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ZZOLTON • 6 years ago

The only way your Earth, and to be more specific, "your nation" will return to its moral compass, is not if but when a cataclysmic event occurs, and you nitwits are forced back to your basic instinctual survival. Our factual revelations here will not be met with kindness, which only furthers the evidence.

wialco • 6 years ago

Dr. Paul is right about the problem. The problem is concentrated power. Limiting what people can do with their money is not a credible solution. The ultimate solution is to reduce the scope and concentration of power.

Dissident13 • 6 years ago

Monopoly is right!!! Based on they're own admissions, Each party has
committed enough Crimes against this Nation, & it's Citizens too have them
ALL in Jail for a VERY long time!!! Yet, American Citizens are still being forced
to vote dem or repub!!!! I'm sure our Government 'Could' in fact get worse,
but WHY let it go that far?

dougo • 6 years ago

2sides of the same coin with the same ends in mind

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

Then, to paraphrase the mighty Jew Christ, "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to the 'IRS' what belongs to the 'IRS', and give to the US Fed deficit what belongs to the US Fed deficit, and give to the 'IMF' what belongs to the 'IMF', and give to the UN what belongs to the UN, and give to the 33rd degree of International Freemasonry what belongs to the 33rd degree of International Freemasonry, and give to the State Govt's what belongs to the State Govt's, give to local councils what belongs to local councils, and give to the Democrats what belongs to the Democrats, and give to the Grand Old Party what belongs to the Grand Old Party", and even give 10% of your net income to Benny Hinn or Kenny Copeland and those of their ilk if you're of a mind to and if there's anything left over, buy yourself a beer and some weed, or a McDonalds hamburger and a cup of coffee and a newspaper, then worry about the black-op Muslim Terror threat and the fake Ebola crisis ;-)

Tecumseh TTIN • 6 years ago

Mr. Paul failed to mention something that he knows very clearly. Elections are rigged and if you really want something to change you will need to revolt.

Still working for the bad guys aren't you Ronny. Then we have this site promoting elections again. That's because this site works for the enemies of freedom. Wake up people, those scumbags that have total control of the media were well prepared for the alternative media, the majority of it is supplied by the same scum that control sheeple TV.

AndyA121 • 6 years ago

"Revolt" Yes! But what is "Revolt"? Is it a mob coming into tear things up and kill the politicians and blooding them up or is it a group of citizens challenging the godless ideas and over throwing the false imaginations of psudeo/ perverse and false sciences the old lions?

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; 2 Corinthians 10:5 ,

Tecumseh TTIN • 6 years ago

Mobs won't get it done. Planning how to regain control of your own area (probably county) is the only approach that will work. Likely it means using force.

I suppose that your 2nd paragraph is some sort of humor connected with the 1st paragraph. You mention overthrowing "false beliefs" and then you quote the bible,,, a book of false beliefs.

Steven • 6 years ago

The same people who wrote Common Core wrote your history books. Please watch this and learn the truth about W W 2.


mzwarrior1 . • 6 years ago

Abolish Democracy completely - go back to being a Republic, and put all the Corporatists Out ! That means getting rid of ALL the satan worshippers whom have "infiltrated" our government, and demolishing all of their demon centers on ley lines.
Thanks for your honesty Mr. Paul - we need a lot more of it.

Guest • 6 years ago

Still being held as tax slaves in Ventura County, California by the last Good Old Boy run county in the nation.....where cops/fire double their pay with overtime to over $200,000, retire at 50 with pensions larger than their salary was.....no BS

Tecumseh TTIN • 6 years ago

"the last Good Old Boy run county in the nation" ,,, you must be joking. Most of the US is running on the same plan.

lisabeth • 6 years ago

here are few
making peace
home production
revocering the fed
stop enslavement taxes
stop any kind of expropiation
recovering the constitution
protecting those who hold it in all those years in the middle
serving truth and defending truth even being alone in a room and being rediculised as wrong and nuts and what ever
( stasi did the same system tries to radicalise opposition oin order to clean it up when this does not work they paint them nuts ...)

