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solerso • 5 years ago

"Offer quoted the economist Milton Friedman: “The ethical principle that would directly justify the distribution of income in a free market society is, ‘To each according to what he and the instruments he owns produces.’ ”

If this is true - and I suspect its not because polemicist Chris Hedges had so much to do with it..then super.. Because too obviously, Freidman was all too wrong (also, a big dick)..By Uncle Milty's logic (sorry Mr. Berle) Any goon with a band of savage thugs and some heavy weapons has every moral right to conquer the world and murder the rest of us - not only that but we will have DESERVED what we got..now Ayn Rand espoused this kind of narcissistic drivel, but Hayek? Nozick ?really?

hk909 • 5 years ago

So many people nowadays on the web are making hay opposing the spurious concept of "Just Desserts" that they overlook one of its most powerful components. The godfather of "Just Desserts" is not economist Adam Smith but cleric John Calvin. Calvin's spiteful and spurious concept of "Predestination" was the greatest gift to oligarchy since the Story of Job. In Calvin's religious dogma, being rich was proof of being one of God's chosen; wealth was basically a one way ticket to heaven.

As to Job, his Story is one of the most insidious ever told. Not because he was stricken by God; but because, of all his afflictions, it was the loss of his wealth which turned his friends against him. Once God restored his wealth and prestige within his community, all was well. A Happy Ending to a despicable tale of unfettered God-greed.