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Thought_Crimes • 6 years ago

Yawnnn..zzzzzzzzzz Oh wait, after the elections, some new puppets, and business as usual. What a joke! ThoughtCrimes.biz

Bruce • 6 years ago

"If voting made any difference, we would not be allowed to." -Mark Twain

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

You can pick up round $20.00 per word for this garbage if you're good at it ~
Now that the elections are done, those congressmen and Senators who have been re-elected for the purpose of "Moving America forward" (sic) are going to need to have some sort of believable shill to sell you up til 2016 ~
(Apologies to Jay Carney, Josh Earnest, Rove and Stephanopolos etc) ~
"My fellow Americans ~ As your newly (Re) elected representative in Washington, I'm promising to look after you as if you actually mattered"~
"Ill be looking after you, after your military, both those serving and those who have already served, as well as protecting seniors, both those already retired and those on the edge of the black hole retirement brings if your 401k prove to be shonky like happened to a few million people just prior to 911 and ain't worth more than the shet on a roll of used toilet paper" ~
"I'll restore the power of belief in the economy's power, and restore the full faith and credibility of the American dollar, to re-energise American industry and oppose the outsourcing of jobs to countries that have bought up the corporations that exported industry with the inflated US Fed dollars we gave them in return for the gold we stole from them during WW2, as well as once again try to make this country great by successfully negatively gearing the faith of people such as yourselves in the ability of their representatives in congress (Like myself) to bring about a lasting renewal of true faith of the people like you in you yourselves, and in me" ~ (Suckers) ~
"I'll bring hope back to the common people, people such as yourselves, so that in the immediate tho unforeseeable future (Yet not right now) you can once again trust that those who govern you have the skill needed to restore your faith in the hope of change that is (Might be) about to come, yet not right now, in Washington and in the people like me who serve you there, so that as Americans like the average Charlie Brown, we can one more time believe that Lucy won't yank the football away as we go to kick a field goal, and that one more time you have the chance to believe that your representatives there in the US Congress have your back, and will never desert you in your hour of need ~ Thus I'll promise you that in the fight to have Washington return to a government that will govern you in such a way as to bring change to you, to America, I'll give you a chance to believe that those in congress who govern you, govern you with your best interests at heart, so that no matter how many times we screw up over the next two years, you can believe that 'GREAT THINGS CAN AND WILL BE DONE' for America again ~ The tide of incompetence in congress has turned, and thus from now on it's jobs, jobs, jobs, and the American economy (Stupid) because I'll act to restore a true faith in a bipartisan attempt to re-empower America and Americans and fit you for the task of returning all of the people of America to be a central part of their own process of government ~ Whatever political party you belong to, Constitutional Republicanism is about to be returned to America, and thus it's only a matter of time, usually about two years, that 'Truth justice and the American Way' is about to be restored to this great land of ours ~ Thus, together, we'll send a message to Washington that demands a renewal of the principles of true morality and true reason in our government. so that the true peace prosperity and freedom of the American people to change in ways that they see fit can break out in a huge show of support for change we seek, as the democracy is restored by the faith of the people in the systems of democracy that govern them, and the attack by the Muslim terrorists of 'ISIS' and schemes of anarchists of Australia on the American constitution, as headed by Al Qaeda and displayed in the 911 attacks on our nation and our freedom are finally forever defeated on the battleground of public opinion by all of those ex Marines ex Army ex Air Force and all other forms of military in congress, including ex off-books CIA operatives, who have all risked their lives in Vietnam and in the other theatres of war since the 70's warming a seat in some back woods part of the war on terror ~ The task we face as a nation is to warm the seat of the chair of democracy, kept warm by the fat butt of people like me who sit on it (sic) and it can so easily be taken for granted, so lets do it all again for another 2 years and believe we're all as stupid as Washington wants us to be" ~
'SO HELP US, ALMIGHTY FROG?' ~ Rev 16:13 ~ "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon (False god) and out of the mouth of the beast (Government) and out of the mouth of the false prophet" (Religion) ~ Rev 16:14 ~ "For they are spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the world (Earth) and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty" ~
Better start allowing yourselves to question 'EVERYTHING' now ~

