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flerp • 4 years ago

Name the schools and show the evidence. Pretty simple.

Tim_Parent • 4 years ago

I call on Scott Stringer to audit these claims.

I've said it before: set up an 800 number and website so these numerous parents of kids who are being counseled out (but don't want to report it to NYSED or SUNY) can report it completely anonymously (they would need to provide evidence that they have a child who was enrolled in a charter school, of course).

Larry Littlefield • 4 years ago

(They would need to provide evidence that they have a child who was enrolled in a charter school, of course).

Those being pushed out of district schools couldn't call the number?

nycdoenuts • 4 years ago

Merriman said that the center had “no evidence” that charters counseled out students before testing.

He's right. Charters counsel students out at the end of October, once funding is locked in for the year and they money stays with the charter after the student is counseled out. They don't wait until test time.

James Merriman • 4 years ago

This is not correct. Under state regulation, specifically 8 nycrr 119.1, charter school per pupil amounts are calculated based on attendance and not on a count day/BEDS day structure as in the case for districts and how their state aid is calculated. If you read the regulation, you'll see the process for making that calculation and adjusting for increases and decreases in enrollment (based on actual attendance) each bi-monthly payment period with a final true-up at the end of the year.

FC White • 4 years ago

Nice try, Mr. Merriman, but your smoke and mirrors bit, couched in bureaucratic BS is absolute nonsense.

You DO push kids out and you do it in a way that makes it difficult, if not impossible to track and prove. Do you think we parents and taxpayers who are paying attention aren't on to you?

Your pathetic excuses and attempts to obscure and confuse us just won't wash, Mr. Merriman. They just won't wash.

NYC Educator • 4 years ago

If you can't trust a paid advocate, who can you trust?

Guest • 4 years ago

I suggest the NYC Charter School center consider a lawsuit for defamation.

FC White • 4 years ago

They WOULDN'T and COULDN'T do that, because they would lose and they know it. Easier to "Hit And Run" in typical Charter Scam Style, knowing that the news cycle will move on by the time the NYC schools have taken the time and energy and human resources to produce a verifiable report---which they could, without a doubt. Those of us paying attention know this strictly from personal experience and a plethora of anecdotes.

But in a court case, there NYC schools would have adequate time to get this done and Merriman and his cohorts would be left with their shorts down in front of the world.

And their billionaire backers would NEVER tolerate that.

johny appleseed • 4 years ago

charter schools are a complete farce..they are filled with people who came over from the recession from various jobs and they were kicked out...so, what do they do, come to the nyc school system and say hey here is a place we can hang our hat..so you now have these losers from other industries coming into education and thinking they are going to save the world..Piece of crap is what they are believe me..money sucking excuses of humans...basic john smoes...

heights res • 4 years ago

After working as a teacher and administrator in public education all around NYC for 34yrs, I KNOW that students regularly appeared at local, neighborhood schools as over-the-counter transfers on Nov 1, the day after school budgets were set for the year. Not one or two students, sometimes up to 10-15 students, per school. Long ago they came from parochial and/or exclusive private schools - in more recent years, almost all from charters. We're talking general ed and special ed, all grades. It's common knowledge among public school educators. The duplicitous "shock" at the Chancellor's comment is sadly humorous - reminds me of a very famous gambling scene in the movie, Casablanca....

vanna • 4 years ago

The charter school sector is a private side show that keeps looking up to the big dog - public schools - and will do anything including throwing kids under the bus or defend any type of critique of how charters operate. Any teacher who works at a charter school is working for peanuts and a bag of books while the operators are sucking up millions.. Only the weak of mind are fooled by the smoke and mirrors.

a.g. • 4 years ago

data from Farina on what's going on with transfers out of Boys and Girls would also be useful!

parent010203 • 4 years ago

I think the DOE is trying to copy the "best practices" of Success Academy. Isn't that what Success Academy keeps telling them to do? At Boys and Girls High School, all those students left "voluntarily", just like the ones at Success Academy did.

Anonymous • 4 years ago

A former teacher colleague of mine left to become a Special Education supervisor for Democracy Prep Charter Schools. During first year in that role, I was contacted for suggestions about how to discuss with a parent that the school might not be the "best fit" for the student. I am not so close with this former colleague anymore.

Here's your proof that they "council out" special education students.

gdecker1 • 4 years ago

Democracy Prep was actually one of the networks found to have the highest attrition rates in Schoolbook's 2012 analysis.

Tim_Parent • 4 years ago

Need more info.

If the children in question would be best served in a self-contained or D75 setting, then these "best fit" conversations aren't any different than the ones that happen at a huge number of district schools.

FC White • 4 years ago

Oh, nice try, shill. How much are they paying you to post here and defend their attempts to privatize all public schools?

Tell them they're wasting their money. Anyone can cut and paste. You're disgraceful.