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Larry L. Watts • 10 years ago

Mr. Pacepa,

The “rather fancy villa” to which you refer was the Bucharest headquarters of the Princeton-based and Carnegie-sponsored Project on Ethnic Relations (PER) that I headed as PER’s senior consultant from 1993 through 1997. It belonged to the Romanian Army and not the intelligence service when PER at the time I moved in, and it permitted PER to provide free housing for the various conflict resolution specialists, sociologists and senior police officers from the United States who donated their time and expertise to assist Romania. Some of PER’s efforts are described in the “Biography” section at www.larrylwatts.com.

The villa was indeed magnificent. The generosity of the Romanian state in providing it was a sign of the importance that Romanian leaders gave to the prevention of ethnic conflict in their country and in the former Soviet space. By the end of 1990s, the period to which you refer, I had left PER and was living in a two-bedroom rental.

My book “With Friends Like These: The Soviet Bloc’s Clandestine War Against Romania” (2010) is not “aimed at rehabilitating the despicable Nicolae Ceausescu.” It is about Romania’s behavior as a state actor within the Soviet alliance and internationally, and it examines that dynamic under both Ceausescu and his predecessor, Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej.

Nor do I make the ridiculous claim that the CIA somehow blocked the Romanian dictator from realizing his ‘inner-democrat’ – whose existence you hypothesize, not I. My book focuses on Romania’s struggle for independence from the USSR and the Warsaw Pact’s countermeasures to further entangle it and isolate it from international partners.

On November 23, 2002 I had the pleasure of sitting on the dais behind President George W. Bush when he gave his famous “rainbow” speech. I was invited by the Romanian presidency for my role in PER’s inter-ethnic mediations and for my work on security sector reform and NATO integration. I was also invited to attend by the U.S. Embassy.

Guest • 10 years ago

The article should read "Dark Thing Collin Powell Put Inside His Blonde Romanian Friend"

Guest • 10 years ago

The title should read "Dark Thing Collin Powell Puts Inside His Blonde Romanian Friend"

Elba Saravia • 10 years ago

Another liberal cheater to wife, backstabber to America, he can rot in his filth.

afanaglenn • 10 years ago

Why would a black racist like Powell want a white woman as his wife or girlfriend?

Guest • 10 years ago

He is double minded just like Obama. You can't trust anything that either of them say. Perhaps this site should elaborate a little more on the relationship between Obama and Larry Sinclair!

Guest • 10 years ago

Why would any decent white girl want him?

mcbee555 • 10 years ago

How do you know she's decent? All we really know is she's Rumanian, has a political position in a Rumanian delegation, and is obviously a social climber. Besides, Powell likes to blow his own horn, and she has to be listening.

scooterguy • 10 years ago

I guess I'm just a weak old fart but if a good looking KGB spy like that showed an interest in me I'd go for it and tell her lots of secrets about the USA like Our president is an illegal alien and B O was born in Kenya and his S S # is from Connecticut and he's really a *** Muslim and Hillary is a queer too and so many other secrets it would shock her.

Guest • 10 years ago


AJ • 10 years ago

It's funny nobody ever blames this man for the second gulf war. It was because of his stance during the first gulf war, that we didn't go in and take out Saddam Hussein the first time. There would be no 2nd Gulf War if not for this man. Powell is a liar and a traitor. I wouldn't be surprised if he was feeding secrets to commies and muslims.

Whitemanfromtown • 10 years ago

Colin's girlfriend a Commie? Shocking! Wow was that comment racist? Would I care if it was?

Guest • 10 years ago

Colin Powell is a scumbag, and has been for years and years. His first indication to me was a few decades ago when he was on MTV telling teenagers how to use birth control. He and the rest of the "alleged" Repub's of the time/era, are nothing more than Satanic Masons, Illuminati designed to ruin the world with their demonic end game.

