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noislam • 6 years ago

no. get ready for islamo wars in your own neighbourhood.
the mooseslums are agitating and ripe for attacking secular societies. watch you back (and neck).

Steven • 6 years ago

We must get these people out. But first we must stop bringing them in. They are here because of Jewwish led and backed policies. The Jeww has been kicked out of over 200 countries. They run everything!! They are ruining all white countries.


Billo • 6 years ago

Very true and I think noislm is a jew.

noislam • 6 years ago

no, i'm atheist. Can't stand any religion really.
but islam is not a religion. it's a fascist idealogy that controls all aspects of life.
islam is a threat to secular, civilised western nations.
at least other religions do not attempt to supplant the legal system of a nation with sharia.
other religions don't sponged off the entire society like islam does. Watch out for an ban halal certification fees and labelling, this is a system that steals money from the bulk of the public and funnels the funds into terrorism activities.
islam simply is not compatible with the modern world. it's an unchanged doctrine from sand jockeys of 1400 years ago.
islam is the blathering of a peadophile and mass murderer. it's an abomination and needs to be purge from the world.

noislam • 6 years ago

you're right, the islamo global invasion campaign needs to be brought to a halt (along with weak borders).
personally, i don't think any 'jews' are doing this. The islamos are deliberating over-breeding and exploiting immigration weaknesses. It's their own concerted action. they've been on the game for 1400 years - they've just rewritten to bullshit coating to fit contemporary times.

Goon E. Googoo • 6 years ago

The next two years will be about stalling and prepping until they can install their Neo-Con President. Obabma can spend the next two years golfing and travelling to the few countries that may be interested in having him. Won't be Canada, Germany, Russia, China,Brazil, Venezuela,Argentina. He does not seem interested in the ME or Africal. hmmmm. Come to think of it. He will be golfing a whole lot. As well as forcing his ideology on America.

No chance of impeachment has the hatred for the POSIC plays into their hands in the next Presidential elections. Only winners will be the 30 to 60 million illegals who can now legally take your job for minimum wage.

You bet. W3 is a sure bet regardless of which party of shit heads is in power.

🍃 KalarKahar🍃 • 6 years ago

Neo-cons. They never learn…They want American boots on the ground in Syria , and they're not likely to stop squawking until there is an invasion , even if that leads to WW3 …Doc is right …

Ladies and Gentlemen , get ready for some radiation intake…
O Brother

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

Oh piss-off ~ Treasonous 33rd degree Masons like Paul and McCain etc who rule America stole Syria's gold back in the 90's under 33rd degree Mason Assad senior, stole Iraq's gold in the 00's after the "Mission Accomplished" moment was played as the patriotic 'Liberation for democracy and freedom' shill, then stole Libya's gold with 33 degree Mason Gaddafi's connivance, before his death was faked with a lookalike cousin shot, and then came the Benghazi sham to keep the negligent indifference moving America's eternal vigilance forward in this never ending march towards US Fed fascism ~
You don't need to lie about shet anymore Masons ~ Nor you, America ~

Elvis Aaron Presley • 6 years ago

I am still the king of rock . 55 degree mason and still kicking a&&es ..

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

Sure McCocaine ~ Still doing a&&es ~

Sophia Divine • 6 years ago

If everybody work for or are Mason including Assad jr and sr , WTF is this fight and war about . You must be pissed . don't comment while you are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics .
Oh f off

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

6500 dead US Soldiers? ~ No problem ~
25,000 crippled for life? ~ No problem ~
100,000 crippled kids? ~ No problem ~
2 million dead Muslims ~ No problem ~
More Zionist hypocrisy ~ No problem ~
Their Masonic lodge mask stands tall ~
America their main whore of choice ~

RudyTwoShoes • 6 years ago

Neo-cons they never learn

That's because they never have any skin in the game .

Guest • 6 years ago

you could draft their kids and it wouldn't make any difference , these people are fcking animals .

Andrew • 6 years ago

An excellent point .

Dano • 6 years ago

Who carse about auditing the Fed...the Fed needs to ABOLISHED and GO away forever! And the Rino's are the Red Socks, and the Demo's are the Yankees. No difference, it's all show business.

obidiah_slope • 6 years ago

This is it...................


