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Tom Howk • 4 years ago

As a follower of Christ ; tattoos are something I have always struggled with.
In my former life I was a tattoo artist and I always used my art to bring attention to myself. ...Look at me everybody look what I can do...
But as a follower of Christ I gave it up because I was doing it for all the wrong reasons.
Its been 20yrs now and the more I learn about Gods grace the more I am able to appreciate the art and love the people. For some its all about the attention it brings to them but for some it really is an expression of who they are and the memories and experiences they want to share with the world...Only God knows their hearts and why they do what they do , its not my job to judge (Thank you Jesus) but to love them right where they are. Jesus didn't wait for me to get cleaned up before he accepted me or I would still be dead in my sin. "The Father showed His great love for us in that while we yet sinners, Christ died for us....

Gino • 4 years ago

Revelations 19:16 reads - on His robe and on His thigh He has a name written, “KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.”

Maybe Jesus has a tattoo too .... I don't believe it matters. I mean unless you have some kind of satanic symbols, or words.

If inking your skin can undo him dying on the cross for you, then he is not worthy of worship. He is, because it is Finished.

Shannon O'Donnell Smith • 4 years ago

Amen to that Gino! God doesn't see our flesh he sees our born again spirits. And you are so right. We can never out sin or out ink our bodies enuf to undo God's grace!!

Wayne Doutt • 4 years ago

The word Tattoo is Polynesian and that art form is not what is referred to in the Old Testament. there are many more recent translations that use that word. The reference is to the practice of "Marks for the dead". In the middle east at that time it was a common pagan practice at funeral cremations for mourners to cut themselves and rub the ashes into the cuts to leave a permanent mark, so the person would carry the deceased with them for the rest of their lives. Believers in Yahweh were not to practice this custom

Keith Schiffner • 4 years ago

give up these idiots know "THE TRUTH" and being true beweevers wont let facts get in the way of their fantasy.

KenPrescott • 4 years ago

I almost got a tiger tattooed on my butt.

Fortunately, my then-girlfriend reminded me that I was drunk, and convinced me to wait until I was sober before making the final decision.

My wife, if she ever meets that woman, is going to thank her profusely.

Tina Brown • 4 years ago

LOL! That is funny!!

Davy Buck • 4 years ago

If you got your tattoo in a back alley in some 3rd world country as a Marine while bombed on cheap liquor, where a guy with rotten teeth used green ink and needles dipped in whiskey (at least it looked like whiskey) for disinfectant and it hurt like h*ll, then I think there is some mystique (still not real smart) and macho manliness to that "old school" tattoo. But if you went to the same shop that paints butterflies on teen-aged girls above their butt while they're posting selfies to Facebook, then you're just following another fad of pop-culture. And think Miley Cyrus and Madonna as representative of pop-culture. Also, think about the fact that the tattoos on your lower back when you're 18, will be near the bottom of your butt by the time you're 65. If you really want to rebel and swim against the tide and stand out and be different, then it's becoming more and more obvious that NOT getting inked may be the way to go.

Now, my son has tattoos and, I think, one of my daughters might, though she's not admitted it to me. They are both adults - it's their business, as it is with anyone who wants one. Go for it - it's your right. Just know that not everyone looks at your tattoos with the same awe and admiration that you do. And that's our right too.

Taraveah • 4 years ago

Such as employers....and I also have to wonder why so many people sitting in courtrooms waiting for their arraignments are always covered in tattoos and piercings....

ScaryLogic • 4 years ago

incredible art work to say the least.

Marleydude • 4 years ago

Covering up that hot mess? I agree.

Wyatt Sunkel • 4 years ago

the tattoo work was impressive. i personally dont care for tattoos but it is known as body art for good reason if done right.

Ken O'Connell • 4 years ago

I don't care about tats...but based on what this kid did to himself, he is incredibly broken...

Nancyjg • 4 years ago

Call it art if you like but when I'm around someone covered in tattoos it makes my skin crawl and makes them look dirty. You don't like the way I feel tough. I don't like the way you look.

Tommy DiMattina • 4 years ago

I'm a firefighter paramedic and have my right leg and both arms sleeved plus my chest and ribs. I honestly could care less what your opinion is and when you're having a heart attack or need to be dragged out of a fire ( which I hope never happens just making a point ) are you gonna care about my tattoos then? A lot of law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and military have tattoos. Maybe you should define people by their character and not their tattoos. Hope that doesn't make you feel any dirtier you shallow idiot

Nancyjg • 4 years ago

Ahhh, I see how it is. You're allowed to think what you like, have your opinions and say what you think but I'm a shallow idiot when I express mine. Right...got it.