Revsquirrelmagus666000 • 6 years ago

Zzz is right. Except that pp is on board with the efficacy of voting. Look friends, sure you can vote for a mayor, or police chief. Fine then there your vote probably was counted. Maybe. At the federal level we now know what the act of voting really is and means. Ron who? Rand what? Give me a break man. But hey keep up the act all you "politicians" you have to or someone else will right?

joe2 • 6 years ago

Well, if we want to have any effect, we need to vote if only for voting for our local politicians. We had some pretty good Constitutional Amendments to vote on in my state today as well. They were - they are - very important such as blocking outside influence from other states and from foreign nations, such as utilizing foreign law as precedent in my state's court rulings and laws. This will blanket cover Islamic Sharia Law by default. It says that in this state, we will not be forced by other states or the fe(de)ral gooberment's mandates based upon foreign law like you've been hearing from certain very old members of the Supreme (Kangaroo) Court that clearly have dementia. At our polls and ID was demanded, and I was so very happy to comply. Hell, I'd went home and brought my passport, social security card, and birth certificate if that's what they needed to prove my identity as a US Citizen.
Also up for Constitutional Amendment was strongly worded legal changes that will prevent any tampering with or weakening our 2nd Amendment rights.
I'm certain both of these passed with flying colors tonight. I haven't looked, but I have no doubt they passed. There were five very important amendments

Correct Views • 6 years ago

I don't totally agree. You see, I was going to run (I didn't have the capital to do so properly and have declined for now) and had I won, I would have done my best to make change back to our founders ideals. Not everyone that runs is like that. Ever hear of Justin Amash?

