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Kornél Ádám • 5 years ago

I've been experiencing with some linux distros, however I'm always switching back to the OS we do not speak about :] I do like the freedom these guys have to offer, but it lacks almost everything that a casual user requires. The graphical interface in my opinion is sooo cold and it feels abandoned to work with, you need to know the basics of terminal navigation to be viable in this enviroment. You need to google a LOT even for the basic things, and it soaks up TIME!

It was good for me: Privacy, Facebook, security.

Bad/too complicated stuff for casuals: Text editing, in-depth customization, gaming, video playback "smoothness", and finally CREATING A BOOTABLE NTFS USB, that was the most painful part of all as I had Ubuntu 14.10 a sole OS on my desktop, I would never make a mistake like that again.

balcobomber25 • 5 years ago

You should give Zorin, Linux Mint or Peppermint OS a try. All three have a Windows like look to them and all three are very easy to use coming from a Windows environment. There is a bit of a learning curve with Linux but once you do learn it you will never want to go back to Windows and will dread anytime you do have to (the only reason I still use is for gaming, but Steam is changing that!).

Dave La-whozaher • 6 years ago

14.04 x64 is my first full time linux OS and i have to say that its a learning curve and different. HOWEVER,,,,,It's been easier for me to learn than windows 8!. i also love the Office suite that comes with it. Adding programs is easy with the software center. Making my old programs run on it is really neat and also easy using PlayOnLinux and Wine. I LOVE the fact that it plays my Blu-Rays without me having to Buy expensive software. And i feel good knowing i am using programs that are actually installed on my PC as opposed to having to pay Microsoft to use a program based on their cloud somewhere.
I also like the fact i can install my old 32bit programs and they still function.
Currently only two things concern me a bit. One is Microsoft's collaboration with Adobe and the stopping of flash support for newer Linux kernels.The internet is so very flash dependant now and some players wont work if they don’t read that you have the latest version.
The other thing that bothers me is ATI's complete failure to support the new Kernel for older graphics cards (HD4000 series and below) Ubuntu's generic drivers work well except in gaming where pixel hunting often accrues but thats ATIs fault not Ubuntu. Kudos for Nvidia for keeping up the support for new Linux kernels in older cards. This many year ATI fan , may be about to turn to Nvidia.

Failed at Human • 6 years ago

Also changed in 14.04 vs 12.04:
- No more tree on the left pane in Nautilus
- No more right click to format in Nautilus
(Just two things picked up by a very regular PC user I help from time to time.)

Still annoying:
- Nautilus: If something is not owned by you, you're left in the hands of the command-line, no "enter admin password" dialog yet.
- Shotwell: will rename and in so doing mess up your whole professional photo library, without prompt.
- Installer: will mess up any bootloaders in its way - and also scan and add OSes on drives that may not be part of your production machine, even from flash media.
- General: When booting off USB, suspend mode will kill your system as the root drive disappears during suspend.

andy • 6 years ago

add cinnamon session to ubuntu it rocks!!

Luis Carlos Reyes • 6 years ago

Super question, It is still coming with the horrible orange theme unchangeable by default ?

Man I really like Ubuntu but for this reason I had to change to Kubuntu, I know there are a lot of ways to change this awful theme but at the end makes the system unstable...

Ricky Rademakers • 5 years ago

The menu bar now changes color depending on your background (the transmission looks pretty rad too). Furthermore itś kind of orange yeah but you have always been able to change that.

andy • 6 years ago

just lookup stable sources lazy dude

Guest • 6 years ago
Eliseu Carvalho • 6 years ago

It's OK that you don't like the OS, but wait... Calling other people "idiot" just because they like it? That was really unnecessary.

Renan da Silva • 6 years ago

I'm loving the ubuntu 14.04, I updated with the image without any problems, the installation kept all of my files and software :D

Wang Eric • 6 years ago

That's the basic thing it shoule do ...

Unity is horrible, slow and the menu is do not a real bottom dock. unity is mothfkr ..... elementary menu is good, Unity is prolixous whrere are my apps, information information and information, my apps owwwww my apps are sleeping in the menu.