Wise Abe • 6 years ago

Sadly, I think Ron Paul is right. Add to increased support for dangerous interventionist policies overseas the improved chances for passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty which will devastate American jobs, as well as mounting pressure to slash Social Security and Medicare at a time when the American economy shows few signs of recovery. How obvious it is that neither party represents the interests of the American people.

letlifeteach • 6 years ago

Lets think of this backwards.

The Republicans are in, in the House and the Senate.

Both of these bodies voted to make Israel a "Strategic Partner" recently after interestingly, what may have been that legislation's mirror psyop image: the likely phony "peace negotiations with Iran" move.

The vote was in the Senate of the supposed, United States of America, was: 100 TO ZERO Democrats and Republicans both voting as their overlords directed... OR ELSE.

With the Republicans in power, this means their ascended group the Neocons (aka, Ashkenazi racist dual citizens of Israel traitors who arranged for the 911 events (going back to Waco,OK City same event)... will of course try to drum up a war with Iran and reestablish the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and intensify the war of America against Syria.

This also could mean (??) that the "LEFT" will have to criticize those wars.or Many on the Left were defensive of Obama because he was in their party and Zion was in their propaganda using him as the image of the Devil instead of the blackmailed pathetic figure he is.

Obama's handler ran out the pre-election week, he is, standing up to Israel BS... "Chicken Shit" etc. .

No President can do anything AT THIS TIME against the Talmudic Lobby. And too, as Dr. Roberts has said in an article on the site yesterday, the bureaucracy shields the President from having proper information anyway, and has its own agendas and the Hidden Hand controls the bureaucracies. Add to this Presidential personal blackmail.

So, always follow the outcomes.

And the outcomes of 911 are Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, which are finally all Neocon dual citizen Greater Israel agendas.
The Ukraine is an attempted re-take over of Russia by the same "Jewish" banking force that slaughtered its citizens in Bolshevik garb.

There is a difference between "Libertarian-ISM" and Constitutional Liberty.

Neocon Libertarian think tank versions of the back to Liberty movement has some very negative political outcomes, among these are:

1.The use of "liberty as a flag in battle which disparages the idea of Liberty in the world.
2. The atomization of political action too often into an excuse not to get involved in politics 'because it is all corrupt.'
3. The enabling of the PORN weapon. Which crushes the family, mature male female love and all spiritual individuation through a mechanism that Wilhelm Reich defined during his period when he was an agent for Marxism (which is the Talmud read in a sectarian lexicon).

That is, no censorship of any kind because that is anti Libertarian.

Reich was correct when he said, prayer or belief in a spiritual life... and pornography are each others mirror images and one crushed the other.

This is basically a quote.

Pornography is a Jewish attack on Christian organization and morals down to the human family and ALL spiritual life and Reich said so specifically, as did Freud.

4. "Free markets." Libertarian-ism, has been used to argue for "Free Markets." In principal the fairness of this appeals to America's innate sense of hope and makes good economic sense, in a world where all nations are strong and moral.

But as it has played out, it was used by Zion/American Establishment to extend empire and to in the case of China, invest the wealth of America's patrimony in China/India etc. with a devastating effect on America's middle classes and its manufacturing base and even our ability to do technical manufacturing work and engineering (read NASA) and THAT was part of the goal.

Do I think "Free Markets" are not a positive goal? No.
But, they were implemented to align the world with the English/American Round Table Banking Cartel empire preparing for something even larger, a world Theocratic Impirium and to rape China ironically. We now see too the destruction of the middle classes in the USA and most profoundly, their political will. There is some positive news on the latter at least.

Even in Paul's world of free nations of men and women competing in friendship... mass world regulations would be required because of the environmental damage that industry can do and is doing and this is only one major example.

What is eating at the Neocon, Banking Cartel's agenda is not so much an upswing in understanding of what real Liberty actually is, although that is a major factor... it is the erosion of the "Stranger" internationally because of the Internets power.

But yes, Liberty's idea, that all power must first reside in the individual is its key spiritual and political power and appeal.

From that personal responsibility... is derived and from our responsibility as individuals, we achieve freedom physically AND spiritually.

