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octodad • 5 years ago

Richard Thompson is best. lou reed is good but not equal to 52 Vincent...

Arlo Sween • 5 years ago

"'I see angels on Ariels,
In leather and chrome,
Swoopin' down from Heaven
To carry me home.'
And he gave her one last kiss and died.
And he gave her his Vincent...
to ride."
Verkelmmt to the max.

If angels on Ariels (Square Fours, no doubt), are coming to get me; I won't mind going. Any time, ladies.

octodad • 5 years ago

you got it daddy. great quote. ever hear James Harman, "Night Ridin' Daddy", or how about your cousin A. Guthrie, "Motorcycle Song"? an aside, did you see "Why We Ride"? worth checking out....

Evans Brasfield • 5 years ago

I knew when writing this list that there would be tons of ways that people would disagree with my choices. RT's song is one of the greats, anyway.

octodad • 5 years ago

you are right, always room for accommodation. it is the RT song that touches me. a perfect vocal and the line about red hair and black leather gets me every time.

Kevin • 5 years ago

Did you pen this with the intent to stir controversy, or what?

Evans Brasfield • 5 years ago

I penned this in hopes that it would inspire discussion that would lead me to discovering new motorcycle songs. Music, like the motorcycle we choose to ride, is such a personal choice that there is absolutely no way to accommodate everyone in a mere ten songs.

David Hartsock • 5 years ago

Joe Satriani - Ride http://youtu.be/1BOZ6Wm-vPU

Mahatma • 4 years ago

Dare I put it out there?....


LittleHonda • 4 years ago

I'd add Bruce Springsteen's "The Angel" to this list. http://youtu.be/JnZOjMZaw8c...

Keith T Robinson • 5 years ago

Shangri La's - Leader of the Pack is hands down no. 1. http://youtu.be/qf5_2ibBuw8

close second from 1955 - The Cheers- Black Denim Trousers


Roland Gunner • 3 years ago

Reckless Kelly's cover Vincent BL is massively brilliant!

Thomas Kreutzer • 5 years ago

Great subject for an article. I'm just going to throw out Judas Priest's Hell Bent For Leather and Sammy Hagar's Bad Motorscooter

Chuck Holdsworth • 5 years ago

What about David Wilcox's "Eye of the Hurricane" Try not to cry. http://songmeanings.com/son...

HTBob • 5 years ago

Really???? You couldn't find anywhere in this list to include "Roll Me Away" by Bob Seger????

clasqm • 5 years ago

Since songs get on the list based on the flimsiest association, here's another one. http://m.youtube.com/watch?...

clasqm • 5 years ago
Mikenc1515 • 5 years ago

Being an American teenager in love with Grand Prix racing in the early 80's, I loved this movie because back then it was hard to see any Grand Prix coverage. Today when I can see every race on TV or on the internet, maybe I don't love 'Silver Dream Machine' movie quite so much. ;) But thanks for this vid and the flashback.

Evans Brasfield • 5 years ago

Love those strobe lights!

jihelle • 5 years ago

Non, non, non !!! Where were you guys when Serge Gainsbourg was revisiting "Easy Rider" using Brigitte Bardot as his tool of trade ? "Je ne crains personne en Harley Davidson" (I fear no one riding a Harley Davidson" is the BEST motorcycle song ever . Period (and being French doesn't make me partial)

Kevin • 5 years ago

No, it is NOT!

pcontiman • 3 years ago

Roadside Prophets ! one of the best bad movies ever. Couldn't remember the name, thanks for the memory jog. If you haven't seen it, get it. A motorcycle cat will understand.

pcontiman • 3 years ago

Love the pickle song- taught my two year old grandson to sing it many years ago - happy times. The years I get to Sturgis, I wear my Arlo shirt on Tuesdays (no I don't know why, just became my own weird tradition) ..... best comment ever while wearing it.- "We don't see many of those around here" ;>

Torsten Rohde • 3 years ago

Meatloaf, Like a bat out of hell.

dbwindhorst • 3 years ago

Cruzados: "Motorcycle Girl"


dbwindhorst • 3 years ago

David Wilcox: "Eye of the Hurricane"


Robs • 3 years ago

The top two are on my iPod and get played every time I ride.