Stuart Brown • 6 years ago

I'm sticking with 12.04. I have nothing against 14.04, but 12.04 works solidly for me (I use it as my main business OS) and with another 3 years of support to go, I adopt the "If it isn't broken, don't fix it" approach.

Dave La-whozaher • 6 years ago

i understand your feeling for sure. i was an XP Pro user for over a decade. it always did what i needed it to do. but now there are certain programs i needed to do specialized tasks and there was no XP 32 bit support offered . And Microsoft no longer sells a retail version of Windows7 it is only available in OEM and can be installed on only one computer. Switching to Linux i thought would be too hard, but it turns out that Ubuntu is learnable and has brought new life to my older hardware for no cost whatsoever. i also like the fact that my Ubuntu 64bit also can run my older 32bit programs.

Damian • 5 years ago

Ubuntu has always been "Linux for newbies". Have fun with your new OS.

Detective#27 • 6 years ago

Argh i am having a such an hard time dual booting with Windows 8.1 v.v

The error I get when trying to boot to Ubuntu is:

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the
cause. To fix the problem:
1. Insert your Windows Installation disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your language settings, and then click "Next."
3. Click "Repair your computer."
If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer
manufacturer for assistance.
File: \ubuntu\winboot\wubildr.mbr
Status: 0xc000007b
Info: The application or operating system couldn't be loaded because a
required file is missing or contains error.


Fatriff • 6 years ago

You need the 64 bit version for everything to work correctly. It won't work with 32-bit Ubuntu on machines with pre-installed Windows 8.

Good answer here..


Ricky Rademakers • 5 years ago

the Ubuntu website actually says that when you want to download Ubuntu too.. guess people don like to read?

Boris Karl Schlein • 6 years ago

Well... the Ubuntu web apps. I'm using Google Chrome and I pin my Chrome Apps like Gmail to the "applications menu". Works like a charm.

Hadrian Embalsado • 6 years ago

Testing a live DVD of this.

is it going well?

Hadrian Embalsado • 6 years ago

It is! As long as I use the 32 bit one.

EXSHINIGAMI • 6 years ago

I like it, it works like a charm . no problem until now .

calden74 • 6 years ago

There is always one thing in a new Ubuntu version that isn't finished. I don't know if it's because their deadline is considered more sacred than shipping a finished product or that they just don't care. My big gripe for this version, when I went to install Steam in the Ubuntu Store, the install button says Buy, huh, I thought Steam was free, whatever, so I clicked on Buy, your not going to believe this but its asking for my Ubuntu One account credentials to continue the purchase. I thought Ubuntu got rid of Ubuntu One and why isn't Steam a featured app, very sloppy design work here forcing me to search for it, which when I did it brought up two apps by the name Steam, one works the other does nothing, confusing. I get that not everyone will use Steam but there's no denying it's a major selling point for Linux OS nowadays, burying it inside the store isn't very smart nor is having a Buy button instead of just install. Steam is defiantly one of the reasons why I installed Ubuntu on my new Dell XPS X51, which by the way is a fantastic little gaming machine. Another thing that still drives me crazy is looking for apps, if you don't know the name of the app you want expect a lot of scrolling. Still playing with it but so far its pretty much the the same as the previous release and the one before that and the one before that.

Jeňa Kočí • 6 years ago

Isn't Steam proprietary app? I mean the Buy button is there probably only because of this reason - same for 2X remote desktop client, which is also free and also wanted my Ubuntu One account. And by the way, they are getting rid of the cloud storage service and not the whole accounts thingy (as they are still used elsewhere, e.g. on forums).

adi • 6 years ago

"Another thing that still drives me crazy is looking for apps, if you don't know the name of the app you want expect a lot of scrolling." You have filtering options when chosing App Scope-> Filter Results->Choose category(1 or more categories at the same time). Don't mean to be offensive. The 2x Steam application is a bit frustrating, when I first installed Steam via Software center I thought the same thing about the buy button.