Craig Tarter • 10 years ago

Mellow out about the illuminati and the satanic masons there harrington. As for your dispatch of info about the MTV wreck...spot on friend!

Guest • 10 years ago

The way I look at this is, is Mr Powell still in the military rings, consulting to the government or military, or knowing the current secrets, if not who cares, let him have his fun, I think he has earned it. His many years of service to this country answering to many presidents, and his life put in harms way many times, while looking out for his people under him, if I am wrong here please anyone serving under him speak up. We have president getting extra yardage in the White house, we have presidents lying to the people for there own gain, these are not the things we need to concern our self's, because at present we the USA is turning into the laughing stock of the world, with Obama's temper tantrums and some questionable decisions, and outright idiotic ideas being pushed onto the American people, with Obama's following blindly behind him, we must make these people see that he is NOT this country savior he is one BIG problem for this country. and needs to be removed.

phil • 10 years ago

One of several things we need to be concerned with is his national civilian army. Obama wants it funded equally to the military army. The implantation and direction of this army is covered on obamacare. Peculiar, huh. I checked the certified copy at white-house.org. it is in section 5712 or 5702. Look around but its There!!

FROG75 • 10 years ago

No traction here, the man is black.

wehms2 • 10 years ago

And therefore..........what?

Guest • 10 years ago

And likewise will do anything for some white puddy!

charles1014 • 10 years ago

How much you want to bet that Obama through the NSA was able by blackmail to secure the General's undying loyalty to him. I would not be surprised if Obama arranged this blonde to intercept him.

Black Sea Observer • 10 years ago

"General" Pacepa ("General" in quotations because he never held a military rank, his 3-stars were from the KGB-aligned and much-hated Securitate) stated on national television that at age 84, he continues to run a 5k every morning; "hold his own" in tennis matches; followed by "swimming for an hour after vigorous tennis matches..."

The only thing more laughable than Pacepa's ridiculous, senile claims of athletic prowess are his attacks against President Illiescu, Dr. Ioan Talpes, and Dr. Larry Watts, all of whom have worked tirelessly post-Revolution to enhance the very Romanian-U.S. relationships that Pacepa's tirades consistently attempt to undermine. Pacepa has consistently failed to produce any documentary evidence whatsoever to substantiate his claims, even while the national intelligence archives of seven (7) nations are widely available for serious research. "DISINFORMATION" is right, Pacepa is a master of lies and deception even today. Shame.