PreachJohn • 5 years ago

Frankly I was surprised that Orbison's Ride Away wasn't mentioned.
Few ballads as beautifully capturing this quintessence of motorcycling, that for a lot of us only kicks in at some poignantly painful times in our lives.

John • 5 years ago
hobie • 5 years ago

My vote is for http://youtu.be/DFgwWWXWQ-I. The hardest working band in show business

Greg Greet • 5 years ago

Good choice!

Andy Hawkes • 5 years ago

What about NeilYoungs Unknown Legend?

Hogtied • 5 years ago

Top 10 motorcycle songs and no Bob Seger ... Sorry.. I don't agree ...


Guest • 5 years ago

Top 10 and now Bob Seger.. what's up with that..


Tom Conley • 5 years ago

No matter how many times I hear Richard Thompson sing this song, I always get shivers up my spine and I wanna jump on my bike. Too bad it's -8 right now!

MICK • 5 years ago


Evans Brasfield • 5 years ago

Come on, Mick. Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

Reid • 5 years ago

Saxon, "Motorcycle Man."

Mikenc1515 • 5 years ago

I'm not much on Top Ten lists created by one person's opinion, but this was still worth reading and listening too. Some good songs on here, some not so good and some I've never heard of. Thanks for broadening my horizons. I'm not trying to offend, but from your list, I would guess you are older gentlemen, but I admit I could be wrong.... on the gentlemen front. ;) I would classify this as an older rider's Top 10. How about a younger generation list? I qualify for neither, but since you are wanting to open up discussion and perhaps broaden your own horizons...

just an excerpt of Redline's 'King of the Mountian'

couldn't find a youtube vid but you can sample on amazon. Song is better than the sample portrays, in my opinion. The Sparklers 'Motorcycle'

The Isle by Phil Fuson

I can't classify any of these as the best since they probably aren't well known, but listen and enjoy... or hate.


Evans Brasfield • 5 years ago

Thanks for the links! I've watched/listened to all the songs posted in the comments and, after much thought, have begun to think that I would change one of my choices. Mostly, it's just been good to hear more motorcycle music.

In answer to your query, how old I am depends on what your odometer reads. When I was in my 20s, I thought that 51 was _really old_, but now that I'm 51, it turns out not to be that old after all. Now, the gentleman part? Well, that's another story...

Mikenc1515 • 5 years ago

Thanks for taking my joke and not be offended. Actually, I am only about 3 ticks behind you on the old odometer, but hopefully we both have plenty of gas in the tank. ;)

Mahatma • 5 years ago

Thank god you left out the mess of a cliche song I dreaded seeing here.You all know what song I'm talking about.

How about Julian Cope's 'East easy rider'?

clasqm • 5 years ago

There's a conspiracy of silence about that cliche song.

Evans Brasfield • 5 years ago

I was pretty overt in my reason for excluding the song, no?

clasqm • 5 years ago

There's a worse one. OK, I'll be the one to break the circle. It starts with "Leader".

Evans Brasfield • 5 years ago

FWIW, that song was never even considered for the article. It didn't even make the initial, long list.

Evans Brasfield • 5 years ago

I totally forgot about "East Easy Rider!" I haven't listened to that album in years, and now, I know what I'll be listening to while working today.

Thanks for the reminder.

Evans Brasfield • 5 years ago

Holy crap! According to iTunes, the last time I listened to Peggy Suicide (and hence, "East Easy Rider") was 10/4/06 at 11:37 PM. Cueing it up now...

Mahatma • 5 years ago

I'm not a huge fan of Julian Cope-abit out there some of his songs are,but when he gets it right,he gets it right.

webheadwilks • 5 years ago

Neil Young's Motorcycle Mama. Check out Popa Chubby playin' it. Yunz missed it.