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Severthilde Mainsen • 8 years ago

...seen lots of tattooed women. The guy is telling the truth (even if you don't like it).

Shep • 6 years ago

Merry Christmas SM! https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Guest • 9 years ago

Partially agree with the post.
Some tatoos are more useful than others, though. This is a girl I banged...

sydeshow • 9 years ago

So you banged this Chillean escort? you go big spender. http://assets.relaxchile.cl...

Guest • 9 years ago
Guest • 9 years ago

This site is about deep misogyny.

Advent • 9 years ago

CALLING ALL TATTOOED SLUTS! Before you spend 30 minutes preparing an essay of a response to this article, take heed! I have prepared your response for you. All tattooed sluts can just copy and paste this response to save them time. Here goes:

Matt Forney, I will let you know that I have 30 tattoos, a clit ring and 20 gauges and I am in no way broken. Quite the contrary. I am a proud holder of 5 PhD's, the CEO of my own company, and am a single and empowered mother of 5 kids and numerous cats. Your sweeping generalizations are illogical! You must be a broken hearted little man with a small penis. Who are you to judge me as a slut? I am sure my notch count is higher than yours anyway. You are just a hateful misogynist. I will find you, cut off your penis, and slaughter you to death!!!

-Edit- Bet you can't even get your dick wet

- Unbroken Pierced and Tattooed woman.

Abby • 9 years ago

Dude, you're deluded. You seem to seriously despise women. I'm not just saying women with piercings and tattoos. You just don't seem to respect that a woman can make choices for herself. You do not respect women. You do not respect half of the planets population. Half of the 7 billion people on this planet. You generalise them, and call them hurtful words like slut and whore. You will die this way, still hating and not respecting women. And that's really sad. That's a waste.

dfmanse91 • 9 years ago

Its his own fault he will die sad and lonely and a complete misogynist. 'shoving my cock in her mouth to shut her up' - how charming. what a vile and disgusting thing to say!

GrouperByTheTang • 9 years ago

I'm willing to bet that Matt hardly ever has a steady relationship, especially with a lady. He possibly also bites pillows too.

fuckoff • 9 years ago

Haaaaaaah that's great

Pam • 9 years ago

I think he is gay. Or maybe just incredibly addicted to rubber dolls. :)

Riki • 9 years ago

In my experience, gay guys love women :P they just don't want to sleep with them

The author is probably just a sad, angry little man because he's been told all his life he's gonna "get the girl", but no woman now a days wants to get into a relationship with someone who views them as a lesser being.

Auntie Pheminizm • 9 years ago

"The author is probably just a sad, angry little man," said the brain-dead, smiling, toothless huge whore.

Natalie Kirkland • 8 years ago

You seem just as closed minded and ignorant as Matt

Guest • 8 years ago

Shut the fuck up.

Shane Draper • 8 years ago

Wow original... Dumbass

Robert mercado • 8 years ago

Couldn't said it better

Daniel • 9 years ago

You say gay as if other guys would tolerate his crap. My gay friends have much more dignity, and better taste.

And anyone who tried this approach with my female acquaintances would be laughed out of town.

Jamie • 9 years ago

I truly believe that this is not hidden gay tendencies, but instead the only time he/they ever fell in love was with someone with a tattoo or piercing, and the only way to stay masculine is to degrade every other female and individual with tattoos etc. He even talked about how he was cheated on. In pain so he must put every female in that category.

Daniel • 9 years ago

What a horrific way to experience life. To ascribe responsibility for a pain to an entire gender for the actions of a single person. And to almost guarantee a continued pain by driving women away with sexism.

Auntie Pheminizm • 9 years ago

> "ascribe responsibility for a pain to an entire gender for the actions of a single person."

Feminism in a nutshell.

Daniel • 9 years ago

Actually feminism is simply the belief that women are human and entitled to all human rights.

katie petkiewich • 8 years ago

Thank you. Well said and true. And many people don't even realize there are male faminist.

HellbillyBob • 7 years ago

People are aware of these spineless beta males. They're called "white knights" & they're traitors to their gender. Modern feminism is a cancer.

Brindle_Catahoula • 7 years ago

...and a few special ones just for women too!

DirtyWorthlessMoolie • 8 years ago

Look at this white knight faggot.

Daniel • 8 years ago

Please simply read through the insults I've already directed at you and your moronic sexually rejected neanderthal brothers and your silly circle jerk of self support. If you think your opinion matters to me, the men who laugh at you, or to the multitude of women who have and will reject you, well you missed the real problem already. But I'm sure your mother thinks you are a big handsom man, so you've got that at least.

