people have been infected with ebola in five west African countries. As of 9/23/14 375 health care workers have been infected. This A-hole leader is sending our troops over there. This insanity has to end.

treefrog • 4 years ago

A-hole leader Bushie sent 5,000 + troops to die in Iraq and 30,000 to be injured in Iraq. AWOL Bushie..where's your outrage on that ?..Selective memory or Alzheimers ?

giant33 • 4 years ago

Bush was an A-hole, you got no argument from me on that. Funny you don't mention Afghanistan where the A-hole BO got more boys killed. You know the good war. I don't want to see one more American boy die for those ungrateful scum bags counties in the middle east or Africa by war or disease. Let him send his wife and daughters to Africa but this time not on vacation. One more thing kiss my ___.

Lui • 4 years ago

BS, BS, BS, BS and more BS. I know everybody on this blog saw this coming. The setup with the infected missionaries coming from Africa to the US, Obama claiming he is going to send troops over to combat this non threat, etc. We were all waiting for the shoe to fall. Like the Obama admin's favorite saying, We all know what it is don't we boys and girls, together now in unison; "Never let a good crisis go to waste". And I might ad, "If you don't have enough crisis' to keep everybody's attention diverted, then by all means "WHY NOT MANUFACTURE MORE!!!" The sob's in the white house are so predictable, but the "useful" idiots that are Obama's base just keep on praising him and getting lost in his BS.

treefrog • 4 years ago

Lui, silly stuff,,, "Everybody on this blog..." You mean "dittoheads" ?

What's this ? A collective mindset ? Sounds very communist !

"The Collective" thinks thusly ? Wow...the whole site thinks one thought ? Wow , again !

Sheep, all of you ... baahhh

Here sheepy, sheepy...Who pulled the wool over your eyes...???

Come let me shear you ...Let me remove the wool veil from your "collective eyes " ....

Lui • 4 years ago

No just giving everybody credit for having at least half a brain, but in your case I'll concede that you are one of the few who falls short. You are like that stupid loyal dog that keeps on getting kicked by it's owner but continues to run up and greet him when he gets home.

Guest • 4 years ago
treefrog • 4 years ago

makes sense to me

M'lynn • 4 years ago

Is this our "October surprise?"

okihadit • 4 years ago

oh how they lie!

davnkatzr • 4 years ago

Already, what with porous borders etc, diseases that America eradicated are once again showing up (some in almost epidemic proportions). I just cannot understand how rational American citizens can continue to support Obozo and the current administration. I most certainly cannot accept anyone identifying themselves as Christians as a CHRISTIAN who also support obozo's anti-Christian "war". Additionally, I name ANY person who once took the oath "to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic" an America traitor if they support obozo. I severed relationship with my brother for this very reason.

MajorMajor411 • 4 years ago

We still have broken borders, illegal aliens, racism (used by AG Holder...thank GOD he's leaving) and now one of the deadliest diseases to hit the United States. The CDC may say this can be controlled and don't want to create a panic, but they also fail to mention the strain of the the Reston Ebola virus is airborne. Time will record this current president as the worst in most recent history, but I'm sure the left will just LOVE him none-the-less.

frankie da scarf • 4 years ago

Hahahahahahaha!!!!....we're ALL dead men!!...Hahahahahahahaha!!....he really IS the devil!!!...hahahahahahaha!!!..Good thing that hota@@ Hillary's bouncing her boobs to keep us distracted!!!...hahahahahaha!!!

Reinhardt Schweinmörder • 4 years ago

He (Obama) thinks he has the Midas touch...
But it's obvious he has the Merde touch.

treefrog • 4 years ago

What the &^%$ does schweinorder mean ? "The order of the pig" ?

frankie da scarf • 4 years ago

Merde touch!...I LOVE it!!!!

Reinhardt Schweinmörder • 4 years ago

Thanks Frankie...that Obama's got more moves than Ex-Lax and keeps the same "company".

