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The Buck is back • 4 years ago

"Michael E. Mann It is hard to take Delingpole seriously. The man is a clown, and that's being charitable...

Love you too, Mikey babes. Stay classy!"

Jim, my dear boy, you are being far too charitable.
You should have called him a Tw@t of the highest order mate.

FauxScienceSlayer • 4 years ago

If you're unfamiliar with the Mann-made fiction, read "The Hockey Stick Illusion" by Andrew Montford where he exposes the shoddy cut-and-paste data splicing. If you just want to refresh your memory of the comic behavior of this climate alchemist high priest, read....

"Hockey Stickery Doc" and "Penn Panel Limbos Under the Hockey Stick"

Both articles are in archive at Canada Free Press and under Satire at FSS.

Guest • 4 years ago
Andy • 4 years ago

That is very offensive to Tw@t's.

Old Gilet Goat • 4 years ago

What was the point of going to a 'conference' to see Michael Mann, when the conference was chaired by another warmist, who only accepted pre-arranged questions, from pre-selected members of the audience? Those who attended must have realised, in advance, that a). it would be a complete whitewash, and b). that they'd never get the opportunity to pose a pertinent question, which might conceivably embarrass the bearded plank. Waste of time, if you ask me.

jamesdelingpole • 4 years ago

For some of us it was enough just to glimpse with our own eyes MannBearPig in the flesh. How he rolls. How he makes his case. How he responds to criticisms. etc.

Fenbeagle • 4 years ago

He responds to criticisms by not allowing them.

Lisa_Belise • 4 years ago

They used to have these traveling Freak Shows where people would come from miles around and pay to view things like a Bearded Woman, the Skeleton Woman, or the Elephant man. Such is a part of humanity's morbid curiosity. Is Mickey Mann's Traveling Hoaxy Stick that much different?

Old Gilet Goat • 4 years ago

That would depend upon whether or not you were allowed to poke him with sticks, or hurl over-ripe fruit...

publius • 4 years ago

Michael Mann is a coward. He refuses to debate climate change. Therefore, he is a undeniable fraud and climate change is a hoax........ According to former Czech President Vaclav Klaus, climate change is communism in disguise.

ozboy • 4 years ago

Global Warming is indeed Mann-made.

ozboy • 4 years ago

BTW I followed James' link to Mann's Facebook page. He seems to place great stock in one particular climatologist he quotes from frequently. Some bloke by the name of Leonardo DiCaprio.

I've never heard of him. Any of you any the wiser? Google Scholar turns up zip.

ACMECorporations • 4 years ago

Here is a link to a quick interview with the esteemed climatologist DiCaprio, right before he has his handler bundle the reporter off (interview with climatologist B. Sanders also included):


Dr Sol • 4 years ago

Mann is a clown. Aside of his pseudo-science "achievements", he claims he is Nobel Prize laureate :-) Somehow he forgets to mention it was "Peace Nobel" (another pseudo thing), and it was given to Al Gore and IPCC...

BlueScreenOfDeath • 4 years ago

His claim to be a Nobel Laureate was debunked by no less than the IPCC themselves.


Kevin Ronald Lohse • 4 years ago

...After a lot of digging by the fragrant Donna La Framboise.

Paganpink • 4 years ago

The IPCC. Headed up by "Choo Choo" Pachauri, the Railroad engineer? Clueless bunch, that.

ToddF • 4 years ago

No no no. Choo Choo has a new occupation, remember?

It's now Fabio Pachauri, climate scientist with a 12" hockey stick who has more groupies than Wilt Chamberlain.

"She removed her gown, slipped off her nightie and slid under the quilt on his bed... Sanjay put his arms around her and kissed her, first with quick caresses and then the kisses becoming longer and more passionate.

"May slipped his clothes off one by one, removing her lips from his for no more than a second or two.

"Afterwards she held him close. ‘Sandy, I’ve learned something for the first time today. You are absolutely superb after meditation. Why don’t we make love every time immediately after you have meditated?’."


Katherine Leicester • 4 years ago

Cowardice on parade. It's become epidemic. Thanks, James, for attending the conferences like this one, so I don't have to.

Guest • 4 years ago

How dare he insult the God-Emperor. May his personality drop off, turn into a scorpion, crawl up his nether orifice then sting him to death.

Alas here is the fate of the Hokeystick Merchant from Virginia. He flew too close to the Sun, globule worming caused his wings to freeze up then his career prospects plummeted to Earth only to land with a resounding plop.


Guest • 4 years ago

MUCH LATER: Remember back in the days when JD and the entire KoD crew were blog-wrestling with Grocott and folks like NoIdea and Crownarmourer and I would laugh over the daily and sometimes multiple SSA's (Synchronicity Strikes Again) events?