A. Good Geeman • 6 years ago

Brother, they've made it virtually impossible to run. They've created a high cost of running and nearly impossible rules unless you are highly connected and wealthy or supported by the very wealthy. This is a crime. ANYONE should be able to run. In fact, I believe people should run and do some time in Congress or state government just to do their civic duty and to put these career politician thieves in check. Don't give up. If you run, then do a crowd funding play and I'll contribute to you. I'll do what I can to help you. I like your videos and I like your thinking. We all need to get more involved. First at the local level then as much as possible at the Federal level. But the Federal goons have made it almost impossible to run without millions and if you run for a third party they've even tried to make that illegal. They tried that in Georgia when I lived there against the Libertarian party, which I was a member of, and they got sued and lost. There is no law that says America is a two party system and frankly, I'd like to see about six parties. Mainly, I'd like to see the Libertarians and Constitution Party take a lot of seat in the Congress. That's change the dynamics big time. But we'll have to sue, and sue, and sue some more to put a stop to these back room back slapping cigar smoking single malt drinking Demoncraps and Repube-lickans from having monopoly control. It's possible I could actual run for a state position and win because of my education and my work history. I could really use it to my benefit. The money would be the issue. I hold B.Sc., M.Sc., and will finish my Ph.D. as soon as possible if possible - I have only a few courses left, and I've worked in various industries. I'm in the defense industry now, and I'm a gooberment employee, but I'm not a scumbag and I'm very into the Constitution, liberty, and real law, and repealing a lot of law, and put controls on Wall Street and the investment banks that merged with the standard banks, as well as the criminal private Federal Reserve Bank. We need to go back to pre-1913 and we need Glass-Steagall back in place and I mean back in place permanently. If I could come up with the dough, I'd run. You know, I had to take an oath when I took my job, and I took it against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC, and believe me, our domestic enemies far outnumber any "foreign" enemies, and in fact it is so clear that our "foreign enemies" are created by the domestic ones. Yeah, they consider me a domestic enemy. One with a clearance too because I'm clean as a whistle. We MUST get term limits in for all, and I mean ALL offices, especially Congress and the courts, and we must get in real citizens, real patriots, with real beliefs, and real convictions for doing what's right for Americans. We also need to severely prosecute the government ("elected") employees taking money from corporations, especially financial ones like Goldman-Suchs. All foreign influence MUST be eliminated. We must have a constitutional amendment to stop lobbying except by individual citizens (it's called representation) and repeal the part of the 14th amendment that turned our Senate into a joke where our states no longer have any representation. Nobody knows what's better for a state than the state leaders and legislators. We've got to get their appointment back into the hands of our state legislators. Man - so much needs to be changed, but really it'd only take a few Constitution amendments and recension of ridiculous laws and ridiculous amendments that have destroyed our country. First to go needs to be the Fed Reserve Act with a Constitutional Amendment to make certain that the coining and setting the value of money is permanently in the hands of our Congress (and the states via elimination of the popular voting for Federal Senators), so that private billionaire scum can no longer control our economy and we can put it back into the hands of the common man and his real representatives and his state elected officials. There really are just a few simple but major changes that could be made to put America back on the tracks and keep her there. Any, and I mean any corruption must not be tolerated and must be punished with extreme vengeance at the state level even for corruption and bribery of Federal public servants. They need to be held accountable by the State's legislatures who answer to the people. The Federal thugs now answer to nobody except for billionaires, activists, and big finance, big pharma, big energy, and big everything else. These monopolies must be torn down and never allowed to be put back together through acquisitions. Any and all acquisitions must be put under the utmost scrutiny by third part individuals randomly appointed much like juries to stop their shenanigans and their law-breaking control freak thieving. Imagine how we'd all thrive if we just changed these few things! So keep your head up high and don't give up. Go local if you need to in order to get a start. We can go it, but the question is do we have the balls to do it, or will we sit back until they take us for everything we've got until we have to fight back in a bloody civil war? I've much rather do the former - by taking our country back - gluing that one little chip back at a time that was the huge rock, the massive boulder, that made up our rule of law and our honest and integrity as a nation. We can do it, but time is running short, very shorty, and will we do it? Or will we do like I said and wait until we have to shed blood all over the place to get us back to what we used to be; the greatest, most productive, most inventive, and most free country on Earth with the most real ability to go from nothing to being a wealthy but honest man and family! Let us hope we can do it without shedding the blood of the evil ones controlling every aspect of our lives. Yes, some of us G-men are honest, have integrity, and are Fed-up with our "bosses". There are so many of us that really are good, oath-keeping, Constitution loving, liberty loving men and women of integrity and honesty. Don't hate us all, because there are many of us on the inside who would definitely be though of as the enemy according to the current scummy gooberment standards. There are so many of us, so many, and you just have to trust me on that. We do all we can to do right, save money, and do our jobs with integrity and with the utmost care for YOUR (and my!!!) tax money!. The aggravating thing is how at the end of the year, after doing all I can to save money on my programs, I am ordered to blow money, and I mean get rid of it ASAP. We have the budget people riding our asses begging us to get rid of the funds we have left so our budgets don't get cut next fiscal year. This is ridiculous and an affront to common sense. So when I'm demanded to spend the money I've saved for the taxpayers, I always make sure it's spent in a way that I'll have equipment and tools I can really use during the next fiscal year to make our jobs more efficient and our work and programs more efficient and cost effective. This "get rid of the money at all cost" has got to be ended. It infuriates me after I've worked so hard to save taxpayers money, such as by getting free samples of electronic components for my program to do my design work. Some of the parts cost $40 to $100 a piece, and I'll get several free samples for my designs. I could just put in a purchase request and piss away the money, but I'm honest trying to save for all you guys and for my own family. It infuriates me every October. It is inexcusable to have to spend what you got or get less next time. The thing is, when you are working R&D, you are never sure what kind of money you'll have to spend or when you'll spend it, and these budget wonks just don't get it. We should be rewarded for saving money for taxpayers, not punished and asked to piss it away on anything you can think of. This should make you all furious. The work I do results in the creation of deadly systems. I try to justify my work by thinking to myself "well, I'm putting some standoff between somebody's young son or daughter that was needlessly sent off to a "war' than none of use can justify of make sense of, but that's how it is and so I have to work hard to do what I do to make sure your sons and daughter come home in one piece and not with some mind bent PTSD mental disorder. Yeah, I wish I could get out of the gig, but that's the direction I've gone and my work - as a gooberment engineer, has saved MILLIONS over what the major contractor had their chance to do and screwed it up bad. All of my prototypes have worked, and blown theirs out of the water, the first time and every time since. I'm on my third and final prototype in a little over a year, working as the sole design engineer on the project while they had several engineers and millions of dollars and three years to produce a prototype. My design produced two orders of magnitude better sensitivity and several times less system noise. I can't say much else about what it is, but it's not secret stuff, but it is stuff that you got to know what you're doing. What looks good on paper doesn't always work great on a circuit board unless you know what those wires and real parts will actually do on a real circuit board. The objective: Well, the big, big contractor, LM we'll call them - you can figure it out - had their chance. Now lets let the G-man give it a shot and see what we can do. So the G-man, that's me, designed it, selected components, designed the circuit boards, had them assembled, and tested them single-handedly, with a project manager and one contractor to assist with writing computational algorithms while I manned the hardware. So for millions less and in 3 times less time I did it better, cheaper, and faster, than the super-giant LM did it. In fact, their design was so rotten, I wish you could have seen what they had to do just to get some data. I'm talking about some serious rigging. The thing looked like a joke. Mine looks like a finished production ready product. I wasn't one of those straight A - make a 100% on every exam guys without studying. I struggled for that A, and sometimes made a C, but I came out understanding how things work. It's such a shame the government has so many talented engineers and scientist and never let them do anything but push paper. Well, this little project I've done has grabbed the attention of some big boyz up there, and they like it, and they see how fast and how much better I did it than the super-mega contractor, and I expect to be getting much more of this type of work. My design will fly next year and that's unheard of without extensive flight testing and validation, but I have proved that we got the talent - just let us put it to work!!!
Let us all pray that this election makes some changes, and some big ones, but I'm not holding my breath for it. If I do surely my lips will turn blue, my face pale white, and I'll hit the ground, but we can dream, right!??