what was elected is more less the same bush started war o bliste made it bigger
both of them harm usa
all of them served brit bank intrests and royalty agsint usa
i would not advise not come in between here it seems the third group in between democrerpublicpadopholenarcomafia is getting shape
it seems more clear and evident than ever
that changes will come even so many of us wont see it
they kind of know that therefore they promise to give a littel bit bag and speak about tax reduction


lisabeth • 6 years ago

correction less shape -
infomation i am still after those who hut and herrasme since many years orcestrated and on higher order and would like to know who is personall resposnable that my boston wanring was udnermined and not given on time to those who still can and why my wanring on tome about the content of the movie die grenze with riemann was not taken serious we were several web activists who warned
my version of the truth is already of the red out
i am after the 5 persons who made me in peru on top of my suffering in east german dictatroship my live hurtfull and try to make me leave the country and wo is responsable to use mara salva trucha callao linked people to herrasem me during almost 2 years untill ive got finally cancer
police denoucne are made
the intent to clean up also can be prove

my truth in front of GOD IS i was haremd and hurt over the intent to protect usa from furhter dammage
this 5 persons who threat on me have many thinngs to exolain
after it was not possible to smear me up as what ever now they try like stasi did on east german opposition to make me feel that i am wrong but this was done rigth i see bad but know the difr between rigth and wrong
dr pául is rigth those wars have to be stopped they never proposed this shit first place
noone of us active in the web


machinegunmcadoo • 6 years ago

Order out of chaos. The vulture swoops in as the adversaries lay dying.

Billy • 6 years ago

Doesn't look like it much matters now with the economies on the brink, along with the sanity of the nation knowing USA made terrorists, the ultimate untouchables, are probably about to help it's masters break out the dog cages.
Even to mention the names the Government gives them all (stalkers), makes war industry people really happy.
America just doesn't see it coming, yet.

Flush the toilet • 6 years ago

After seeing the blatant corruption of the democrat and republican parties during the last Ron Paul presidential run I hope a big toilet opens up under the presidential debates during the next presidential election and swallows every shit head in those two parties. Just suck em right down the ol shitter hole. So long hillary. So long mccain. Goodbye republicans and democraps. We just need to hear a big suckin sound and a few seconds of screaming.

Guest • 6 years ago
Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

Putting whacko-adds on fake websites? ~
You'll pay me $3000 a week to be you? ~
(Send details to P\O Box 666 Kampala Nigeria for a once in a lifetime chance to secure your future and drive a 2nd hand BMW some gang member stole from some rich dude in Kampala ~ No? ~ Well, you're not gonna tell me this is all legit are you? ~ 2 jets really 'DID' bring down the towers + Bldg 7, and it's all been true all along?) ~

We just heard Teleprompter’s Staged Speech: First off Obola: We are a Constitutional Republic, and NOT a Democracy. Secondly, your Immigration Amnesty/Immigration Reform BS against the LAW. We do not need Immigration Reform, we Border Law Enforcement. We need ICE to do their Freakin Job, and not cater to the STASI DHS GOONS. The ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION was a product of both the Neo-CONS like Bush, and the Communist Liberal-Tards like you. We have seen more than a Decade of Wide Open Borders with No Border Enforcement. We have seen both you and Bush allow Millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS to come into the USA to Steal our Jobs, and Steal from the USA Treasury by you Demons allowing them to steal our Future Benefits, and Children’s Future Benefits. It is a Terrible day in the USA when a Freakin Law Breaking ILLEGAL ALIEN has more Benefits than our Disabled USA Veterans. You can tell your Inbred Globalists PIG Masters that their Stinking “North American Union” is NOT going to happen!!

Guest • 6 years ago

"Ron Paul pushed back against the dominant two-party paradigm, whom he
says both endorse the same detrimental values of Keynesian economics and
foreign policy interventionism"

True. As the late George Carlin stated:
" forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the
idea that you have freedom of choice. You don't. You have no choice. You
have owners....The table is tilted, folks. The game is rigged"

Henry George • 6 years ago

I generally agree with Ron Paul on both foreign policy and civil liberties, but on economics I'm afraid he's as intellectually enslaved within the ridiculously narrow confines of the false Austrian-Keynesian paradigm as most voters are within the equally narrow confines of the equally false Democrat-Republican paradigm.

-- http://recoveringaustrians....

-- http://thedailyknell.wordpr...

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

Is there a cure for "False Austrian-Keynesian Paradigm-osis" yet? ~
(This terrible disease affects 9 out of 10 Masons in US Congress) ~

Henry George • 6 years ago

> Is there a cure for false "Austrian-Keynesian Paradigm"

Actually there is: Georgism -- i.e. the economic philosophy of the political economist Henry George:

-- http://www.monetary.org/hen...

-- http://schalkenbach.org/on-...

-- http://www.cooperativeindiv...