I went to YouTube for my daily lunchtime dose of Tunes when what should appear but an ad for a new TV show called Scorpion with a protagonist called Walter O'Brien.

So who do I sue, guys?

Guest • 4 years ago

They are lucky that Al Gore wasn't there at this meeting or a New Ice Age would have begun.

Katabasis • 4 years ago

I see they're backslapping eachother over how it "speaks volumes" that "there were no questions at all from the climate change denier contingent that supposedly had come out in force"

We had our hands up. We just weren't picked by Professor Lew.

Old Gilet Goat • 4 years ago

Of course not - you were not amongst the earlier chosen few!

bufo75 • 4 years ago

At Cook's talk a few days earlier the sceptics monopolised the questions apparently.
Lew & Mann weren't going to let that happen again.

bufo75 • 4 years ago

If you'd shaved off that beard, put on a blond wig and developed a high squeaky voice, you might just have got away with it.
Sorry but Uncle Lew already had you sussed !

Roald J. Larsen • 4 years ago

Based on what we know (hockey-stick-fraud-graph), Michael Mann is a criminal activist - nothing else! http://roaldjlarsen.wordpre...

woohoo02 • 4 years ago

The new hockey stick.

MrFendster • 4 years ago

That thing looks like it has been contaminated with Climoviagra (TM)!

Harry Meneely • 4 years ago

They know that we know that they know it's a scam to get government(taxpayer) funding.
Unfortunately,at the moment,they have more MSM clout.
It won't last.

Guest • 4 years ago

The global warming scam is socialism in disguise? No!

woohoo02 • 4 years ago
BobSmith223 • 4 years ago

The abortion industry would be #1 if you go by total human lives exterminated.

woohoo02 • 4 years ago

Broadmoor hospital day trip I see, bless!!

bufo75 • 4 years ago

It was like that scene at the end (if I remember rightly) where the Sheriff finally catches up with the two robbers.
It was enough that the great Anthony Watts himself was sitting next to the aisle in the front row.
All those weasel words which Mann knew to be lies, were totally wasted, there was his Nemesis watching and listening from just a few feet away.
When Mann finally ran out of bullsh*t to answer his carefully selected questioners, he panicked, 10 minutes earlier than promised, to "sign books" for the half dozen or so who might have wanted a copy.
Just suppose that any one of the knowledgeable sceptics there had been able to ask him a question - a brown trouser moment !

peteee363 • 4 years ago

when people complained about the whole cover-up with the football sex abuse scandal at penn state, I said it was nothing compared to the whole Michael mann climate cover-up happening.

Spren • 4 years ago

Careful! Look what happened to Mark Steyn for making similar remarks about the great scientist.

Kevin Ronald Lohse • 4 years ago

As far as I can make out, Stein called Mann's bluff, counter-sued and Mann is now pulling every trick in the book to avoid court. Go by some gift vouchers and support Stein.

Jingleballix • 4 years ago

Mann is not a man……….he's a man-child.

Old Gilet Goat • 4 years ago

Almost another Mannbearpig...

The Buck is back • 4 years ago

OG, I gotta ask, what is a manbearpig when it's at home?

Spren • 4 years ago

Mann-made global warming.

bufo75 • 4 years ago


As Michael Mann might have said.
First he showed a picture of Sarah Palin expecting the audience to laugh, all he got was a few embarrassed giggles, so he turned his fire on his two greatest "tormentors" Jim Inhofe and Ken Cuccinelli.
For a man who abhors "ad-homs" Mann certainly was much keener on them than actual science.
Even the loaded and planted questions were more concerned about how the great Professor must feel about all those folk who have got it in for him.
That he IS feeling the heat is quite obvious, but it will get a lot hotter yet !

bufo75 • 4 years ago


Moving on.
As Cameron seeks to close down our coal fired power stations, unless they're constricted by CCS, this is the best-rated comment over at the Guardian.
Will it last ?

"Of course all power stations should be phased out, our economy trashed, people live in electric-free houses, huddled over coal-fires (gas=Putin). Then the Greens can illuminate with the greenlight that shines out of their a*ses".
(Strangedays 2 -with 52 recommends)

Cameron has previously said that "CCS does not work".
The man is a traitor and should be thrown out along with Mrs Ceaucescu !

Guest • 4 years ago

In the same manner perhaps?

Guest • 4 years ago
Spren • 4 years ago

I guess you are a Mann-ly-man.

MyRightPenguin • 4 years ago
While President Obama challenged China at the United Nations to follow the U.S. lead in pushing for drastic reductions in national carbon emissions to save the planet from “climate change,” it appears that China has dramatically different ideas. As in: no.


Ralph Lipshitz • 4 years ago

Michael Mann is a denier. The truth has come out. The warmists were wrong, their predictions weren't even close.

Why do they keep denying this?

EDDD • 4 years ago

Politics is driving the scam, reason agenda 21