DirtyWorthlessMoolie • 8 years ago

That's why you commented back, faggot. Haha! Boosh!

Eric is trolling • 8 years ago

Eric Collins a sock puppet of the same troll that posts shit from Daniel, Molly-lyn Dehaan, and a bunch of others. You can tell by how Eric is responding to a many-months old post (that hasn't posted since then). Trolls have a need to "get in the last word" and this is a way of doing it since the poster is unlikely to respond. Trolls also like to involve themselves in an argument that another of their sock puppets has lost.

Eric, Daniel, Molly are all the same childish person.

Shep • 8 years ago

Wow. He truly has no escape for you.

eric collins • 8 years ago

You have a cheek to make the accustation that I am the same person as other posters, some of who I disagree with just because of the Ad hominem attack they seem to find appropriate. However you have a lot of support in your contention that I have several identities, and since no body cares to actually ask the site moderators to confirm or deny the allegation I had to make the inquiry to see if they can somehow confirm I am a sole poster under my real name. I did think of something else to advance my case and that is I am certain that those others you assure everyone else is me will not be posting from my side of the world from my country in the Pacific, that is New Zealand. What's the bet the posters that are supposed my invention are from your global hemisphere.
I, Childish? Maybe, that is your opinion, but being several posters is just fantasy.

Daniel • 8 years ago

And I replied because the more I can embarrass man-children like you, the less you'll speak in public and the better society will be. Its a public service. Really you "Game" and "men's rights" folks are an embarrassment to my gender.

Molly-lyn Dehaan • 8 years ago

Just saying guys, almost every woman I know would rather suck Daniels dick than anyone who thinks like the author of this post.

Just saying "Molly", almost every one here aside from your trolling friends knows that you are just an angry little kid that would know the first thing to do with a dick. You can't deal with the topic so you just try to insult people. You're a loser (and probably the same troll that comes here all the time).

Shep • 8 years ago

Every woman you know would suck a stranger's dick?
Like a person who cannot see the forest for the trees, you cannot differentiate a lady because the only women with whom you ever have contact are sluts.
Does every womYn you know also have a tattoo? Given the fact that "...every woman (you) know would rather suck Daniel's dick..." you seem to be bolstering Matt's case that tatties are sluts.

Shep • 8 years ago

So, Cupcake, exactly how did you find this four month old post?

Heisenberg • 8 years ago

Then do it.

Shep • 8 years ago

Is this your newest beard?

hicusdicus • 8 years ago

Its possible if you pick a blind one with no sense of smell. But you will have to get it done before rigor-mortise sets in.

David R Velasquez • 8 years ago

The irony is the actual reversed reality of the meme

Shep • 8 years ago

The irony is that you didn't catch that your sentence made no sense.

David R Velasquez • 8 years ago

No, the irony is that you knew what I meant anyway... you're just trying to score one off of it.

Shep • 8 years ago

Learn to communicate, and then get back to me. Loser.

Daniel • 8 years ago

I think you hit a nerve. But you gave my soon to be wife and i a chuckle .

I don't think they get it. Treating people with respect, autonomy, and dignity and they will see you as a mature and safe person and they will be more likely to be willing to try a sexual relationship/encounter if you appeal to them.

I appreciate the sentiment, though I prefer not to make sexual claims on semi anonymous web discussions.

Daniel • 8 years ago

Wow. So edrite, so clever, loquatious and delivered with such élan. Your so manly I bet your blow up sheep never says no.

But in case you ever dream of speaking to a real live human woman. May I suggest humbly that you would do better to emulate the polite and educated ways of your betters, such as myself. I don't know a lot, but I do know I've never been rejected by a woman for reasons other than preference, and relationship status.

You sound like a somewhat slow 12 year old trying to channel "jackass". I promise it will not get you what you want.

Varcolaci • 8 years ago

A-HIUCK, A-HIUCK.. FAGGUIT!1!! hurr hurr. GTFO you fucking inbred.

Ashley • 8 years ago

can you go back to the ESOL room now? Society is asking this of you.

eric collins • 8 years ago

Who are you calling a bundle of firewood?

lisas • 8 years ago

Hands down this matt guy is a straight asshole, first off i have gauges, a tattoo, and mutliple ear peircings. I have a job, im going to college, i also have a car. And im far from a slut. Wanna know why?? Because even though I have all these peircings and a tattoo, im still a virgin. Yep i said it. Im saving myself for marriage, so how about those appples asshole.