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Mr. S. Wolf Britain • 6 years ago


To think that the world, and the U.S. military, are full of "animal-people" like this. They are the ones who become the generals, colonels, majors, captains and lieutenants, often not doing the dirty work themselves, but getting the sociopaths and psychopaths like themselves, who work for them, yet with the blood directly on their hands, to do it for them. These are the apparently "fine, upstanding citizen" serial killers like Ted Bundy, who secretly murder "in their spare time"; but, in the case of the Generals and so on, do it as part of their full-time jobs, and are lauded, praised and honored by most of U.S. society for it. As far as we know, they don't come home to go on to secretly serial-murder people, but they already got away scot free with mass-murdering thousands, if not millions, of innocent people. And then, to add insult to injury, putting it mildly, they get honored, praised and lauded for it. They supposedly did their duty for their country. They supposedly saved the "exceptional", "superior", "indispensable" American lives in the process of mass-serial-murdering the "dispensable", "inferior", "unexceptional" people in droves. Makes one proud to be a "'Mer'kan", doesn't it? NOT!

What a country! What a world! There's always some "other" to mass-murder. And most of those who carry it out, and their fellow-citizens, can rationalize it, condone it, and supposedly "excuse", "justify", and "legitimize" it because they've been bamboozled to believe that it's all "necessary"; while, little do they know, it is only "necessary" for corporate-fascist globalism and the subjugation and enslavement of the entire world.


intbydes • 6 years ago

Jesus Christ.

starlight • 6 years ago

You are missing a BIG point. Psychopaths CAN and DO influence those around them. The influenced ones will act psychopathic too. It is a matter of being BORN (essential) psychopath or by being influenced by the psychopath and their ideas.

veganpeace • 6 years ago

To see the documentary "Obey" based on Hedges' 'Death of the Liberal Class', scroll down to the 10th movie here:


Anonymous • 6 years ago

Definitions from antiquity take the term "polite" in society from the Greek word for city "Polis" and derives therefrom the very meaning of the word politics. The opposite word is "Barbaroi," or Barbarian, for all uncivilized and equivalent human beings is the term used for enslavement of undomesticated human beings beginning through the Greeks. This makes a clear and distinct difference when dealing with how mislead people are when politics is more barbaric than actual barbarians.

Third WorldKraphole • 6 years ago

How about an interview with the murdering AMERIKAN scumbags from the infamous Wikileaks video released by Manning? You know, the one that shows Amerikan P'sOS GUNNING DOWN two Reuters' reporters and several others while they LAUGH, even as they murder the crew of an AMBULANCE that comes to help the wounded from the first attack.

rdzk • 6 years ago

Garrotting -- not new, widely used against the jews in the Spanish Inquisition.

Cap'n Carny • 6 years ago

widely used against everyone(Jews, Protestants, and Muslims) who resisted the Catholic church during the Spanish inquisition. This is what unchecked and unregulated power does as a matter of necessity. And American conservatives make the ever so common mistake of believing that such things could never happen in America despite the fact that such things did happen 100 years ago. And it was a matter of American policy. i.e. slavery and manifest destiny.

ryan_langemeyer • 6 years ago

Oh, those silly little wars against anything and everything communist that the CIA had so much fun with over the years since WWII. Asia, Central and South America, Africa, and the Middle East. How nice it is to have so little memory of them.


The War Crimes of those adventures are beyond belief. The article above barely touches the tip of the atrocities iceberg. They were done so that you Americans (I am an expatriate American, and so a former beneficiary) could buy stuff cheap, could live better than all others, could have the best toys, could suck the world's oil through the engines of all those pretty cars and trucks and SUVs.

You made your choices. You preferred to not see what was being done in your name. Your jobs were sent overseas. Your education system is being dismantled. Your "Commons" is being sold out from under you. Your infrastructure is old and falling apart. Your Empire is slowly and assuredly collapsing. Your currency is being destroyed from within. Blowback from all of those lovely wars is your karma. You will live more and more like the Third World, more and more in fear, more and more without basic services...... and you won't like it one bit!

placertogo • 6 years ago

I am an American still living in the American Gulag and you are quite right, we are not liking it one bit!

Mr. S. Wolf Britain • 6 years ago


And it's only just begun. All hell on earth is about to break loose because most "Amerikans" won't rise up non-violently, en masse, and stop it.