Chris Wright

Chris Wright studied Photography, Film and Television in the early eighties at the University of the Arts, London and worked in the music industry as a club runner, video maker and live music promoter. In the 1990′s he returned to College to study IT and after a chance encounter with a prototype graphical web browser called Mosaic became excited by the possibilities for ubiquitous, accessible computing promised by the early days of the graphical Internet. Working as a web site designer and Java programmer gave Chris the opportunity to learn the mechanics of the internet before leaving coding behind and branching into consultancy. He was responsible for designing and building some of the first e-commerce sites in the UK and wrote a best selling book on Java, imaginatively titled “Teach Yourself Java”. He is currently employed as a consultant in the media sector of the IT Industry. Or possibly the IT sector of the Media Industry! In 2009 Chris decided to move from London where he had lived since 1974 to Brighton, and shortly afterwards, inspired by the architecture and shoreline of the south coast set up Electrical Image in order to reconnect with and find an outlet for his photography. Landscapes, Abstracts, Food and Architecture are recurring themes in Chris’s work and he is often to be found on E-Bay adding to a burgeoning collection of photographic equipment. Chris is a member of Brighton & Hove Camera Club and Brighton Photographers.