Goodthinking • 10 years ago

Unlike many on this forum, I read Dr. Watts's book, "With Friend Like These"... It is a document, based on newly disclosed Warsaw Pact documents, which are marvelously ignored by political leaders in the United States. Those documents indicate, without any reasonable doubt, and can be easily verified, that Romania's foreign policy was very much pro-Western. Romania was also decried by all members of Warsaw Pact as being a detractor in the Soviet Bloc. These are documents, folks. We are not talking about "memories" of an 84 years old agent, or double agent like Mr. Pacepa who remembers odd things (like for example Mr. Pacepa published in 2007 that he executed a prisoner swap between the Vatican and Romania in 1959. The problem is ... he lied. Because the prisoner he pretends he swapped in order to engratiate himself with the Vatican was ... dead in 1954. Augustin Pacha, which Mr. Pacepa claims he swapped had died in house arrest in Romania). But let's move forward. All Mr. Pacepa writes is based on his "memory" and little of that is also supported by documents. In order to gain "credibility" he also writes about true facts, like Nicholson, but that's not an information he held, this is public knowledge since long time ago. I read Mr. Watts' book. At the time Mr. Pacepa defected, eventually to the U.S.A., Romania and Ceausescu were in very good relations with the USA, Ceausescu was appreciated by Carter and his role in negotiating crises was well known. The fact of the matter is, before Mr. Pacepa defected and some time after that, Romania had good relationship with the USA. It was AFTER Mr. Pacepa defected that Romania lost its status of "Most Favorite Nations" ... and the USA basically isolated Romania. Now, let's come back to present time. Romania is in very good relationship with the USA. In fact, the European Missile Defense Shield, that's scheduled to be finalized next year, has one of its most important components on Romanian territory. Russia has continuously and viciously campaigned against it. The Missile Defense Shield built by Americans on Romanian territory is a testimony to the good relationship the countries share today. What Mr. Pacepa's new book does, is to poison this relationship, exactly like his Red Horizons did. In his book, and all throughout these nonsensical articles (with little widely known facts and a lot of personal "deductions") Mr. Pacepa is basically claiming that Romania remains to this day an ally of the Russians, despite the efforts made to be friends. I am sorry, Mr. Pacepa, as a Romanian citizen who follows politics and objective observer, one who also reads ... I must say you have never worked to help Romania, You helped to poison relationship between Romania and the USA. This is obvious already. Also, Mr. Pacepa, you continue to call yourself Lt. General ... you are a Securitate (Secret Police) Lt. G-ral. Why do you keep these shameful grades? In your 27 years working with the Romanian Securitate, there must have been, probably, many times you signed persecutions of political dissidents, to put it mildly. Why do you continue to carry these shameful Securitate degrees? You stated on public television, that you never received a dime from the Romanian Government for your 27 years on the field of work, that you don't receive pension to this day, However, your lawyer called right after you to tell the public that you WERE indeed collecting pension since 2005, that he has the documents to prove it. And, Mr. Pacepa, who made it possible for you to receive this pension, if not Mr. Iliescu Ion Illich, himself? Mr. Pacepa, get real and stop hurting Romania, stop hurting Romanian-American relationship. You've done enough.

acers2 • 10 years ago

And, Goodthinking, you know what I'm about to say is gospel. Romania, houses some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Also, a very beautiful country. :)

Goodthinking • 10 years ago

Beautiful women, beautiful country, intelligent people. No wonder Bill Gates stated that Romanian is the second language spoken at Microsoft offices. I have no patience for this kind of dirty games Mr. Pacepa keeps pushing. Romania and Romanian people have sacrificed a lot to prove to the US that we are a credible and loyal ally. I read the story of a Romanian wounded warrior, lost both legs and left arm in Afghanistan, while securing the routs for the Americans. He was in the US healing at Walter Reed. Visited twice by Obama who thanked him personally. The Romanian people have always showed support and loyalty to the United States. It is a great disservice, and an evil one, that Mr. Pacepa should publish such lies with the clear attempt to poison Romanian-American relationship, among others. How many more proofs of loyalty can Romania show in order to be taken seriously by American Government Officials?

acers2 • 10 years ago

Pacepa, has embarked on an impossible course. He will never poison Romanian-American relations. I know people from Romania and they are some of the most intelligent people. Their ability with languages are phenomenal. One particular Lady friend, speaks/reads/writes 7 different languages fluently. I struggle with English. I was not aware of Bill Gates and Romanian, as second language spoken at Microsoft offices. :)

Just Commenting • 10 years ago

She is very pretty. Colin Powell has excellent taste. Why should conservatives always quit or back down because of scandals? Colin did a good job, what he does in his spare time and not hurt national security, that is his business.

ssilv48 • 10 years ago

I think you need thicker glasses, powell is no help for America.

phil • 10 years ago

When the business/pleasure line gets blurred,,the best personal judgement along with ones virtues can be compromised.History books are full of examples.

Nimadan • 10 years ago

Colin Powell is heterosexual? I had assumed he was another "down-low brotha",

ie you know like Obama.