Correct Views • 6 years ago

Contact me on Facebook. I am at work and did not get to read this with the attention that it deserves. We can likely work together in some way. Facebook me. I am "Correct Views". Please do. I really do not want to lose track of you or your ideas.

A. Good Geeman • 6 years ago

Will do brother.

cmsgtscott • 6 years ago

Nothing will change until money is no longer a factor. The politicians work for corporations and big money, the people do not count.

silly • 6 years ago

Until citizen rights are removed from companies, all DC politicians will be bought and sold for private elite interests.

Granting company super citizenship through law may be the greatest treason ever committed against any people.

joe2 • 6 years ago

That truly is the real problem. Get that money out of their faces being waved around by big corps and we can do something. Until then, we're screwed.

Bruce • 6 years ago

When you think about it, it is the American people that contribute trillions to these guys every year. Collectively, we are the biggest donors to this government, in the form of taxes. We also have the ability to vote the worst of them out. We just need a collective "voice" that actually represents the people.

foreverchanged • 6 years ago

That is the exact definition of FACISM and I agree with you.

G.I. Maggie Thatcher • 6 years ago

When will money not be a factor? 24th century Star Trek era?

snoopdog • 6 years ago

Vote all the "Israel First" incumbents out, and the Bastards that re-enact the NDAA.
They are TRAITORS with anti-American agendas.

Escaped Government Slave • 6 years ago

The media has to hype the election.....because all ad money flows to the media.

The election is the media's Black Friday,

W. Rabbit 300 • 6 years ago

If the White public had the vote on immigration tommorow, they'd vote "NO MORE PLEASE".

If the White public had the vote on assimilation tommorow, they'd vote "NO THANKS, WE LIKE OUR OWN CULTURE".

Anti-Whites don't give them the right to vote on these matters, for obvious reasons; it's because they can't genocide White people if they don't have immigration and
assimilation for ALL & ONLY White countries.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Peter Waine • 6 years ago

It does not matter who you vote for so why do you bother discussing the charade of elections? Pointless... we all know the fix is in before you got up in the morning to go to the voting booth. Democracy is a SHAM, a CON JOB, a FIX. Put it this way if your vote worked THEY WOULDNT ALLOW IT.

joe2 • 6 years ago

Sad, isn't it. We get to pick between the Bilderberg's bad or worse candidate. Democracy is a sham. We need to true republic. But the democracy crowd has taken over haven't they? That's all they talk about - democracy, democracy, democracy when we aren't even supposed to be a democracy. "Spread that democracy!" Democracy- the definition in Webster's should be "the most dangerous form of government comprised of two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner". LOL. That's the truth of it!

