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Ryan Tinker • 5 years ago

Why did this go off the air after three episodes? It was a good show & that sucks & to find out there's another nine that we didn't even get to see. Wth!

capt • 6 years ago

Just watched 3-6 on Discovery in U.S., it's a good show, I hope to see more. I think there is 10 total?

Alex • 7 years ago

here you can watch http://www.youtube.com/watc...
and http://vk.com/siberianroule... In Russia show fifth series...
Alex Saint-Petersburg

Guest • 7 years ago

Looks like we were dooped again by Discovery...

Dakota North • 7 years ago

So no mods from Discovery want to answer WHY this show stopped airing? It looks like there were a couple more episodes in the can according to RageTV - so Alaska Bush pooples disappear then this show comes on and then *poof*?? It's gone? No explanation? Frustrating..

Alex • 7 years ago

My dad used to have logging business in Siberia. When I was having holidays at university I helped him out to run it. I know that there are tons of situations in logging operations which would be very interesting to watch, especially with nature in the background.
After watching to Gold Rush I was thinking of making a show like this one in Siberia because connections are still there, but Discovery were faster.
From my experience, they might have cancelled the show because Russian crew in the team showed too much Russian business reality. Nobody would do it in Russia if they wanted to make money. Anyway, the show is a good idea and I can image that the show would last many seasons.

SweetPeach84 • 7 years ago

I'm so sick of these networks canceling my favorite shows. You show 3 episodes and then cancel the show WHAT IS THE POINT IN THAT??? Maybe one of these streaming sites will pick it up unless there's a freaking copyright and/or confidentiality agree. You definitely dropped the ball on this one Discovery.

nikki • 7 years ago

Really!?!?! Why drop this show and not naked and afraid..

tiffanymj1 . • 7 years ago

no viewer etiquette Discovery Channel... f#%!ing RUDE!!! atleast play the the show online. choose a video player. get your rocks off with commercials. play the entire season. VERY SLOWLY REGAIN VIEWERS TRUST AND COMMITMENT BACK!

df1980 • 7 years ago

I feel why should I bother watching anymore shows the Discovery Channel produces cause you never know when they are gonna cancel the show you started watching and got to liking. So I feel it's just better to avoid Discovery Channel all together so I don't have to deal with this crap anymore! If anyone from the Discovery network reads these comments you will clearly gather you guys have FAILED your viewers but maybe you guys are just such a large tv network that our opinions do not matter one bit.

Jennifer Lawley • 7 years ago

NOT HAPPY AT ALL ABOUT SIBERIAN CUT BEING CANCELLED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON!!!!!! Thanks for the warning discovery. A lot of us disappointed viewers I'm sure will find programming on channels with consistency and THE VIEWERS are TOP priority.

Richard Dauplaise • 7 years ago

Way to go Discovery for once you had a quality program called Siberian Cuts...you canceled the show well I'm canceling you I'm removing you on my cable box. Who's the damn IDIOT that makes the these decisions...FIRE THEM!!!! Goodbye Discovery it's been a nice ride... you keep stupid programs like Cash Cab yeah right quality entertainment.

Cabanon • 7 years ago

they could at least finish off this season before dropping it. it was completed anyway. why drop it so soon ? even if pure Americans drama queen, the show was still good.

Michelle Burt • 7 years ago

what happened to the show? Was it dropped? I am going to be seriously pissed I love this show!!!!!

tjaden • 7 years ago

What happened to Siberian Cut, it was great or did the Russian have issues with you filming in Russia

Myth • 7 years ago

Discovery Channel, What happened to Siberian Cut? If your going to cancel a show, at least you could give a heads up to your fans. This is bull s@#! Naked and Afraid sucks by the way.

ngs4509 • 7 years ago

Agreed. (about Naked and Afraid) So many of these "good" channels seem to be "selling out"..for want of a better term. Look at TLC. The Learning Channel? What do you learn on that channel? I like Discovery, Nat Geo, Science Channel and the like, but I'm also real glad we have PBS! Frontline, Nova, American Experience, etc. It's too bad the bottom line is about making money. (on cable networks) Naked and Afraid? Seriously? C'mon..

Such BS not even a peep about it being cancelled. This is quite odd I thought most shows get 6 episodes . I liked the dynamic and was looking forward to seeing the Americans working together with the Russians as a team .

chris dunn • 7 years ago

my dvr is now set for naked and afraid at 10 no siberian cut, so 3 episodes and its gone wow!! I thought its not uncommon for the discovery channel to skip aweek but apparently the show is gone, They stopped showing promos for the show also?

tiffanymj1 . • 7 years ago

I agree. I love this show.... Sean should call me. I would love the chance to take on Siberia. A crash course in machinery would be necessary though. Sean hit me up!

ArtDaless • 7 years ago

Where'd it go??? Had it on my DVR for tonight, then it disappeared.

Heather Corriveau Rexin • 7 years ago

Keep this show going!! These guys have given up so much, and are trying so hard to make better lives for themselves and their loved ones. DON'T GIVE UP ON THEM!!!

Bill Vann • 7 years ago

Bity, AZ speaksring on Every exciting Episode and try to get it back in Prime-Time All of our Friends and Neighbors Love Sean and the Crews---Sun C

anthony matthews • 7 years ago

What happened to the show? I really want to know what will happen to those men.

ArtDaless • 7 years ago

Guess they skipped a week. My DVR's set for next Tuesday.

Dude it's not on tonight . Naked and afraid on.