One more idea here, there is an arc in the PORN weapon: it leads as we all know to more violent and perverted images, not rather back, to soft porn. And one image in porn is the rape of school girls. This is called by some, Liberty! And is defended with the idea that no government should attempt to regulate thought etc. All Law regulates thought and action because of the known outcomes shown us by history and by our very biological nature.

IF we can not agree upon the innocent's right to be innocent... then Libertarianism will continue to be used as a tool of domination not as a fount of political freedom.

Now least you think I don't love that old man and his Liberty flag, let me be clear. His point here that we must be very careful how we regulate because ALL regulated will be used to control... is the salient point of Liberty. Careful is the idea, not the absence of laws.

But, I do agree with the other guy that the only money that should go into elections is individual checks of say up to say $500 total contributions for all political causes in one year. And require that all media provide FREE airtime. And cut up the 6 large media blacks to their pre Clinton level or even more with some rule about ethnic concentrations of power... hate saying that but that is where we are for the time being.

This would kill the political election industry in America.

Elections are completely corrupt and the issues rather simple, they don't take months for a voter to work out.

Elections are used to set Americans apart from each other, to give us someone to hate to explain away our lack of actions in our own lives including political actions.

Guest • 6 years ago

these politicians (criminal goons) rule the night by renting the day...and are soft as charmin ultra...they are being betrayed--time to put the squeeze on these bastards...check this article out about fast and furious http://www.npr.org/blogs/th... also HOLDER talked to HIS wife about fast and furious before he LIED to congress about having knowledge of this criminal operation--domestic enemy style...they will turn on one another and cannibalize then offer up a sacrificial lamb...

JONES...YOU really could be the savor of the 2nd amendment and take out MUCH criminal corruption in this--if YOU choose too...i expect YOU will and goes without saying...

snoopdog • 6 years ago

When Israel says jump, all the traitors say how high.

They're all a bunch of prostitutes, with a self destructive agenda for America.
The founding fathers are rolling in their graves.

Now, a message to the Republicans who just won the Elections: both Governors and Congress. You will most certainly be receiving a Visit from the Fourth Branch of Government which is the Illegal and Criminal Black Ops Branch of Government mainly the CIA Thugs for whom there is no mention of in the United States Constitution which is the Supreme Law of the Land. The Black Ops Goons will try to Intimidate you, Black Mail you, and Threaten you to do the Will of the Very Evil Globalists Inbreeds instead of allowing you to obey your Oath which you take to serve the Citizens of the United States. You need to identify these Black Ops Thugs. Work with the other newly elected Public Servants and get these Black Ops Thugs Fired!!! We are Sick of them destroying our Country for the Freakin Globalists. As for you newly Elected Senators and House Members who are going to be Visiting President New World Order Teleprompter on Friday: Again be ready to expect to be Attacked, Intimidated, Blackmailed, and Threatened by President NWO Teleprompter’s Globalists Handlers via their Black Ops Arm the CIA. When they threaten you: as a Group of Concerned Public Servants: let the Public know that you were Threatened so that we can deal with this Illegal Fourth Branch of Government together, and Abolish their Rouge Agencies once for all: before they Wreck our Country and Destroy our Children’s Future! Do not let the Obola Administration intimidate you like they did with Bohner and Mr. Kucinich:

Guest • 6 years ago

The elected Republicans were Globalist goons before they were elected, as Mr. Owl says below.

Your message speaks a lot less to them than the suitcases of fiat money they get from the Globalist.

HANGTHEOWL • 6 years ago

To late John,,they already work for them,,if they didn't they never would have got elected,,,,pick one of the newly elected and look into their background,,you will find they all have the same connections,,,

Some of them might. Rand Paul was elected because of us Info Warriors. We exposed the Fraud and Smear Pranks that the other side was throwing at him like calling him "Aqua Buddah" and using a Woman as Plant to Lie about Rand. She was Busted by Info Wars. The bottom line is that they are going to have to choose between their Famiy's Future or sucking up some extra Fiat Dollers to sell their Family and Friends down the River. The Karma that Reid just experienced is nothing compared to the blowback that these newly elected Public Servants will experience if they decide to go with the Inbred Evil Globalists and against the United Staes Citizens who Elected them. At the very least: They will Flung out of Office by the end of their New Term. The Evil Bush's are Experiencing Blow Back Karma now. The Evil Billery Clintonista's are Experiencing Blow Back Karma now.

