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iamdoggielover • 8 years ago

I personally never broadcast because I don't have time nor money to do so and I don't have the wish to become a cg or ncg (yet XD) so I just don't broadcast and this "upgrade" if I could call it that is not that big of a deal in my opinion

Notnoworlater • 8 years ago

funny... it doesn't seem like the number of people broadcasting has increased yet...

popotje • 8 years ago

finally! I was kinda sure they were going to keep it 8 sd:s

snowglobe • 8 years ago

In other countries, it costs 3sd.

Grace💖 • 8 years ago

YAY !!!!!

Nora ☽ • 8 years ago

my reaction to stardoll not acting greedy for once

A Person • 8 years ago

I guess stardoll's msw greed period is finally over. Well done SD.

Glimmer • 8 years ago


silvered • 8 years ago

Good news for those who broadcast. :)

'In_Luv' • 8 years ago

:) happy!

Alina ♡ • 8 years ago

I think they were just so expensive because of MSW.. good way of making lots of money...

I think that they must to get back the old price 3sd is the best price of the broadcasts ; P

As i've seen mentioned below, you can still broadcast for 3sd but only to your own country depending on where you live (I can't)

cutealia.. (Bhavya) • 8 years ago

Congratulations everyone !! xD

Something intresting is gonna happen tomorrow! *refresh*

cutealia.. (Bhavya) • 8 years ago

woossshhh...halloween gone?! rite? then why a chair with legs n arms and a table with eyes :P xD

Seleniu Sd • 8 years ago

ле декор?

festive bottom • 8 years ago

That table is really cool


ForbiddenDreams • 8 years ago

I think this is not the right place to say this but I think superstars/royalities need more exlusive stuff. I mean, we pay real money. For example the same broadcasts. I agree with Philotas that we could even get 2-3 broadcasts a day. At least a week. And I don't think that "people will stop buying ss", it will be different. More people will buy it just because you get so much more. :))

Guest • 8 years ago

"free features" that you are actually paying for. :b

Кеворкян 💎 • 8 years ago

Awesomeee.....now i can do broadcasts in my run for ncg of cyprus xD

c: • 8 years ago


Guest • 8 years ago

Good news! I didn't think it will back to original price.

MissMonica01 (SD) • 8 years ago

Well it's about time Stardoll!

NishaRose • 8 years ago

Put it back to 3 sds and I'll be happy

Effieprincesa = SD • 8 years ago

it's 3 for your country and 5 for all

Best thing to happen all week <3

Broadcasts • 8 years ago

It should be free!!! Or partly free to thank us for playing their game, the 1st 2 broadcasts should be free & if you want to make more than 2 broadcasts, you pay for it.

Guest • 8 years ago

Did not care either way :) As I do not use it nor do I see it :) as AD block blocks it :p

KenGoldenTree • 8 years ago


Mia ( mia.07.05. ) • 8 years ago


Milena • 8 years ago

I am so happy about that, I guess they realized people were less broadcasting, I mean, have you seen the top broadcasters lists lately?

BEAFOXXYLADY • 8 years ago

Exactly, it was like a silent protest. That is why the changed it.

xXxmalexXx stardoll name • 8 years ago

yeah :) no one sent over 100 messages :D

Philotas • 8 years ago

What to say? It's good, sure it's good. Now, Stardoll, can we please have 3 broadcasts messages per day for free with our superstar membership? Just to show us how special we are? ;D

xXxmalexXx stardoll name • 8 years ago

it would be better if we had 2-3 messages that are remembered so that i dont have to write it again all the time. And maybe broadcast countdown so that we see when our messages are out in the air :)

Philotas • 8 years ago

ahah I guess I don't broadcast enough to feel the need of the services you suggest but they're great ideas!

Sparkling_eye • 8 years ago


xXxmalexXx stardoll name • 8 years ago

yay :) finally :)

I'm so happy :)

BeChic. [flor_14] • 8 years ago

Finally, was a pity giving 8sd for it.

JOE • 8 years ago

Great!! In 5 years I had never broadcast actually :P
Maybe I will try :s