Guest • 10 years ago

ohh you must not say anything negative about the brown American...... he'll throw that race card out there quicker than you can say Samuel L. Jackson!

pointdan • 10 years ago

Colin Powell is a turncoat and ingrate. Republicans appointed him to all his impressive posts and he in turn, supports the marxist Obama. Why ?? Skin color ?? who knows . . . but he is still a traitor. I would never refer to him as "honorable".

the human condition • 10 years ago

yet, all those republicrats in our offices today evidently support the man child puppet in chief as well.

rifftop • 10 years ago

what better way.......for all time to pull secrets or compromise a high ranking official. Using female bait is as old as it comes. Powell is not any less susceptible. These foreign women are trained and know how to smooze some pressured, powered individual.......and work on his "human instincts" and weaknesses. The bigger problem with Powell was his fake Republican membership and his completely insane support for Obama, no matter how pissed he was at Bush and Cheney. Just shows that even with all his intelligence, experience..........judgement of others is not always a fact.

marcvilla • 10 years ago

This is how politicians who are bought and paid for are kept under control.

WATCHER • 10 years ago

Major Powel did the Mei Lai coverup and never functioned as a soldier again.. Another slimy politician was born.

ADRoberts • 10 years ago

I NEVER considered Colin Powell as a patriot or a good honorable man. He opposed the action in Iraq, openly. He supports abortion on demand. He did not go into combat but sat in the Pentagon and let Stormin' Norman do the work.
Nothing this man says is to be taken seriously. He is no expert on anything. And there is no reason to believe that he did not "consort" with spies. What would have stopped him? His well-known Christian witness? (I am making a joke, even if it is a bad one)

Anita • 10 years ago

Old Colin becomes an honorary Demo and one of the first things he does is jump into the hay with a woman other than his wife. hmmmmmmmmmm

wehms2 • 10 years ago

So.......he obviously held onto at least that one Republican "value," eh?

GEARJAMMER409 • 10 years ago

Colin Powel is still a good soldier and a good representative for America. I trust him more than I do Obama. Obama has done nothing but try to destroy America. I believe Colin Powell would make a better President.

1ukwildcatfan • 10 years ago


pointdan • 10 years ago

Your guy Powell endorsed and supported Obama twice. If you truly believe Obama is trying to "destroy America" - your words - then why do you think a man like Colin Powell who endorsed him TWICE would be a good candidate for anything ???

Truth Seeker • 10 years ago

That's not much of a complement. Anyone would make a better President than ***, even Sponge Bob Square Pants. However I'd have to agree that Powell would make a better President than Sponge Bob, but not by much.

caskinner • 10 years ago

Powell and Obozo are twins separated at birth.

ADRoberts • 10 years ago

What makes you trust him? Really. What did he do? Stormin' Norman was the one who won the war in IRaq.

Jo • 10 years ago

That's funny! Do you know the name of the man they called "Stormin' Norman"? I just learned that one of my State Representatives was called, "Stormin' Norman".

1ukwildcatfan • 10 years ago

His name is Norman Schwartzkoff. I'm not positive about the spelling of his name but you get the drift....

taro • 10 years ago

No one won the war in Iraq... We lost many lives, hundreds of thousands wounded and crippled and spent trillions of dollars for NOTHING!

jmortensen • 10 years ago

Stormin Norman would have , if it hadn't been for Powell .. wanting out .. and why do you suppose ?.. An out right victory would have made Bush the hero, and who would there be for obama to blame, the whole mess on ..
I think obamas destruction of America was planned years before he ever entered the oval office.. satan had plans for this guy before he was born .Only GOD and HIS saving Grace will help us out of this mess ..Folks .. It is time to Turn back to GOD, and the SON HE sent to save our sorry souls ..

1ukwildcatfan • 10 years ago

JMortensen, I agree with you 100% !!

Dawg_em • 10 years ago

"Unfortunately, we have recently learned that a great American patriot
and honorable human being, the esteemed four-star general, Colin Powell,
may have been the target of such an intelligence trap."

Sorry Gen. Pacepa, but none of that is true. Colon Bowell lied to the UN and aided an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation that was a zero threat to us. Hundreds of thousands have died as a result and many more are living in fear of radical Moon worshipers.

I guess a "disinformation" expert just can't help himself.