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AlienRants • 5 years ago

In other news, the US Department of Education is investigating 55 universities for failing to properly investigate sexual abuse cases.

Hotspur1 • 5 years ago

Oh, the irony.

StraysAbound • 5 years ago

Can we export the whole operation (VOX and PP) to Saudi Arabia --

for free of course, and we'll throw in Wendy Davis, Nancy Pelosi, NOW and the rest of the lot as an additional incentive.

Christine • 5 years ago

please and thank you

Guest • 5 years ago

Central Michigan University isn't on this list.

Also, as VOX's mission seeks to "educate and inform CMU students on what constitutes safe and socially responsible sexual behavior," it seems they would welcome and encourage such investigation.

Vilipender • 5 years ago

At Sextival there is no such thing as sexual abuse. They teach other names for it depending you your mental age.

klediss • 5 years ago

grope a dope, bang the box, oh one can go on and on with this. Im planning on driving my Volvo :-0 up there. how to make balloon animals with condoms , PRT man what a grandee idea. large but in charge, I guess there will be the king and queen of the gala.

Deranged Nemesis • 5 years ago

I assume they'll get around to making some kind of statement saying just that between the "condom races" and rounds of "Name that Kink".

Geeman • 5 years ago

Liberals just think everybody else is as stupid as they are, they needed a three hour class to learn how to put on a condom, so they figure everyone else is just as much of an imbecile.

Gustave Eugene • 5 years ago

They will be next year.

finabiscotti • 5 years ago

yep, and they have Planned Parenthood clinics on most university campuses - and high schools!
Abortions on your lunch hour - or between classes - under the Obama Regime.

Guest • 5 years ago

Perhaps they need to update their count.

Guest • 5 years ago
Marsha Moore • 5 years ago

HEY DUUUUUDE, Rape is about Power NOT Sex.

John Magee • 5 years ago

Yes, on one hand the university libertines want free sex and anything goes behavior, then they are surprised when girls are raped and we have widespread epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases. Unborn babies are considered worthless pieces of flesh by these same people and we imagine our civilization can survive?

ken. • 5 years ago

strange! a leftist government agency investigating leftist universities for leftists committing sex abuse which is a crime mostly committed by leftists

Archie Bunker • 5 years ago

Your TAX Dollars at work, wonder if they will play pin the balls on Boehner.

got243kids • 5 years ago

LOL - Post of the day!

StraysAbound • 5 years ago

No matter what you do, they won't stick.

RobertMN • 5 years ago

Those who treat the power of human sexuality with such recklessness will do the same with human life.

John Jay • 5 years ago

That statement needs to be quoted and burned in the minds of every American. You sir have the mind of Solomon

FiftyVille • 5 years ago

I'm sure they have special snacks planned.

Scooter Van Neuter • 5 years ago

Well there's a mental image forever seared on my brain...

OGU812 • 5 years ago

It's missing the flys.

rangerider • 5 years ago

That is about as good as it can get since it does pass on some meaning:-)

lancasterco • 5 years ago

Will they have Pin the Tail on the Herpes?

Guest • 5 years ago
Ken Johnson • 5 years ago

There are no baby murder factories. Some of you have lower intelligence than gnats.

Forrest Waller • 5 years ago

Ken. Have you forgotten the Kermit Gosnell conviction? Abortion clinics get less public health scrutiny than fast food restaurants. How do you know what they're doing?

Bobby • 5 years ago

Forgotten about the Kermit Gosnell conviction? How can one forget something they haven't heard about in the first place? Gosnell was reported on less than Benghazi.

Ken Johnson • 5 years ago

Gosnell's conviction wasn't about abortion, idiot. God, you people are morons.

Stan the Man • 5 years ago

Gosnell's conviction was ALL ABOUT abortion, Ken. What is wrong with you?

Christine • 5 years ago

Ken is a troll- stop feeding the troll

Ken Johnson • 5 years ago

Wrong, StanW. But, some of you are going to remain idiotic.

Stan the Man • 5 years ago

Gosnell was an ABORTION doctor, that owned an ABORTION clinic.

He was in that clinic performing ABORTIONS when the crimes occurred.

Yes, his conviction was ALL ABOUT ABORTION!

OGU812 • 5 years ago

Can't wait for the movie.

Stan the Man • 5 years ago

I'm not. I read the trial transcript. The horror of what this man did is unfathomable!

Ken Johnson • 5 years ago


Stan the Man • 5 years ago

That is actually the truth, which everyone already knows. Read the trial transcripts if you have any issues.

Or you could try to challenge the FACTS I have posted.

rottenrollin • 5 years ago

and then there's ken, the margaret sanger fan

DanlBoone • 5 years ago

so what was he convicted for?

rottenrollin • 5 years ago

and then there's ken, the sanger fan

Lc Goodfellow • 5 years ago

yeah and screw the "I'm shouting, BS"
go to TBM, and be with the rest of your kind.

Elgeetee • 5 years ago

OK smarta$$, abortion mills.

Ken Johnson • 5 years ago

And? Abortion is legal.

lukuj • 5 years ago

But it is still killing a baby- legal or not.

Stan the Man • 5 years ago

Also, SLAVERY used to be legal too.

Ken Johnson • 5 years ago

False comparison, StanW.

Stan the Man • 5 years ago

Not at all, you claim that abortion is all fine and good because it is legal. Other things used to be legal that we now consider reprehensible.

You are a false intelligence!

RobertandMichelle Sheffer • 5 years ago

False in what way? Your entire argument consist of calling others stupid !