Guest • 6 years ago

Ron Paul is likely to not be a goon.

Rand Paul is a sell out, the "controlled opposition".

Rand was the first one with the Guts to speak out about the AL-CIA-DUH Thugs killing Christians, and Moderate Muslims in Syria. And of course those AL-CIA-DUH Thugs were being funded by McCain (Same Party as Rand), President Teleprompter, and Skull and Bones Globalist Pirate John Kerry. Rand took the same stance as Ron would have in this situation. We know what Rand is doing. Just wait a little while. We know the Dealeo.

Guest • 6 years ago

He's controlled opposition. The controlled opposition tells the opposition what they already know but the masses were not supposed to know. A controlled opposition takes control of the opposition and leads them away from where the controllers want them to go.

In this case, that's the Rothschilds, the world's central bankers, and the Federal reserve.

No he isn't. He has been moving relatively closely in the same direction that his Father Ron would have in over 80% of the instances. Rand was the First to Filibuster the Senate in Decades in an effort to shoot down the Un-Affordable/No-Care Act (Obola Care). When you are walking a thin line, you have to balance both ways slightly for a while until you reach a point where you can effect huge positive change.

HANGTHEOWL • 6 years ago

Well john a year from now you will see that I am right,,and between now and then,, I will be praying that I am wrong,,,
I still have some faith in Ron P,,,but Rand lost me when he went with Romney,,,after they screwed his father he should have stayed neutral,,,,,,hell we know how the system works,,he most certainly does also,,,and he has also gone along with the whole Ebola hoax,,so has Alex,, they both know it is a hoax,,,,,,,,,,,I do not trust anyone in politics or the media anymore,,,,,all we can do is trust each other and spread the truth,,,,once there are enough of us,,we will be the leaders and our public "servants" will be back where they belong,,,working for us,,,

Rush Limbaugh was correct in what he said last night:
“And if the Republican Party had embraced the most amazing political event of our lifetime, and that’s the rise of the Tea Party … — ah, you might want to say the fall of the Berlin Wall, but that also had foreign policy connotations. But out of nowhere this massive political movement rises. Out of nowhere in 2010 it arises precisely because of its opposition to the Democrat president, the Democrat Party, and what they are doing to the country, and to this day the Republican Party has refused to embrace it. In fact, it’s the opposite. “
“They’ve attempted to diminish and impugn the Tea Party to the point now we’ve got a Politico story, which says that the real thing the Republicans are gonna celebrate if they take the Senate is not taking the Senate but vanquishing the idea that the Tea Party is needed for Republicans to win.”
Rush Get’s it now. The Corrupted Neo-CONS like McCain will be gone by the end of their term if they continue to turn a blind eye to the Will of the People (Tea Party) and Cater to the Globalists Demons.

HANGTHEOWL • 6 years ago

The Tea Party was originally bipartisan,,,just a bunch of people fead up with both sides,,,,then they sent in the Repubs to highjack it,,,,just as they did with the Dems at Occupy Wallstreet,,,,,

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” ― Vladimir Ilich Lenin
,,all we need is time,,,more and more people are starting to see through this scrade of politics,,they are seeing that the politicians control nothing,,there are much higher powers,,,

I agree with you Hangtheowl: A Commenter on the Infowars side said this:

"Step one complete. Step two, removing RINO's from power will be much harder. McConnell & Boehner are not conservatives, they are RINO's through and through. Don't believe anything they say, just watch their actions."

This is one major objective.

The Infowars Election Show last night was Great! Excellent Job Alex and Crew.

Now for a message to Harry-Ass Reid: What you just experienced Demon Reid is KARMA. The Blowback that you experienced over the 48 hours is due to your Demonic Attacks against GOD FEARING PEOPLE like the Bundy Family in Nevada. You need to learn Demon Reid that KARMA is real, and it is GOD’S way of forcing Evil People back into a position where they can do less harm to others.

patrick gragg • 6 years ago

This news"paper" can't find anything right with anything anymore!
Maybe Ron Paul is WRONG this time,
can a republican congress do anything right?
And I am not Republican,just FYI!