Shannon • 4 years ago

To be completely honest, most people with body modifications of some kind - whether it be microdermals/surface piercings, body piercings, or tattoos, etc. - are cleaner than the average human being without them. Why? Because body modifications need to be kept extremely clean to avoid risk of infection, rejection, or other complications.

Nancyjg • 4 years ago

I didn't say were WERE dirty, I said they LOOK dirty.

Guest • 4 years ago

well now i;m confused, this was on an ad for a makeup/tattoo cover up?

Emiko Busse • 4 years ago

I have tattoos and plan on getting more. My dad told me the same thing that you are saying but what I told him was if my body is a temple and some the sacred then why not tell my story and write on the walls. He has never really argued with me since. Now granted for now all my tattoos can be hidden but I do plan on getting more to where they do show. But I mad the choice to strategically hide them so I could get a job. I carefully plan out all my tattoos and they all have a deep spiritual meaning for me. Not all tattooed people are bad and not all tattoos are bad. Though I do think he goes a bit far I think it is beautiful to look at.

Patrick Cloward • 4 years ago

oh wow... you're so smart. Thank you for justifying crapping on your skin. Enjoy!

Emiko Busse • 4 years ago

And that's your opinion. But bashing people because they have them just make you close minded. I'm not judging you because you don't have them. And I'm not claiming to be " so smart" but cropping on people for what they choose to do there body I would say isn't smart. Can't judge a book by its cover. I really don't care of others opinion. You like it cool, you don't well that's not my problem it's yours. So as you said, ENOJY!

Angela Petry Huwig • 4 years ago

I love my tat's. I'm covered with them. (Not like this gentleman) I'm Christian and the way that I view it is that I am making my body even more beautiful. I don't think God could care less about tattooes as long as your a good person!!

vernonbland • 4 years ago

The Bible tells you not to tattoo your body.

Ray Bois • 4 years ago

In the grand scheme of things do you think God will care about your tatoo? There is only 1 commandment, one requirement to get into heaven. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and
only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal
life. Not... "those who loved him and didn't have tatoos." Not "those who loved him and didn't have piercings." Not "those who love him and don't fit YOUR pre concieved notions of what a Christian should look like." WHOSOEVER Believes in him! ANYBODY! Who acknowledges jesus as our Lord and Savior is worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven and who are YOU t o tell me I am not worthy? Leave your religion behind. Love Jesus. Love God. Love the Holy Spirit. These things are testament. Not what you look like while you do it.

Gino • 4 years ago

If you are Christian, there is nothing you can do to undo what was done for you.

Mike Hillwig • 4 years ago

This guy is capitalism at its best. He took what could otherwise be a social liability and turned it into a source of income. Other commenters have suggested that he wouldn't be able to get a job. He's made tens of thousands of dollars, perhaps more, modeling for Dermablend. There is something to be said for that.

Davy Buck • 4 years ago

Yes, there is something to be said for that, though I'm not sure what's to be said is all good.

SerenityDivine • 4 years ago

Well not much good can be said for those degrading him for living life in his own way. That man wouldn't hurt a fly. But some of these commentators.. I'm not so sure of. I would probably trust that man with my children before a lot of you.

Tab • 4 years ago

Not only Dermablend, but Jay-Z's Rocawear. He's started a career acting as well. He was in 47 Ronin recently. He's had an interesting life and an interesting image that he's turned into a living; I think it's safe to say that while most people don't know his name, a good amount of people recognize his face.

Brian Blegen • 4 years ago

He goes by the name Rico "Zombie" as well as some others. He is a fully tattooed male model and an artist. No need to worry if he can get work, he's probably doing better than most of us.

Spectacle • 4 years ago

Good point. Maybe the narrative doesn't fit the truth, but I always like a good message. No reason to tell the kids there is no Santa Clause.

Ida Whitney Kelly • 4 years ago

I recently got my newest (and most favorite tattoo) on May 10th. I am a breast cancer survivor, and I got a tattoo to honor the fact that with God's help I was able to beat cancer. My tattoo is VERY meaningful to me, and I do not regret getting it even for one second. It's on the inside of my right wrist, and I'm right handed, so people see it often. It's a good conversation starter, and I have actually used my tattoo to help spread the gospel and share God's love with others. I believe that if God can use a talking donkey, then He can certainly use tattooed people as well.

Jacqueline • 4 years ago

I think he's quite beautiful with the tattoos, actually.

Michael David Davis • 4 years ago

A nice comment from a beautiful lady probably made this guy's day!

