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Duwayne Josephsson • 7 years ago

And this is the tone of humor which can be so easily misread by the politically correct. In this humor the butt of the joke are the two pathetic clowns whose titles are now 'Former POTUS.' Not the victims or the Bogey-men their over-rated propagandists at the NY TIMES present to an increasingly bankrupt and violent American people.

This is what leads a great nation? The likes of Bill, George W and Barack Insane! Real tough guys. 30,000 Jihadist Al Qaeda derivatives are the greatest threats to FUK-US NATO security in the 911 Year of 2014.

The 21st Century of Perpetual War lead by a collection of Chickenshit Draft-Dodgers and Talking-Head Chicken-hawks. Draft-dodging tough guy John Wayne would be proud.

A nation of sky rocket firing, Hummer driving camouflage wearing assault weapons loving Halo and video game warriors. Punks. A Punktocracy soon to be exposed but psychopathic enough to want to destroy the entire world if it does not get its childish way.

How dare some compare the USA with the Roman Empire! Rome conquered its empire by taking on the powers that be surrounded it. The USA chooses its targets very carefully. A nation of cowards led by Punks. These 3 Punks are the new Mt. Rushmore. These 3 Punks are the example of a superpower? It will not last long, this is all about to implode and thats the only way the world can be rid of this corporate psychopath.

Look dear people, there has never been a graver threat to mammalian life as this corporate entity called the United States of America. It is very willing to unleash its massive arsenal of atomic, biological and chemical weapons on the world. It is already a net exporter of mind pollution posing as popular art, hypertension, diabetes and renal failure. The USA will prove to be to mammalian life-forms whatever was the cause for the extinction of dinosaurs.

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama! May as well have Caligula, Nero and Commodus if that is not to insult those demonized Romans.

freedomis • 7 years ago

Thank you! Tony

jrs • 7 years ago

W: so what do you think of that ISIS running about Iraq and Syria now?

Clinton: My wife would say they are a serious threat to U.S. interests that must be dealt with. And I just keep in the background. I let my wife wear the pantsuits in our household these days you might say.

W: yes you've always had problems keeping the pants on (chuckle), but I expected a slicker answer, how about: "it all depends on what your definition of ISIS is" get it: is is is .... it all depends on what your definition ... (laughing hysterically). Your losing the slickness willy, not up to your old standards.

Clinton: yea, well at least I've never lost a paintbrush in my bathtub drain ...

[really though Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton, with all the money in politics you'd think they'd find more people going for the pocketful of silver at the expense of their soul than just a few families. Maybe the number of deep state plants is far smaller than we ever imagined, endangered species list small]

rosemerry • 7 years ago

Good article, but "one-term wash-outs George Herbie Walkies Bush" lost the election for his second term when he tried to stop the excesses of Israel for a one and only time since Ike, so let's not blame him for one good deed.