HANGTHEOWL • 6 years ago

nothing will change pat,,,nothing,,,all they will do is lay off the gun controll to make their base happy,,,,,,but expect more wars,,more false flags,,more of them same,,just from a different angle,,,,,they will not repeal the healthcare bill,,they will not stop the chemtrails,,,they will not investigate 911,,,,,or abolish the Fed,,,,,so sorry nothing has changed,,,,,,,,,,,,

StrawBerryTart • 6 years ago

The BOOTS won't have my Son's feet in them!!!

me • 6 years ago

can he walk in high heals?

Guest • 6 years ago

Each set of idiots, Republicans and the Democrats, are just different tools to screw us.

Wanna mess up the economy and make the people poor? Use the Democrat tool.

Wanna use the Americans as cannot fodder to start global conflicts and remove governments that dare to get away from Rothschild fiat money? Use Republicans.

HANGTHEOWL • 6 years ago

shhhhhh Steve,,the sheep are afraid of the truth,,,,,,

Guest • 6 years ago

Not just afraid, they're violently repulsed by the truth. You can prove the federal reserve is a private institution owned by banks who are, in turn, owned by a banking cartel, but when you point that out to them, people go all insulting and calling you a conspiracy nut.

That's why I stay away from thermite theories for 9-11 and chemtrail theories. Maybe they're right, but no PROOF. It is hard enough to awaken sheeple when you have proof, but no proof when there are much better alternative explanations? you're just begging to be regarded as a tin-foil hat wearing nut job. And why do it?! It isn't essential to getting across the message of that the world is being manipulated by evil globalist bankers.

HANGTHEOWL • 6 years ago

true,,good points,,,,,but chemtrails are easy enough to prove,,all you have to do is look up,,,,,,I get what you are saying though,,,if we show them the evil behind all these actions,,the actions will cease,,,

Guest • 6 years ago

I've never seen a chemtrail. I've seen lots of condensation trails, however.

When people tell me that a condensation trail is a chem trail, I can't help but think that pretty much discredits everything else they say. They were told it was a chem trail, and by gawd that's what they believe, facts are totally disregarded.

I think the whole Chem-trail/thermite stories were started by the globalist to make the Patriots sound insane. Even if they're true, I've not seen any proof. So, stay away from that, and stay away from the vaccinations are dangerous and fluoridated water stories.

Stick with the Federal Reserve, Debt based fiat money created by the Rothschild's story. You can PROVE that and let the listener look up the facts and verify it themselves.

But when they look up chemtrails and see a video of a airplane clearly making contrails, you're just discredited yourself.

Windy • 6 years ago

The world is run by the criminally insane. They don't care about life itself, they don't even acknowledge that life within themselves.

Guest • 6 years ago

That's not true. They care about human life. They just think of human life as poop and want to kill it.

I'd be much happier if they just didn't care.

Wiley Coyote • 6 years ago

Yeah, the Republicans won the Senate big deal. Let me tell you how they're going to blow it and have the congress back in Democrat hands in 2016. They're not going to repeal Obamacare, they're not going to rein in NSA warrantless spying on Americans, they're not going to reform the tax code, and they're not going to impeach Obama. They are going to expand wars in the mideast, like the gentleman said, and they might even start a war with Russia.

patrick gragg • 6 years ago

Let me tell YOU why they are going to "blow it",
Because of people like you saying they are going to "BLOW IT!"
Stop telling us what they are going to screw up,
and START telling us what they will do right,

You keep burning their telephones off the wall and they will do the will of the people!
Keep saying they are going to fuk up and that is what you will get,dumass!

Wiley Coyote • 6 years ago

The Republicans are going to screw it up without my modest help. It's entirely in their nature. They've done it before, during the middle '90's under "Newt" (actually "nit") Gingrich and his "contract with America", which got him the speakership but then he didn't fulfill on.

StrawBerryTart • 6 years ago

But, But aren't the Republicrats the "Lesser of two Evils"?