Shannon • 4 years ago

Nobody's bringing up the fact that Zombie - the man in the video, whose real name is Rick Genest - is a brain cancer survivor who was diagnosed with a tumor and underwent surgery to remove it before he even turned 16. He got his first tattoo at age 16 after the surgical removal of his brain tumor, and every interview that I have come across with him has said that he thinks of his "zombie" tattoos as an outward representation of his struggles with his inner demons. Honestly? I think that's pretty cool and that he's very brave, and who are we to say that these tattoos mean nothing to him? The work is also absolutely amazing, and this is probably the best makeup advert I've ever seen in my life.

Brandon Heller • 4 years ago

Yeah, I sensed a cool vibe from him. Probably a nice guy.

AmericanIrish • 4 years ago

Well said. ..

SerenityDivine • 4 years ago

Come on. His reasons are his own. Tattoos are not bad. Tattoos are one of the oldest things within the human species. Tattoos were used to show pride, and acceptance and honor. Now they are disregarded, judged and demeaned and degraded. What really is the issue here the tattoo or the people judging the tattoos? And do we honestly think Divine (God) is proud of the names, words and names this young man is being called. What angers me is how people always pull from the bible to justify something disgusting they have done or said without realizing they are likely breaking something written in that same bible that is said is bad, like do unto others, or judge not lest ye be judged, or Love all of gods children regardless of flaws. As far as I am concerned The Bible is not literal. It is meant as a road map. You should know right from wrong. You should have the common sense to know it is not ok to cower behind god and degrade another human being in his name. You should know you that it is wrong to use the back of god as a reason to degrade other people for how they live. Divine is my boss. You are not. NO ONE but Divine will tell me what I did right or wrong. And we will have that conversation over a cup of herbal tea while enjoying some amazing Lugh Bread. But as far as I'm concerned God as I know him, is not ok with the way people act in his name. Shameful really.

Taraveah • 4 years ago

Actually, maybe it is the other way around? While not everyone with tatts ends up in courtrooms or in jail, a large percentage of people in that category do, so maybe it is the people getting the tatts that changed the perception of tattoos from one of pride and honor, to, I don't know anarchy and dislike because many of them are associated with "outlaw" lifestyles? Again, please note that I did not say everyone with tattoos.

Spectacle • 4 years ago


muckeypuck • 4 years ago

Shrugs Glenn, he might argue he is more of who he is now....

Kenneth Kaser • 4 years ago

I think the dude looks awsome. Im 42 now with about 50% of my body covered in tattoos. If I had the money to do what he has I would. I regret none of my tattoos, and accually consider them one of the biggest expressions of true freedom. I will always cling to my guns, my bible, and yes my tattoos.

Patriotgal • 4 years ago

what are you trying to cover up? do you want people to define you by your tats or by your personality? do you need tats to feel special and unique?
Not judging your heart just asking...

Kenneth Kaser • 4 years ago

It has nothing to do with being unique. It is for myself not for others. As far as being defined by someone else I dont care. Anyone that draws conclusions based on what we look lke is not worth knowing. I thank you for your question though as I am happy to answer any questions anyone has about something I am passionette about.

Taylor Laurie • 4 years ago

You sir are the one that is sad, you impose such a thing on a man who you do not know. Therefore you have no right to pity this man for his outward apperance. His body to him is a piece of art. Watch this video. He is perfectly happy with his body:


Sol Rosenberg • 4 years ago

I view tattoos as an artistic expression of ones self, I plan on getting one on my arm based on my previous line of work.

rradiogirl • 4 years ago

Tattoos are not a sin nor should you feel guilt associated with your tattoos. The sinfulness of body paint/branding/scaring oneself is Old Testament (Leviticus 19:28) and it references these practices in relation to worshiping other gods (the Israelites picked up the practice from Egyptians who did it to worship/plea to their own gods).

I'm glad there's a working cover up for tatts! I have one on my ankle that I always feel is a bit out of place when I speak or teach in front of Christian youth groups or when I attend a very formal event. But that's ME and MY preference with MY look.

In my industry, people with tattoos are not as welcomed or accepted but it's because most of our clients are very conservative. However, we don't have a lot of people with tattoos wanting to work in our industry.


I like the product for occasional use. I think the Rick Genest (the guy in the video) is just addicted to getting ink (like some women are "addicted" to shopping and some guys are "addicted" to watching sports). He likes it, he's not a criminal, he's not crazy. Let him have it, yeah?

Neil Swenk • 4 years ago

God created us as a blank slate. An unpainted canvas. Why not express the Free Will that God gave us by making ourselves more beautiful in His eyes and our own. God loves His children regardless of paint. If He didn't, He wouldn't be the great father that He is would He?

Jason • 4 years ago

God didn't make us a "Blank Canvas" as you mentioned. He created us in the Image of Himself. This image being PERFECT, no extra tweaking or inking required.