RT • 6 years ago

Thank you for speaking the truth.

Guest • 6 years ago
Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

Thugs you think? ~ Or a 'Blue Mafia' dick 'AND' a 'Red Mafia' dick?" ~

foreverchanged • 6 years ago

When questioned a republican congressman when asked if they are going to repeal the Obama Care, and he licked his lips, wiped his hand over his cheek and mouth and said he "thinks they may be able to change a few things in the law"
How bogus is that my fellow Americans?
I have been saying for a long time the republicans and the democrats are one and the same. They are playing us for fools. It is called good cop vs bad cop
They make laws they know you will hate then the public votes in the opposite party for help that never comes because if you look at the votes in congress they all vote for the same things.

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

Solution 1/ ~ 100% Congressional Amnesty for treason since the 1960's ~
Solution 2/ ~ Prearranged 2 billion strong 'Kinetic-energy' weapon genocide pretending to be WW3 followed by a 200 million strong ritual blood sacrifice murder frenzy, then a further 4.6 billion prearranged 'Nuclear' genocide you could sarcastically call WW4, and then everybody tries to get along :(

Chris • 6 years ago

The First Step : Impeach Obama.

Carlos Danger • 6 years ago
cmsgtscott • 6 years ago

This was a vote for change. When cockroaches and root canals are more popular than politicians what do you expect!
The system still has the same problems and to expect anything but business as usual is

diluted insanity.

snoopdog • 6 years ago

It is pretty friggin sad, what has happened to America under the illusive hand of the money junkies -- squeezed between the criminal empires of Zionists and Nazis.

America is hopelessly entangled in foreign agenda and is headed for self-destruction.

Maybe it is time for a council of 40 States governors to dissolve and fire the federal government, and send them packing. They are all a bunch of bankers criminals and crooked lawyers -- people incompetent at running a Nation. Or maybe they should all hang.

foreverchanged • 6 years ago

They should all hang.

Commieobamie • 6 years ago

If you don't vote, you have NO SAY. Even if your vote is frauded, you still tried, and the "polls" will tilt in an AMERICAn way. But if you refuse to cast a ballot against the commie islamo moslim Un-American anti-freedom, P.O.S. obaMAO USURPER and his Reich, then shut your STUPID MORONIC mouth on any other subject because you are a FRAUD and lowlife supporter of the EVIL you rail against!

Revsquirrelmagus666000 • 6 years ago

Is this interesting?
So South Park stresses the importance voting? Hmmmmm...

snoopdog • 6 years ago

Harvard, Princeton and Yale -- the mentality of South Park.

RT • 6 years ago

Maybe no one told you, but VOTING DOES NOT WORK, PERIOD, it never did and it never will. People like you continue to engage in the ceremonial act of "voting", KNOWING full well it's a waste of time and energy, and then have the gall to criticize those who choose NOT to do the same as you? You are a fake, a fraud and a phony, AND you should just stay in bed!

snoopdog • 6 years ago

Maybe voter turnout is the only weapon against rampant election fraud.
Those who give away their vote are ignorant assholes, ready to be shafted.
Some returns take a long time to come in, as the boxes are stuffed with names that didn't even vote. Apathy is a boon to the political mafia.

Revsquirrelmagus666000 • 6 years ago

Work harder worker bee. You yell and slander. Because of voting................
The islamo Muslim whatever you are conditioned to rally against knows how you think and feel. Yep. That is that. That know-sis is the intended result. go vote and wear a t-shirt that expresses your level of whitewash; Wave that flag pal and cherish that constitution written my masons. You should, we all should right.... You'll prob never get it and that's a waste of your usable energy. Don't yell you will think clearer. Your manipulated. Wait you'll like this.....