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

"Georgism?" ~ I'd always thought it was a terrible hereditary disease where the "G" chromosome takes over the 'X & Y" chromosomes, resulting in a gradual breakdown of all mental faculties of the victim, and of 'ALL' those around them? ;)
Seriously? ~ America's economy? ~ Repeal the Patriot Act and legislate a 100% amnesty for treason back to 1954 based on anyone charged with treason simply telling the truth, then try to prepare for 'POLE SHIFT' like it's 1999, knuckleheads ~

Henry George • 6 years ago

Whatever the heck that means. I'll leave it to someone who's on the same medication to translate.

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

FIX THE ECONOMY? ~ "Repeal the Patriot Act and legislate a 100% amnesty for treason back to 1954 for anyone charged with treason, simply for telling the truth, then prepare for 'POLE SHIFT' like it's 1999?" ~ You can't grasp that bit? ~
Or you're just an old Masonic-turd who don't like my SOH? ;)

Willie • 6 years ago

Henry, I think he is saying there were people jailed since 1954 for treason when they were in fact only whistleblowers and all those good folks need to receive amnesty. And once that happens we'll have a Pole Shift (I'm assuming figuratively) in ideology once these folks are able to truly expound freely why they were locked up in the first place. Oh and repeal the Patriot Act. Hope I got all that correctly.

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

Sure smartass ~ Yet you forgot to add the bit about patriotic American people 'CLONING LEE HARVEY OSWALD' so you can literally hang him for 'NOT' having any magic bullets and thus 'NOT' shooting JFK in the neck from the Grassy Knoll that day, as well as hang him for 'NOT' blowing the top of JFK's fcuking head off from the front seat of the limousine, which I'm presuming is what killed JFK that day ~
Also, better not mention the future US Defence Secretary holding a rifle aimed right at the president's neck where it hit, and the future president standing next to him nervously squeezing his butt cheeks while watching the presidential motorcade slowly approach, cause both were on the Grassy Knoll guarding the safety and security of America ~ (sic) ~
Save your sarcasm up and buy some asbestos undies ~
You'll need them in case Washington burns you again ~

Willie • 6 years ago

Yeah, I didn't read all THAT in your post. I agree the driver shot Kennedy and all most every future president was in Dallas supervising the NWO's beginnings, but I think you need the asbestos panties cause Washington is no friend of mine. Come out of your mom's basement and get some sunshine.... you're been down there way too long.

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

I'll 'SEE' your superior attitude, and 'RAISE' you $19 Trillion dollars in loans taken out merely to pay interest payments on the real debt ~ Hope the casino bosses don't burn the house down to lose the books before this game is over ;)
Look dude! ~ A $2.3 Trillion dollar gold piece just jumped right off the table and disappeared ~ You think that future defence secretary holding the rifle pointed at the president's neck from the Grassy Knoll knows anything about that? ;)


Willie • 6 years ago

I'm folding.... you played the Kenny Rogers hand. And don't forget the $ Trillion when the Pentagon got a hole in it (reminds me of the Hank Williams tune "My Bucket's Got a Home in It" LOL). Need Glass-Stegall back and get rid of all the funny money. End the Fed and get back to gold and silver.
Stones: Sympathy for the Devil; Who KIlled the Kennedy's?
Afterall it was you and me...
The first Kennedy was on them... letting the Warren Commission get by with their fable put the other Kennedy on the rest of us.

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

Bobby was sad ~ The last Democratic Convention he attended, I'd literally been able to pick the precise point where he realised that all of the Masonic power players among the Democrats in the seats didn't give a tinker's cuss or a flying fcuk about his brother's murder ~
Yes ~ I was you and me, yet we (Me) were only kids ~
Now many of us teach our kids to ignore other shet ~

Ready for the rapture • 6 years ago

A slave cannot have two masters.
That is why God's Law is to love God with all thy heart soul & mind.
Masons obey and serve another master.The fallen one.

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

If you read the real Christ's perspective on the god of the Jews without the spin, he seems to imply he was a "Liar thief and a murderer from the beginning" as well as implying the Jewish god lives in your mind, and Jewish devil lives in your heart at the same time, kind of like a Zoroastrian Dichotomy ~
Personally, I-think it's the ritual 'BUTT-SEX' in the Jewish kabala that corrupts Freemasonry, rather than any particular adherence to, or denial of, omnipotent omnipresent invisible angry omniscient non-existent Jewish cosmic magicians ~