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ldrn • 5 years ago

I tried it out, but they still haven't fixed snap resizing -- compiz has never had this, but unity2d did.

Maybe I should stop complaining and try to fix it myself -- but KDE is just easier. <_<

Michael Zimmermann • 5 years ago

Which problem do you have exactly?

ldrn • 5 years ago

You know how when you move a window, it'll snap to the edge of a nearby window, or the edge of a screen?

When you resize a window with metacity or kwin or openbox, it'll do the same thing -- snapping to the edge of nearby windows or the screen. This hasn't worked in compiz for a while, and always drove me nuts.

Maybe I really should should stop complaining and fix it -- the compiz developers aren't the type to turn down good pull requests... I just always swap and use a different WM. <_< (I *also* prefer the virtual desktop approach to viewports, but that's not a bug nor a dealbreaker for me. :))

Ken Ham • 5 years ago

Do new windows still insist on opening in the top-left corner?

itsjustarumour • 5 years ago

Yes, but you can change the settings - for example to open new windows in the centre of the screen. Install "Compiz Settings Manager" (if you haven't already), then go to "Window Management" > "Place Windows" > "General" Tab > "Placement Mode" and change it to "Centred" or whatever there.

JoeMonco • 5 years ago

You have to install something else simply to have it remember positions when opening new windows? What an f-ing joke!

Ken Ham • 5 years ago

I'm surprised Dieter over on linuxadvocates hasn't weighed in on this, I should bug him to do a review (but then money doesn't grow on trees so maybe he's busy trying to find a job).

AlexSolanos • 5 years ago

Everyone who downloads the torrent, please seed it ;)

Guest • 5 years ago

seeding man i'm reading comments that it may not be the official is it correct?

JJ • 5 years ago

You can download here http://releases.ubuntu.com/...

Michael Ramsey • 5 years ago

Threw both on my seedbox so maybe that will help

Indian_Art • 5 years ago

Thanks Micheal & Nathan,

Getting amazing speeds thanks to good Samaritans like you. I have 'un-throttled' my uploading for today.

woprandi • 5 years ago

14.04 does not seem released yet

Hümayun Okhtar • 5 years ago

it has been released its iso image is available on ubuntu official site

Indian_Art • 5 years ago
Nathan J. Brauer • 5 years ago

It's out and live here:

The website is just a little behind.

Please download using the .torrent and help your fellow Ubuntians by seeding, un-throttled, for as long as possible! :)

Since I'm on a 100Mb/s UPstream connection, I've downloaded all 6 images and am seeding them myself. Hopefully that'll help. :)

islandmonkey • 5 years ago

This is incorrect, 14.04 is not officially released yet.

And to broadcast a warning from #ubuntu-release-party, please stop touching the servers.

bhaismachine • 5 years ago
Djschnei • 5 years ago
kinggo • 5 years ago

Just because of LIM I might give unity another chance.

Balloonair plane • 5 years ago

Thank you for the download! I can not wait to try this!

wollac11 • 5 years ago


Checking for a new Ubuntu release
No new release found

Still waiting...

TheWhitePillDispenser • 5 years ago


wollac11 • 5 years ago

Whoops, yes you are correct. Although until there is an actual update pushed it will make no difference.

Rodalpho • 5 years ago

"It’s no secret that Ubuntu’s Unity interface has its share of
critics, but since its introduction as default desktop back in 2011, it
has, for the most part, been welcomed by the vast majority of users."

This is like saying the vast majority of McDonald's customers like their hamburgers. Well, yeah. People who dislike McDonald's go to Burger King.

Are there actually stats on how many Ubuntu users stick with Unity?

itsjustarumour • 5 years ago

My thoughts exactly, Rodalpho... :)

ARB • 5 years ago

I also question the quoted claim. To "welcome" Unity is one response; "accept reluctantly" is another; and swapping desktops, or even distro is yet another. I used Unity for a few years back when it released, but I don't think I ever really "welcomed" the change -- I just dealt with it until its flaws wore through my patience.

Rodalpho • 5 years ago

I dislike Unity personally, and switched to XFCE after a week (and now cinnamon). I don't blame Ubuntu for pushing Unity; the beauty of linux is its infinite configurability. Don't like Unity? Use something else.

I wish they spent all that dev time on something that isn't an abomination to all right-thinking men, but such is life.

Anyway, I just found that statement questionable.

Benjamin Kerensa • 5 years ago

"As Ubuntu journeys towards its convergent Shangri-La, this release
gives us a final pit stop with the version of Ubuntu we’ve all come to
know and loathe/love.

The codename for the release is apt because, more than ever, we’re
all going to need to put trust in Canonical and the army of Ubuntu
developers as the core components of the desktop undergo a revolutionary

You should give readers another post about what some of those revolutionary changes that are being discussed.

Tom • 5 years ago

"...revolutionary change." LOL
It sounds like the fan-boy lost track of reality.

JoeMonco • 5 years ago

The "revolutionary" changes are to try to copy the Motorola Atrix.

Honza Kolín • 5 years ago
Roiikka Ta • 5 years ago

bare bones no firefox gives it a more open sourced thing to it ..

Lilian A. Moraru • 5 years ago

"no firefox gives it a more open sourced thing to it" - lol, such nonsense...

Roiikka Ta • 5 years ago


Jesus Bejarano • 5 years ago

"open sourced thing"? How cute(sarcasm).

Roiikka Ta • 5 years ago

ok lets everybody pick on roi'ikka-ta lol ..

SLM82 • 5 years ago

Can't wait till i get home from work to upgrade

Andril • 5 years ago

release or pre-release?

Indian_Art • 5 years ago

Final release.

Indian_Art • 5 years ago

D/Ling it by Torrent & its super super fast. So fast even when there are more leachers than seeders.

229 seeders & 335 leachers.

The only 'problem' will be the actual downloads will be grossly underestimated because of so many people not downloading it from the official website.

Manoj • 5 years ago

Come on....There's no new release yet... I am not sure what the torrent is ?? and if it is released why is it not in ubuntu website ?

Indian_Art • 5 years ago

If you are using Ubuntu 13.04 or 13.10 then you can easily download 14.04 by clicking Joey's blue torrent link on top.

In your Download Folder look for "ubuntu-14.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent" double-click it.

Agree to the pop-up from Transmission, which is a "fast and easy BitTorrent client" that comes built-in Ubuntu.

Your Ubuntu ISO will download to your Download Folder.

Good luck & Enjoy!!! :)

Prashanth Sekar • 5 years ago
dvanzo • 5 years ago

Hi!, I'm in 13.10... To proceed with an upgrade is it recommended to disable first all the ppas I have?

Stephen Webb • 5 years ago

The upgrade tools will do that automatically.

dvanzo • 5 years ago


Mateusz Stachowski • 5 years ago

Update Manager will disable PPAs automatically.

However there are some PPAs which should be purged before upgrading. This includes all the ones that have xorg (like xorg-edgers and xorg-updates) packages and GNOME (like GNOME3 Team or GNOME Testing).

Look at for example of GNOME3 Team PPA description:

Before upgrading your system to a new Ubuntu release (i.e. from Ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10), you should probably run ppa-purge ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3 first.
dvanzo • 5 years ago


ad • 5 years ago