DouglasDauntless • 4 years ago

Obama does everything he can think of with the help of all the Demo-rats and traitor Republicans to hurt everyone who is a citizen of this Country. Obama that guy here that is an act of terrorism. Think you can go out to a crowed place and not be afraid of getting Ebola. Vote the 60's people and their families into office so they caan finish the job of destroying our Country. Not their country.

rchguns • 4 years ago

If dirty diaper head Obama is involved in trying to help these people in Africa I hate to say it but there screwed. This moron of a president is so stupid it's a miracle that he can't even tie his own shoes. Everything he touches turns to crap.

There's only one way to handle this disease that is to quarantine the entire continent of Africa if need be and can find the disease to where it started. It would be extremely difficult to quarantine the continent but you can definitely stop all travel by commercial means to the United States and Canada. If need be closed down the airspace and shoot anything down the comes are goes.

JDan • 4 years ago

There you go Barry.Another "useful" diversion.Something else for the people to worry about.Well handled by the CDC? No I don't think so.Unless the purpose is to kill us off.This country should not be allowing anyone in from African Nations.We've already got enough filth being carried across The U.S.- Mexican Border

treefrog • 4 years ago

Glad to see racism is alive and well especially on this site...Sieg Heil. ! all you KKK'ers

RobertNorwood • 4 years ago

The ol' KKK yap - jeezus, don't you liberal retards have anything else?

treefrog • 4 years ago

Okkkay, I'll subside for conversational purposes. BTW: retard is no more politically correct than KKK ?, maybe ?

M'lynn • 4 years ago

Ebola doesn't distinguish between nations, races, or religions. What we need is someone who is competent to make intelligent leadership decisions based on scientific fact, irregardless of political correctness. Name calling isn't useful.

mickeymike2 • 4 years ago

Yes, but in another Brilliant Move, we are sending 3,000 "boots on the ground" to Africa to aid to the war against ebola. We can't send boots on the ground to fight ISIS, but we can send them to where they could contract ebola and bring it back here to us. Brilliant. And of course we have seen that we already have medical workers returning here with it. Fortunately it seems like they have responded to treatment. But what about the returning GI's? Will they know they have been infected? I won't go any further . . . but makes you wonder, doesn't it?

sweetqueen777 • 4 years ago

That is all a part of his plan to create a disaster that will negate the upcoming elections. Then he can be pres for life. Usurper.

Brontefan • 4 years ago

0bama said he was going to fundamentally transform our country.... and now you know how.

M'lynn • 4 years ago

Read about agenda 21. He is going to transform our country into corpses.

wowlikewow • 4 years ago

F'n traitorous no good pos potus bent on destroying this nation, FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

Sharon Jeanguenat • 4 years ago

I still think that ANYBODY in this country, that has been anywhere NEAR the ebola countries, should be quarantined as soon as they board a plane. Then, IF they test negative, allow them to go about their lives. In fact, if I KNEW I may have been exposed, I would ask to be quarantined, in order to not expose others, especially my family to the virus. I have 8 wonderful grandchildren, & 1 great-grandson, & would hate to give them some dreadful disease. This 'me first' syndrome has got to stop.

daveveselenak • 4 years ago

So, the planned destruction of America goes on unabated because we have no opposition party, no free press and a majority of useful idiots on the Left that are decieved by this Muslim-Marxist jihadist! It is complete insanity that this new Hitler is being allowed to do this as I thought we were supposed to learn from history. I only have this to say from the bottom of my heart: REVOLUTION wie SOLUTION to the TYRANNY at hand, always was and always will be! mInr, NSA!

marylou • 4 years ago

How simple it would be to just deny entrance to those trying to enter the US from EBOLA countries!

Or at the least quarantine them for the incubation period of Ebola to rule out the disease before you allow them into our country.
Other countries do it for typhoid/typhus...and they have cures!

jong • 4 years ago

Its here!!! I guess the TSA has been to busy raping old women and harassing Vets in wheel chairs to bother protecting us. Or they crossed the southern border which is more open than the White House.