Jan Polášek • 6 years ago

I'm not sure what's wrong, but I still have one huge problem with Ubuntu and 14.04 made no difference - apps take ages to load. I never experienced anything similar on distros other than Ubuntu or Mint. Now I have (on the same hdd) almost one year old installation of elementary, filled with bloat and trash that I accumulated while using, and two days old installation of Ubuntu 14.04, but Chrome still takes two times longer to open on ubuntu than on elementary. Elementary Switchboard takes 2 seconds to open, Ubuntu Control Panel takes 10 seconds. And the same goes for almost every app. This miserable slowness of Ubuntu was actually the reason why I ditched Ubuntu when 13.04 came out.

Lewis Davenplop • 6 years ago

That is because Elementary comes with a pre-loader pre installed whereas Ubuntu does not. You can however install a pre-loader to get similar elementary speeds

Jan Polášek • 6 years ago

elementary's using preload, which is one of the main packages (among chrome, sublime etc.) I'm installing while setting up every distro I try. Ubuntu is considerably slower even when using preload

Putra Eka • 6 years ago

how about the hibernate is available on laptop or netbook?

Bart Willemsen • 6 years ago

For me it works really good. It goes to sleep when closing the laptop lid and when I open it up again, it starts again in like a second. I don't even need to press the power button.

Putra Eka • 6 years ago

Well, never work on hibernate since 13.10, and unity gave me creep on my battery laptop and slow everything. But, I overcome with install either gnome classic or lubuntu desktop

FXOjafar • 6 years ago

The good? Razer Megalodon 7.1 surround headphones now work out of the box! :)

Paul Miles • 6 years ago

Mostly good, but one problem - my brightness fn keys stopped working when I updated to 14.04 (Acer 8471). On the plus side, the error messages which appeared every time I switched on my laptop have disappeared, and it runs much more smoothly.

Barnabas Gavin Cangan • 6 years ago

This might help you with you brighness problem

Federico Avila • 6 years ago

Desde que nació siempre dije lo mismo: detesto Unity. Lo único que me interesa de Ubuntu son sus derivados...

MoChaMan • 6 years ago

English Translation: Ever since it was born, I've said the same thing: I Hate Unity. The only thing that interests me about Ubuntu are it's derivatives...

Ankur • 6 years ago

Tried to upgrade from 12.04 but faced some errors. Fortunately I has seperate /home partition. Did a fresh install. All data safe.

Love 14.04. Its seems fast, polished, clean & stable. Donated. Thank you all the community members.

Nothing is perfect, be it OS X or windows. Neither is Ubuntu. But its still very good OS. I use it mainly as it solves 90% of my needs.

frodo wiz • 6 years ago

I want to thank all developers for their fantastic work. Ubuntu, xfce, gnome, nouveau and everyone else. I recently built a gaming rig to replace my old ubuntu pc. High end for longetivity where possible. Loaded up the dark mod, tux cart and every fps out there ran them on max /ultra ettings and was blown away by the smoothness. Went to make me a sandwich and realized as I took a bite, that I forgot to install the nvidia drivers. It was all noveau. So I installed the driver and can't even make my graphics card sweat. All down the line, every bug stomper to every coder to every tester-thank you for your passion. It seems almost sweetly illegal to run xubuntu now. No one should have this much happiness.

Aam Aadmi • 6 years ago

is it me or has booting time significantly decreased in 14.04? my system is booting up to the login screen in 15 sec max. !

Jason Espin • 6 years ago

15 seconds? My Windows 8.1 takes 5.

Fatriff • 6 years ago

Ubuntu takes a couple of secs as well if it's hibernated like Windows 8.

Jorge S. • 6 years ago

Because your Windows 8.1 isn't powered off. It is hibernated.

Jason Espin • 5 years ago

Actually no. It is powered off. Actually, on my new machine with an SSD it only takes 3 seconds to boot.

calden74 • 6 years ago

No, my Windows 8.1 tablet takes about 7 seconds to start from a cold boot. 15 seconds is still fast though.

Steinar Myrvang • 6 years ago

On his computer?

Rael Gugelmin Cunha • 6 years ago

Yeap, a way faster in 14.04 here too!

Guest • 6 years ago

Did anyone find 14.04 heating up your laptops?
12.04 ran without any issues.

Suman • 6 years ago