bradford cutler • 6 years ago

I know most of you are upset with the handling of the Ebola
crisis by this administration and now you are being asked to cast a vote under
this umbrella of uncertainty. This is
quite unfair as there are so many other issues and achievements to consider in
their totality before casting your vote, let me list a few of them if you are
still confused: Benghazi scandal, Fast and Furious scandal, IRS scandal without
any accountability or prosecutions, bank scandals- too many to list but here
are a few of them, laundering drug money, Libor scandal over fixing interest
rates, bail-out and low interest loans (near 0 percent) to the megabanks, unauthorized
use of money from protected private accounts to speculate in the markets (John
Corzine), spying on reporters, spying on congress (bug discovered in cloak
room), spying on other heads of state for “personal dirt” to be used for
purposes of black mail , spying on private citizens for potential blackmail
TBA, general NSA scandals with APB for whistleblower Snowden’s capture,
unauthorized use of force in Libya and elsewhere, drones galore, Obama Care
disaster, aggressive prosecution of all whistle-blowers by Mr. transparency
himself, laws for indefinite detention, incarcerations without notification of
a defense attorney, general foreign policy disasters with too many to list but
including overthrows of sovereign governments worldwide in violation of
international law and treaties, militarized police to confront peaceful protesters, illegal internal
checkpoints complete with dogs and syringes, no border security or health
protocols for those entering the country, massive unchecked illegal immigration, policies leading to the creation of ISIS complete with
beheadings, arming terrorists, VA scandal complete with no prosecutions, those
are reserved for whistle-blowers, support and selectively bailing out of cronies
in private industry (Solyndra- those deemed favorable to the administration),
student loan disaster (profligate spending), no Federal budget. unlawful appointments
of czars and cabinet posts and circumventing congressional authority, illegal
executive orders on a daily basis, shut down of useful power plants in the name
of global warming referred to as settled science, EPA crimes against
individuals, BLM abuses directed toward ranchers to fulfill agenda 21
directives, policies designed to ship jobs abroad yet forcing cities to care
for illegal aliens with their tax revenues, average median income in decline
with home prices in decline. I could go on but this should suffice.

snoopdog • 6 years ago

It is all "par for the course" for a Zionist captured government. The American politicians continue to be desperately dependant on Zionist or Israeli elite election contributions. Israel is the only nation than can murder Americans with impunity. Zionist bankers and mafia work together to be the king-pins in America. The politicians are captured by organised crime, in essence, doing the bidding of foreign empire, rather than their own citizens unless they are corporate donors. Israelis don't "beat the system", Israelis "own the system" -- Rothschilds and their crime bosses. Mortgage securities frauds -- seems like quite a crime to be excused of. Insane financial cabal. And America has become the war mule for Israel via the political subversion

sometingwong • 6 years ago

But if you ask our "King", He will tell you everything is going according to plan....
Liberalism is an absolute mental disorder for which there is NO cure.
Our only hope at this point is to remove some of the cancer and treat the rest will doses of conservative "medicine"......
Your post is right-on!

snoopdog • 6 years ago

"The Day Israel Attacked America"
Al Jazeera investigates the shocking truth behind a deadly Israeli attack on a US naval vessel. (49 minute video)


Consider that people in the White House still had the blood of Kennedy on their hands, when "cover-up" became the priority. When Johnson broke the news, as was his duty, Israel went after him. But eventually a "watering down" form of cover-up took hold.
The Israeli political mafia won again.

Rick • 6 years ago

Tomorrow is the last chance to stifle the political power of Obama during the last two years of his presidency. VOTE REPUBLICAN !

David Silverman • 6 years ago

F the republicans and the democrats! Vote libertarian or stay home.

thetruthhurts • 6 years ago

Why do we need a government to tell us what to do?

David Silverman • 6 years ago

We don't. The problem seems to be that most of the country either hasn't figured that out or they're on the .gov tit and can't let go.

Rick • 6 years ago
Broken Back Mountain • 6 years ago

Get out of here ~ Screw them too ;)
Vote Alex Jones as Austin Sheriff ;)

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

And his half-brother young Marlon Brando as Deputy Sheriff ~

Rick • 6 years ago
Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

Heh-Heh ~ Pretty-safe 'PC' comment there ~ Heh-Heh ~
Like Alex Jones always used to say, he's a "Man's man" ~
(I've no idea what you mean, plus Ron Reagan's horse) ~
(Well, maybe the 'Horse's Hoof's' as the Pommies say) ~

Rick • 6 years ago

" Today , go out there and win just one for the Gipper ! ''